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Runaway ice cream

 1 "I'm washing the dishes, I'll call you when I'm done." Lin Hanzura put her phone on the dining table, she had a habit: after the call was over, she never hung up the other party's call. Her finger never touches the red touch button on the phone screen that shows the word "hang up". The sound of running water in the kitchen rang, Lin Hanzura put her hand to the water basin, the water under the faucet has filled the white porcelain bowl. She turned the faucet down, and the water flowed into a bright, thin line, and the water in the bowl overflowed, flowing outward along the side of the bowl into a hanging cylindrical waterfall, which fell into the white porcelain plate below the bowl. Lin Hanzura did not use a dish towel, nor did she wear gloves. The wall clock on the living room wall twitched the second hand, it was time to change the battery, the twitching second hand kept pointing to a quarter past twelve on the clock face. Lin Hanzura swept the

Grassroots giant scam rolls up more than 300 million from Warren Buffett

 What kind of person could create a scam that would make even Warren Buffett, the stock market god, fall for it? A gutsy auto mechanic in California, USA. Jeffery Karpov, 50, was an auto mechanic and later founded DC Solar. He had neither a systematic financial education nor deep experience in the political and business world, but cheated more than $1 billion (about 6.4 billion yuan) from 35 investment funds and at least 17 investors. Among them, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway was defrauded of $340 million (about RMB 2.2 billion). On Nov. 10, a federal court in the Eastern District of California sentenced Karpov to 30 years in prison and his wife, Paulette, to 15 years in prison for money laundering and criminal fraud. But people still wonder how Karpov managed to fool legendary investors like Warren Buffett along the way to create this scam of rare proportions in California history. Auto mechanic turned solar company owner Before he was busted, Karpov had been one of Californ

You can save money by shopping when you are full

 With the exception of a few workaholics, the vast majority of people should enjoy vacations. May wish to ask you a question: When faced with a long holiday, such as the Spring Festival holiday that just passed, when do you think you are happiest? Some people say that they are happiest when they are not on vacation. For example, the legal holiday of the Spring Festival starts from January 31st on New Year's Eve and ends on February 6th on the sixth day of the first lunar month. Some people begin to feel happy five or six days before the holiday, and this happiness peaks on January 30th. The thought of the upcoming holiday makes one feel empowered. When it comes to the Spring Festival holiday, when I open my eyes, it seems that I am not so happy. And, as the holidays went on, happiness levels began to diminish. There are also people whose happiness experiences are "delayed". They will arrange the Spring Festival holiday very fulfilling, do a lot of things, or travel to man

In winter, wear big shoes

 At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Canada sent a large team. Winter in most parts of Canada is as long as half a year, but this does not dampen their enthusiasm for outdoor sports. In Canada, both men, women and children can find outdoor activities suitable for them. In addition to traditional skiing, ice skating, ice hockey, etc., there are also some lesser-known winter leisure sports. The best way to walk in the snow Snowshoeing has been around for thousands of years in Canada. In winter, you only need to put on a special kind of shoe hand - snow shoes (as shown in the picture), you are not afraid of your feet sinking into the snow, and you can walk on the snow like flat ground. This is the crystallization of Aboriginal wisdom. Bigfoot shoes are a walking method for aboriginal hunters to chase animals on the snow in winter. It increases the area of ​​the feet and reduces the pressure. It will not slip and sink in the snow and can walk like flying. The early snow shoes were made of wood

Don't give me poverty, don't give me rich, just give me enough

 In our life that will eventually be exhausted, the most precious thing may be "life energy", and everything we have must be exchanged for it, such as material things, such as money. According to the calculation formula of American scholars Vicky Robin and Joe Dominguez, if a person is 40 years old this year, he has 356,532 hours of life energy in stock. From this point of view, how to maximize the value of each unit of life energy and obtain the greatest sense of pleasure is also one of the profound meanings of life. The two scholars went on to conduct a series of studies on contemporary people's view of money and consumption. One of the quotes is worth thinking about - "People don't need bulky cars, they just need respect. They don't need cupboards full of clothes, they just need to feel glamorous, they need excitement, refurbishment and good looks. People don't need Electronic devices, just need something of value to pass your life. . . The resulting p

The thing about antidepressant use

 Antidepressant treatment is one of the most commonly used first-line treatments for depression, but many people are full of doubts and misunderstandings about antidepressant drugs, resulting in a low rate of depression treatment and medication adherence. Let’s talk about those about antidepressants in detail. thing. Existing antidepressants can be roughly divided into two types, one is called antidepressants, which are the current first-line treatment drugs, and the other is other drugs with antidepressant effects, such as antipsychotics, which are usually combined with antidepressants. Depressants can be used in combination to improve efficacy. At present, the most clinically used new antidepressants, which improve depressive symptoms by regulating the function of monoamine neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain, such as selective serotonin reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), etc., th

Have you been to Kazakhstan?

 After the unrest in Kazakhstan subsided in early January, the international peacekeeping forces have all withdrawn, and former President Nursultan Nazarbayev also posted a video saying that he has been resting in the Kazakh capital without any conflict with his successor. But the curiosity of the world did not stop. In the satirical comedy Borat, Kazakhstan is portrayed as a down-and-out country where horse urine is the hottest drink, women are often seen as a commodity, and anti-Semitism and homophobia are rampant . In 2006, after the first "Borat" was released in the United States, it was banned in Kazakhstan. "Borat" writer and star Sacha Baron Cohen later clarified that Kazakhstan in the film has nothing to do with the real country. "I chose Kazakhstan because it's a place that almost no one in America knows about, which allows us to create a wild and fake world of comedy." Take off the tinted filters of backward feudalism in the film, and Kazakhs

Autumn Chives Notes

 In the countryside, every family has a vegetable field in the courtyard. To grow some vegetables, of course, a leek is indispensable, because a dish that northerners usually like to eat is scrambled eggs with leeks. Leeks are easy to support, and they can take root and sprout when they are sown, and they can be harvested one after another after planting them once. In autumn, the leeks begin to stalk and bloom. The leek flowers are mashed and salted, which can be used as a condiment, or mixed with some cucumber segments, green peppers, sprinkled with salt, and pickled to make a refreshing and delicious pickle. After the leek flowers are cut off, the long leek stems are left isolated in the wind. Some people just cut off the stalks and throw them away when the leeks are being cut. Most people regard chive stalks as "Bao'er". In fact, chive stalks are also vegetables. Cut them into long pieces of about three centimeters and use them for frying shredded pork or scrambled egg

People like duckweed

 I met her at a dinner table ten years ago. As a family of Beipiao who came out of Henan, she did not give up the pen in her hand while trying to survive, and finally broke into her own world in both career and literature. Obviously, the Henan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League has always paid attention to this special group who is concerned about the struggle outside, and has carried out key propaganda and reports on her as a typical youth figure. In the image of a literary youth, she went to Beijing to seek her dream with a mere 500 yuan in cash. She almost ran out of food and food, and lived on the streets. She was helpless when she met evil people, but she was also relieved to meet good-hearted people. But no matter how hard she suffered, she never put down her pen. During this period, she published a lot of essays in influential publications across the country, published two collections of essays, and joined the Chinese Writers Association. Suffering in bitter wate

How "sponge city" Rotterdam plans urban water conservancy construction

   Rotterdam has always been an active practitioner of innovative design, finding solutions throughout the urban space according to the dynamic changes in water resources, thereby building a "sponge city" and enhancing defense against meteorological disasters. In the past decade, a series of innovative designs have emerged in Rotterdam including floating districts, urban water storage facilities, water-absorbing green roofs, etc.   The Port of Rotterdam is located at the mouth of the Rhine Delta, and climate change has increased the flood risk in the delta and the waterfront: increased water volumes from the upper Rhine; rising sea levels, increasing storm surges from the sea; delta land at a fixed annual rate Speed ​​down. Water Plaza in Rotterdam   The Water Plaza in Rotterdam is a good example of an urban water planning project.   The water plaza is located in the center of a modern building complex, surrounded by school buildings, theaters, and parking lots. The main body