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Look at the clouds

   There is a kind of toy that you can't play with in your hand, and that is the cloud. When children look at the cloud, it is of course not the cloud that really attracts their attention, but the "animal".   For no reason, a lot of white clouds became a horse. The posture of this white horse is random. It may stand or rise into the air. Is a horse really that good-looking? of course not. The good thing is change. What can a horse become? There is suspense here, it can also be said that there is a mystery.   I don't know who coined the term "Baiyun Canggu". He must be a hapless man with a sensitive heart. He was fainted by the unpredictable changes in the world, and he didn't know where to go. On a certain day, his "eyes in the sky" opened, and through the clouds in the sky, he saw the expression of the sky and the expression in his eyes. With a stick of incense, he understood life.   He sees the shortness and uncertainty of life, he sees the &

How online divination harvests anxious young people

   A candle sells for 688 yuan, a "magic ritual" is priced at 2,000 yuan, and a hand-made scepter with a large palm has a discounted price of 7,200 yuan... Why can a product with a seemingly "unbelievable" price be sold for 30 yuan? Young people who are too expensive" generously donate?   After hitchhiking on the Internet, "metaphysics" such as constellation and divination became popular. Recently, constellation blogger Tao Baibai Sensei has gained 8 million followers in 30 days on Douyin. “Will you search Tao Baibai for me?” became a hot topic on the Internet. As of 4:50 pm on November 3, Tao Baibai Sensei has 23.52 million fans on Douyin.   The high popularity of "metaphysics" has also attracted capital investment. According to data from Tianyancha APP, according to incomplete statistics, there are currently about 177 companies in my country engaged in related businesses such as "constellation divination, I Ching feng shui, numerology

Beauvoir and "Second Sex"

   When people talk about feminism, they often mention the book "Second Sex", and mention Beauvoir's famous saying, "Women are not born, but acquired". Recently, I asked the French writer Beauvoir’s famous work "Second Sex" to read. The 700,000 words and 900 pages of the book are not easy to read. However, some gossip stories before and after the publication are very interesting.   Beauvoir has written four autobiography, but he has great reservations about his private life. It was only after her death that her diaries and letters were made public that people discovered that Beauvoir had a lesbian relationship, and the lovers they were dating were her own students. Later, some of these girls mingled with Sartre, and Beauvoir gave it to her. The letter written by American lover and writer Nelson is much more enthusiastic than the letter to Sartre. Beauvoir wrote an article analyzing how women's sexual autonomy is deprived. It seems that her own sexu

The largest deforestation area in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil in 10 years

 In Altamira National Forest Park near the BR-163 road, cattle pass through a forest that has just been burnt down. Novo Porogoleso along this highway is one of the towns with the highest deforestation rate in Brazil. Opening up grazing areas for cattle is one of the reasons for deforestation in the Amazonas in Brazil Warriors from the Hicklin tribe arrived in Lapuko Village after patrolling the jungle. Indigenous tribes organized their own patrols to defend their territories, drive away illegal invaders, and combat deforestation   The Amazon Rainforest is known as the "Lung of the Earth". It absorbs a large amount of carbon dioxide and converts it into about 20% of the earth's oxygen. It is also the most biologically diverse area on earth, with about 3 million species of plants and animals inhabiting here. Three-fifths of this precious natural habitat is in Brazil. However, just as countries all over the world pay more attention to the threat of climate change, the devel

Let the other party take the initiative to make a deal decision

   Adamson works as a sales manager for Youmei Seating Company. Recently, he got a definite news from the company headquarters: Kodak founder Eastman donated a huge sum of money to build a concert hall, a memorial and a theater in Rochester. The seats needed in this batch of buildings are looking for businesses outside. If these orders can be won, the company's performance will reach a new level.   The company headquarters assigned this task to Adamson's department, and the boss gave him the advice: get the order at the least cost.   After Adamson took the order, he immediately convened a meeting to discuss countermeasures. Regrettably, after discussing for a long time, everyone did not come up with a feasible plan. Just as Adamson was at a loss, the assistant brought another bad news: I heard that Eastman was a weird person. People from many rival companies went to negotiate with him, but he was kicked out of the office within 5 minutes. In this regard, everyone said there was

Has science and technology changed mystery

   I originally planned to write an essay that explores how technological advancement affects literature, but found that it is a hard bone that can't be gnawed, so I had to replace "literature" with "fiction." Thinking about it carefully, since my debut for 17 years, I have never cared about "literature". Even if I mention it occasionally, I feel at a loss as to what "literature" means.   So, how has technological advancement affected the mystery? The answer is total subversion, the most representative of which is the popularity of mobile phones.   For example, someone found a male dead in the wilderness. Upon examination, the cause of his death was cerebral hemorrhage caused by a heavy blow to the back of the head. Whether this is a homicide case is still inconclusive, but the police found that about ten minutes before the deceased was found, he called his wife and was confirmed by the latter. However, the nearest telephone set was also more

How to prevent and treat early cancer of the digestive tract

   Gastrointestinal tumors are the general term for tumors in the esophagus, stomach, colorectal and other parts. They often have no obvious symptoms in the early stage. Therefore, the patients treated are basically advanced tumors with poor treatment effects and poor prognosis. But in fact, most gastrointestinal tumors can be effectively controlled and even cured through preventive screening, early diagnosis and early treatment. Therefore, it is very necessary to actively carry out the prevention and treatment of early cancer of the digestive tract. Be alert to early symptoms and do a good job of screening   Colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, and esophageal cancer ranked 3rd, 5th and 7th respectively in the global incidence of malignant tumors, which are common causes of cancer deaths. What are their early symptoms?   Early esophageal cancer   of esophageal cancer refers to tumor invasion and early mucosa, and regardless of the presence or absence of lymph node metastasis. During this

Do what you love to the extreme

   Once, when I was attending a relative’s ceremony, the young host even forgot the words and spoke intermittently. Then he took out the card and read it while reading it. The guests in the audience roared and asked the host to come back. He blushed and said that he was a novice, please forgive me. It was not until the boss came forward to relieve the siege that the scene was stabilized.   During the meal, the host was at the same table with me, only to find up close that he was my former fitness coach Xiao Ou. Well done in the fitness industry, why would you switch to a wedding company as a host?   Xiao Ou said that he was a little tired of being a fitness coach for two years. Seeing a friend serving as a wedding host, I felt relaxed and beautiful, so I entered this business because of my good voice and good image. He said frustratedly: "I think it's great to be a host, but now it seems that I am not suitable."   This sounded familiar. I remembered that when I first met

Secret fun

   Mr. N’s daily life has an unknown happiness.   If you are an ordinary person, you won't be able to deliberately engage in personal secrets. However, Mr. N is different, because his wife's brain is twice as smart as others, and coupled with a broken mouth and nagging, he has to keep some personal secrets.   After get off work, Mr. N will not go somewhere to spend time, but head straight to home. Although he also has the idea of ​​drinking a glass on the way home to relieve his sorrow and boredom, he will be questioned by his wife if he wants to do that.   Mr. N is not good at lying. When he tells a lie, flaws will appear immediately. As a result, his nagging wife always complains endlessly. Thinking of this, he thought it was better to go home earlier.   After dinner, he watched TV for a while, and it was time to go to bed. It is the wife's job to make the bed, so it is Mr. N's business to warm the milk. Drinking a glass of milk before going to bed is a habit of coupl

How lovely you love yourself, how lovely your marriage is

   You always give priority to taking care of others' emotions and giving priority. It is clear that they bully you and you are wronged. You still smile and comfort yourself. You should be sensible. This is growth.   Where to grow? Give yourself flatulence all day long?   If you always exclude your own feelings, then in the future, others will no longer respect your feelings, and you don't know how to love yourself, so how can others love you?   Keep your head down, I don’t know if your crown is off, but it’s not good for the cervical spine. The electronic scale reminds you every day, don't underestimate yourself, don't let your body be stretched out because of eating too much. Be kind to yourself and serve snacks, such as horseshoe cake, crystal buns, and wonderful crispy corners. These snacks are delicious.   When you get crazy, you will find that the world is much gentler to you. This kind of madness has found self-respect and is a choice of oneself. This choice is j

You don't come, i'm not old

   There is a woman who is not young anymore, rushing from left to right, unknowingly standing on the tip of the tail of youth, still wandering leisurely alone. Others were anxious for her and persuaded her: "Don't pick it, the more you pick it, the more dazzling you are, and it's okay to find someone to marry it."   She laughed, and calmly replied: "I admit, I am not beautiful enough, not elegant enough. Not good enough, not as romantic and passionate as San Mao, not as beautiful and intelligent as Lin Huiyin, not as talented as Zhang Ailing, and not as knowledgeable and knowledgeable as Yang Jiang, I am just an ordinary little woman, but this It does not prevent me from finding a person who is satisfactory. I have the right not to get it."   Others laughed at her and said she was crazy. When the flowers are gone, they may not be able to wait for the person in my heart. She didn't mind what others said, she still went to get off work and went to see the

Far away on the roof

   In the 1980s, our family was approved as a homestead and built a new house at the foot of the mountain far from the main village. There were 11 neighbors in the surrounding area. Our houses are planned in a unified way and all have flat roofs. This kind of flat roof is very practical, we no longer need to go to the yard and the road to dry food.   The crops are harvested and returned home and transported directly to the roof of the house. Our children are frequent visitors on the roof, and we are rushed by our parents when nothing happens to be "scarecrows" to scare sparrows.   My house has a wooden ladder, but I don’t climb the ladder on the roof. I climb on the yard wall by stepping on the chicken coop, then climb from the yard wall to the flat house to build on the concrete rain, and then climb from the rain to the roof.   Accompanying me to "climb" on the roof are the little book, radio and water. I was sitting in the grain on a roof, playing and being a &quo

Hard work itself is a kind of wisdom

   In 1770, German philosopher Immanuel Kant wanted to hire an assistant for himself after he was awarded a professorship at Konigsberg University. After the news was sent, applicants gathered. After half a month of investigation, two young people finally entered Kant's vision.   Both of these young people are very good. One of them is taller, with careful thinking and strong logic; the other is lower, who likes to seek innovation and is full of vitality. However, due to limited conditions, it is impossible for Kant to recruit both of them as his assistants. He can only reluctantly choose one of them, and the other will leave disappointed.   However, choosing which one of them in the end made Kant difficult. After thinking about it for a long time, in the end, to be fair, Kant planned to give them a test question. On the day of the exam, Kant filled a large bathtub with water, and placed two empty buckets, one large and one small, next to him.   Finally, he called the two young peo

Indian Shopping Adventure

   India is not a suitable place for shopping. Many Indians have too low income, so naturally they have no interest in shopping. Many Indians who work in companies have a low monthly income of only 1,500 yuan, but this is enough for them to survive. After all, they often do not need to spend much on housing. The house is very dilapidated, but it has been passed down from generation to generation, and the family lived together like that. It feels a bit like a large courtyard in our earlier years.   A local friend in India suggested that I buy shoes and sari (traditional Indian clothing), but repeatedly told me to bargain with the determination of "mortal", I asked: "How much discount is this determination of "mortal"? "   He said: "A few discounts are still too soft, so you might as well offer a fraction. For example, if the other party wants 960 rupees (1 ruble is about 0.09 yuan), you can boldly say 60 rupees."   I was thinking, if I follow this