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The hidden secrets of British houses

   Most Britons want their home to be more than just a place to live, but a home full of "character", whether it's an 18th-century fireplace, local clay-fired bricks, or authentic wood. this effect. They value such architectural details because they allow them to appreciate the architectural skills, taste and life of their ancestors from time to time.   But every day in one's own home or on the nearby street, it is difficult to gain insight into the history of a house without understanding the true meaning of some buildings. Here are ten often-unknown house features in the UK that help shed light on the building's past.      Medieval houses      under Georgian facade Typical Georgian style in towns with a large number of 18th century buildings, such as Fremoringham in Sackfordshire, Poshall in Worcestershire, and Lewis in East Sussex There are many houses in the house, but, if you look closely, you will see that not every house strictly adheres to the Georgian sty

Building a "troika" of digital security

   With the digital transformation of enterprises, the role of IT security is also growing. If it is said that after an enterprise was attacked by IT in the past, only a part of the business may be affected, now it will cause the entire business of the enterprise to "stop" at any time. For enterprises, how to do a good job in network security protection and reduce losses has become a "must answer".   According to data released by IDC, China's cybersecurity-related spending is expected to reach $10.26 billion in 2021. It is estimated that by 2025, China's cybersecurity spending will reach $21.46 billion. During the five-year forecast period from 2021 to 2025, China's cybersecurity-related spending will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20.5%, ranking first in the world.   Clearly, companies have realized that security is strategically integrated into their development plans. Data is an important production factor for a digital enterprise. It is nec


   In this era of information explosion, we do not lack books, but we lack a choice for books. And a good bookstore can undoubtedly play the role of choosing the good and abandoning the bad; if it is a particularly excellent and self-contained bookstore, it can be used as a landmark existence, making the city where it is located. And to a certain extent, like the morning star, it guides the direction of people's search in the sea of ​​knowledge. Such a bookstore has a transparent and beautiful soul. Let us wander along the banks of the Seine in Paris and linger in the mist of London to find that kind of landmark bookstore!      A legend from an exotic culture - Shakespeare and Bookstore in Paris      In the romantic flower capital of Paris, next to the Latin Quarter on the left bank of the Seine, a small three-story house is filled with the fragrance of books. Although there are green windows and yellow signs indicating that this is a store, such a small store is too unassuming for

An opportunity to turn a crisis into a meeting

   In October 1529, the German Protestant prince, Count Philip of Hesse, presided over a meeting at Marburg Castle that had an important influence on the development of Protestantism. The purpose of the conference was to eliminate the differences between the two religious reformers - Luther and Zwingli - on the doctrine of the Eucharist, and then to achieve the purpose of Protestant unity. Therefore, the Marlborough Conference, which reflected the balance of power among the religious factions in Europe at that time, was destined to be a crossroads in the development of Protestantism.   Martin Luther was the initiator of the German Reformation movement in the 16th century and the founder of Protestant Lutheranism. November 1, 1517 was Halloween in the West, on this day the reformer Luther nailed his "Ninety-Five Theses" to the door of the All Saints Church in Wittenberg. This move quickly set off a religious revolution in Europe against the rule of the Roman Catholic Church, m

Pre-Raphaelite poet Dante Rossetti

   Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882), namely DG Rossetti, was an important representative of the Pre-Raphaelite poets, and his poems had a profound influence on the development of English poetry. DG Rossetti is a poet and painter. He writes poems on his left and paintings on his right. There are paintings in his poems and poems in his paintings. Each stanza is like a colorful picture scroll. "His paintings have the characteristics of narrative, Poetry has the texture of pictures”; his poems contain stillness in movement, movement in stillness, and the characters and scenes are moving and still, “full of rather perceptual trivialities and touchable intangibles”.   Poetry is a prism, which reflects the poet's life and even the trajectory of life from multiple perspectives. Poetry is "a kind of transparent art", through which one can comprehend the poet's personal experience and inner world. DG Rossetti's poems "Poems" (including "The Palace of L

Before the start of the school season, you should prepare for the trip

   There are always many firsts in life, including the first time to study abroad. Entering July, it means that the school season is not far away. At this time, you should make preparations before studying abroad. In addition to the preparation of important items such as documents and luggage, you should also prepare psychologically, understand the environment and local laws in advance, and cultivate safety awareness. mental preparation   Some international students think that they have been successfully admitted to the ideal college, and they go to a new environment with the mentality of traveling abroad. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the psychological preparation for studying abroad.   Living in a foreign land may have a certain sense of freshness at the beginning, but when the freshness is exhausted, a sense of loneliness may come to my mind. Other students are not new when they first arrive in the destination country, and they will feel unfamiliar with the things aro

Between reality and dream

   Few films have so many names. The American film "Inception", written and directed by British director, screenwriter, photographer and producer Christopher Nolan, is known as "Inception"   . While dissatisfied with its commercial name "Inception", the translation names such as "Full Start", "Sneak and Murder", "Mind Crime", "Memory Maze" and "Memory Cube" are still unfinished.   Few movies have so many interpretation angles. This labyrinthine movie presents audiences with visual impact and carnival, intellectual challenge and excitement, blurred overlap of reality and dream, human relations and family affection. difficult return. Is "Inception" an action film, a robbery film, a psychological film, a thriller, a romance, or a science fiction film? There are many opinions, and the existing categories are not enough. Ethics, architecture, psychology, brain science, logic, philosophy, mathematics, p

The future of the sea-based nuclear cruise missile program

   In March 2022, the U.S. Department of Defense canceled funding for the development of sea-based nuclear cruise missiles in its fiscal 2023 budget request. This is an important change in the nuclear force development of the Biden administration relative to the Trump administration, which reflects the different policy concepts and strategic considerations of the Biden administration.   Sea-based nuclear cruise missiles are launched from ships with rocket boosters, relying on jet engine thrust and wing aerodynamic lift to fly in a dense atmosphere in a cruise state and carry nuclear warheads. The earliest sea-based nuclear cruise missile in the United States was the Tiens nuclear cruise missile with a range of 925 kilometers, which was deployed from 1955 to 1964. The second is the Tomahawk nuclear cruise missile with a range of 2,500 kilometers, which entered service in 1984. In 1992, according to President Bush's "Presidential Nuclear Initiative", all Tomahawk nuclear cr

A water vegetable garden that you can walk with

    There are many floating villages on the Rhine Lake in Myanmar, which are connected to form a floating island. There are houses, shops, schools, etc. in the villages. The most special one is the floating vegetable gardens. In order to make a better living, the locals gather water plants, duckweed, vines, reeds and other plants on the lake, spread a layer of soil, sprinkle some rotten plants as fertilizer, and plant crops directly on it. The floating island vegetable garden has enough water and soil and fertilizer, which is very suitable for planting vegetables and crops; even if it encounters heavy rain, the rainwater will flow from the island to the lake, and the vegetable garden will rise and fall with the rise and fall of the lake water, and will not be submerged due to the sudden rise of the lake water; more Don't be afraid of drought and no rain, which will cause the plants to dry up.    These vegetable gardens can also be moved, and if you push hard, you can lead the veget

Hegel: The Insurmountable System

   In today's academic world, in a wave of theoretical upsurge, Hegel's name seems to be somewhat forgotten, but in fact, Hegel has always been everywhere. Foucault, a famous contemporary French thinker, asserted in 1970: "We have been struggling to get rid of Hegel's influence for a whole century." No matter whether we accept it or resist it, Hegel's influence is difficult to escape.   Hegel, the pinnacle of German classical speculative philosophy, is actually far more complex than people usually imagine. In the contemporary American critic Wellek's "History of Modern Literary Criticism", Hegel is classified as the "Romantic Age". In the preface to Hegel's "Early Theological Writings" co-translated by Knox and Kronner, Kronner pointed out: "Hegel was the greatest romanticist and an irrationalist, and therefore he was an irrationalist. , because he is the master of dialectics, and dialectics is rational - irrational t