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The environmental protection complex of the Germans in-depth life

   When they first came to live in Germany, people first had to learn the rules of garbage sorting here. I remember when I arrived in Germany in early 2009, I lived in a university student apartment. There are several trash cans in the public kitchen. Garbage sorting was new to me at the time, so I studied the German garbage sorting guidebook very carefully.   But sometimes I still take the trash and stand in front of the trash can for a long time and think: "Which bucket should I throw the trash in?" For example, some paper is recyclable, but it is like photos, parchment bags, and metal sheets. Contaminated plain paper does not belong to this category, and it has to be singled out. Later I learned that recycled paper in Germany is very popular and can be recycled. For example, exercise books, books, toilet paper, etc., are mostly printed on recycled paper.   When throwing glass, also pay attention to distinguish white, green, and brown glass. German students can always class

Blooming Poppies: The Undead Flower on the "Imperial Cemetery"

 Farmers collecting poppy sap in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan   "The poppies are all over the mountains, and the snow-capped mountains not far away are looming..." This scene is like a "fairyland" on earth. If it weren't for the sound of guns and guns around, this "wonderland" hidden in the heart of the Eurasian continent would hardly be known to outsiders.   This land is Afghanistan, and the world also calls it the "Imperial Cemetery." The blooming scene of poppies and the scene of guns fighting each other on this land have become a common landscape, and over the years, one invader after another has been ruined. In April this year, the US government announced that it would complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan before September 11, 2021. Will the departure of the US military make poppies bloom more prosperously? The drug economy penetrates the social fabric   In the 18th century, there is a record of opium poppy in Afghanistan. However,

Choose words carefully

   No one can avoid talking to others, but you should choose your words carefully.   Those who choose words carefully, use the colloquial saying: press the secret under the tongue. Because the same thing, expressed in a certain way, can make people smile; if you say it in another way, it will make people frustrated and annoyed.   Our tongue is like a double-sided blade, so we must work hard to achieve the best effect of our words, which can express our own meaning and make people accept it.   When you should speak, be bold, concise, and not twitchy; when you should not speak, be silent and never show off your knowledge.   What you say must be true and credible, don't make up at will, don't talk nonsense. Don't talk nonsense about things you don't understand. It is unwise to talk casually, even if the talent is highly educated.   On the contrary, if a talented person is superficial but few words, people often regard his silence as a kind of cleverness.   No matter who yo

Skin tone gap

   On May 17, despite the intrusion of the mutated virus from India, the United Kingdom further unblocked it. The biggest change is that you can meet with family and friends indoors, and parties allow two families. After a dry month in April, God seemed to have returned all the rain to the UK, and it was rainy and rainy in early and mid-May. The party moved from the garden to the indoors, and the warmth and coziness made the drinks smoother. Sitting around the table, many topics became more and more intensified, and sometimes the debate inevitably became intensified.   Charlie is a South African. His grandfather was originally an engineer from Scotland. In the 1930s, he was introduced by a friend to South Africa, working in a gold mine, getting married and having children. The conditions in the mine were difficult, and engineers often operated underground. He died of tuberculosis in less than sixty years.   16 years ago, the British girl Nita traveled to India and met Charlie. The two

How to relieve the current serious education anxiety

 To some extent, today has entered an era of global education anxiety. In East Asian societies such as China, Japan, and South Korea, extracurricular tutoring has a long history. The participation rate of extracurricular tutoring among Korean and Japanese elementary and middle school students generally exceeds 60%. Beginning in the 1990s, tutoring in the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries also began to expand greatly. In Europe, participation in private tutoring is most prominent and lasts the longest in Southern Europe. Western Europe, North America and Australia have also seen significant growth in recent years. For example, more than 20% of high school students in the United States will take extracurricular tutoring before university entrance exams. In 2014, nearly 40% of students in London received tutoring. Only in Northern Europe, the scale of tutoring is still small, but it is also growing. The background of education anxiety sweeping the world is that the world

Research progress of circular RNA related to Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway in lung cancer

 The incidence and mortality of lung cancer rank first among malignant tumors [1]. Lung cancer can be divided into two categories: small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Among them, NSCLC mainly includes large cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and adenosquamous carcinoma. Studies have shown that the survival rate of lung cancer patients is closely related to the stage. As the disease progresses, the 5-year survival rate gradually decreases from 82% in stage IA to 6% in stage IV [2]. Therefore, it is very important to study the molecular mechanism of lung cancer occurrence and development, search for lung cancer biomarkers and explore new therapeutic targets. Circular RNA (circRNA) is a type of closed circular non-coding RNA with a length of at least a few hundred nucleotides and no 5 and 3 ends. Its abnormal expression can pass through the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway A variety of signaling pathways included in the regulation of l

With the advent of diabetes, there will be 3 abnormalities in the legs and feet

 With today’s lifestyle changes, people’s stress has increased, and more and more people are suffering from various chronic diseases, the most common of which is diabetes. Diabetes is a more typical overnutrition disease. Although the disease can be controlled, most patients require life-long medication. In the early stage of diabetes, many people are not aware of it. In fact, before diabetes comes, it sends a variety of signals to the body, but many people ignore these signal symptoms; these signal symptoms are more obvious in the legs and feet. What are the abnormal symptoms of diabetic legs and feet? 1. Cold legs and feet The blood in the human body flows all the time. Through the beating of the heart, the blood will flow to the various tissues and organs of the body to provide the body with sufficient energy and nutrients. However, if you suffer from this disease, which leads to high blood sugar, it will cause the blood to become thick and affect blood circulation. The legs and fee

Borges and the mirror

 Borges was always afraid of mirrors when he was young, even the shiny mahogany furniture and the clear water, because the image of his body made him feel uncomfortable and frightened. Once, he and his sister were playing a hunting game indoors. He was in his imagination and saw a murderer with a vague image in the mirror of the wardrobe. Years later, the mirror that created the illusion became a recurring image in his works. He said he was afraid of being copied, and hated the weird feeling of self-multiplying. In fact, what he hates is losing his nature. He also dislikes confusion caused by psychedelic drugs, drunkenness, or sexual impulses. He likes to be rigorous and is willing to always maintain a clear thinking ability.   His literature is rational and anti-intoxicated, but it is also a fantasy literature. His emphasis on the image of the mirror shows that his pursuit has a utopian nature. When he no longer felt the horror of the mirror, the mirror became a symbol for him—a symbo

Believe it

   Packaging can not be regarded as a commendatory term: an ordinary thing, if it is packaged a little, it will be worth more than that, and the packaging will be overwhelming. People who are not careful, bought Mingzhu, but regarded the wooden box as a treasure. The mediocre little shop, tells a few seemingly unremarkable stories about the mind, and then makes image packaging, and it is honored as a famous enterprise.   Such packaging is not credible.   However, it doesn't seem to be a derogatory term: Yun wants to wear clothes, but people rely on clothes and horses and saddles. Beauty is not all based on natural beauty. Luo Yiqingshang is like Yunxia, ​​and she is like a delicate flower. This dress is naturally shocking. Also, sloppy, how many people can meet?   There is nothing wrong with such packaging.   Inferiority complex sometimes really requires self-confidence "packaging." It is true that the clothes are short and thin, and you can also have a pair of armor on t

Why are some clouds black?

 Clouds are visible droplets or ice crystal aggregates composed mainly of water in the atmosphere and also contain a variety of other relatively small amounts of chemical substances. We can see clouds because water molecules gather around the dust (condensation nuclei) in the air. They scatter sunlight in all directions, allowing us to see the appearance of clouds clearly. The size of small water droplets and small ice crystals in the cloud is larger than the wavelength of the incident light, so light of various wavelengths in the sun is scattered by these water droplets and ice crystals to make the cloud appear white. Of course, this is all when the clouds are thinner. If the cloud is thicker, the sunlight will not show through the cloud, and most of it will be absorbed. At this time, the cloud will look gray and black. Why does it take longer to urinate when drinking? Because when you are drunk, it takes longer to urinate. Many people think that alcohol has a diuretic effect, but thi

Can vaccines end the pandemic?

 New coronavirus vaccines can prevent diseases, but no one knows whether they can stop the virus. In early December 2020, Indonesia announced an unusual plan to vaccinate the people of the country with COVID-19. Indonesia plans to provide vaccines to normal healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 59, instead of providing vaccines to endangered groups such as health workers and the elderly. The goal of the plan is to end the epidemic in Indonesia. Its target is not disadvantaged people, but people who spread the virus disproportionately-the center of the country's social network. "Our goal is herd immunity," said Amin Subandriyo, a biologist and director of the Akman Institute of Molecular Biology in Jakarta, Indonesia.   But there is a major problem with Indonesia's plan: no one knows whether the first successful new coronavirus vaccines can bring herd immunity. Tests have shown that vaccines can prevent people from getting sick, but they cannot prevent people from

India's new crown deaths in a single day set a world record

 Statistics released by the Indian health department on the 10th showed that in the past 24 hours, there were about 94,000 new confirmed cases of new crown in India, which remained below 100,000 for three consecutive days, but the number of deaths soared to 6,148, setting a record for the country’s epidemic. The highest record since the outbreak is also the highest number of new deaths in a single day in a country so far. The previous record was set by the United States: On February 12 this year, the United States added 5444 deaths in a single day. Bihar is one of the poorest local states in India. Previously, Indian society had widely questioned the state government's concealment or false statistics of the number of confirmed and dead cases. The Paterna High Court in the state subsequently ordered the review of the deaths in the second wave of the epidemic from April to May. The revised data released on the 9th showed that the actual number of deaths in Bihar reached 9,429. In fac

Blood and money

 The rise of oligarchs   The Castillo family has dominated Central America for 500 years. The origin of the family can be traced back to the generation of Bernal Diaz del Castillo, who participated in the Spanish conquest war in Central America with the commander-in-chief Hernan Cortes, and also wrote conquest-related editions. Year history. Under the "feuding system", the Spanish monarch gave Castillo the current Guatemala, giving him the right to control all non-Christian labor in the fief. After the establishment of the Central American Brewery in 1886, the wealth of the Castillo family surged. In the past few decades, this brewery has been in a monopoly position in the country. The company gradually split into two independent large groups, and expanded its business to areas such as coffee, sugar, finance, amusement parks, and Pepsi bottling.   About 33 million people live in the "Northern Triangle" of Central America, namely Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.