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The intent of life

   When I used to write novels, I used to be fully involved and immersed in another world. The characters in the novel experience all kinds of experiences: association, separation, reunion, happiness, sadness... I also cry or laugh at the laptop alone, sometimes even bow my head to the desktop to be overwhelmed with sadness.   This situation has remained unchanged for many years. Until one day, I bought a second-hand plush doll—a cow with a fat body, a curved mouth and a smile. I saw it, so I took it home and placed it in the corner near the desk.   When I was drawn by writing and immersed in it for a long time, when I turned around, my eyes fell on the doll, and seeing it smiling, smiling gently and quietly, I couldn't help stand up, walk towards it, and hug it deeply. The gentle touch makes me feel like a child's peace. After that, I stopped paying attention to the joys and sorrows of the characters in the novel. When the novel was written, I quickly forgot it in my heart. I

Belgian grandpa also loves to walk the birds

  When you visit northern Belgium, you may see a "weird" scene: in the field, a group of old Belgian men sitting on a bench, 6 feet (1.8 meters) apart, muttering words to the wooden box in front of them, the long wood still in their hands from time to time Draw a stroke on the stick.   This is not a religious ceremony, but a traditional Belgian activity: bird fighting.   Every summer, in the fields, seashores, trenches, roads, broken bridges, and waste railway tracks in the Flemish region of Belgium, old people with white hair grow all over the mountains and plains and form the "Great Wall of Human Flesh." What they have to do next is very simple, one person, one bird, one stool, and one stick are enough.   However, the moment the referee waved the red flag, the old men were full of energy, as if they had installed a motor for life in the evening, whether people or birds, all have to concentrate in this game, in order to achieve "the unity of people and birds.&

Ten incredible coincidences in history

   1. There are two women named Patricia in the United States who have the same social security number due to a computer error. When they were called to correct the wrong number, people discovered that   they were named Patricia Ann Campbell after they were born;   their fathers were Robert Campbell;   their birthdays were both on March 13, 1941;   They both married soldiers in 1959, only 11 days before the date;   they both had two children at the age of 19 and 21 respectively;   they both love oil painting;   they both studied beauty;   they both worked as librarians .   2. In 1893 Henry Siegland broke up with his girlfriend, which led to his girlfriend's suicide. The girlfriend's brother ran to Henry's house, found him in the garden, and shot him. Fortunately, the bullet only scratched Henry's face and got stuck in a tree.   1913-Twenty years after the incident, Henry decided to blow up a tree in the garden with explosives. The explosion shot the bullet originally em

Niche behaviors in the rise of new consumer brands

   Recently, I often see my friends in the company after lunch, taking out colorful pills from a few exquisite bottles and cans and swallowing them, and carefully asked these young colleagues who advertised "punk health". These pills turned out to be bowling capsules. , Grape seeds, milk thistle, anti-sugar pills, etc., in response to the Internet buzzword "young people stay the latest night, put on the most expensive mask", and now there is another line of "the most expensive health care product." ".   In recent years, a number of emerging consumer brands have quickly been favored and sought after by consumers. The reason is that they have formed products in terms of product positioning, brand marketing, and channel integration after fully insight and research on target groups, media platforms, and sales paths. With a novel and unique style of play, it occupied the minds of young users in a shorter period of time, and created a set of niche behaviors

Thought fragments

   First of all, we must observe and don't draw conclusions easily; the other is that we need to wait, and many things should not be anxious now; the last is to stick to our basic position and basic value judgments, and not to follow everyone in the chaos.   - famous scholar Qian Liqun talk about how to deal with post-crisis era of globalization,   surf the Internet has taught us two things: First, some people in this world, even if you run out of words to understand each other can not be with him; and second, even if you're with the People cannot understand each other, and it has no effect on your life.   - to lay down their expectations for all   to learn their language, learn their thinking, learning their habits, as well as all aspects of their lives. I think that by associating with young people, you can make yourself young, make yourself grounded, and establish a close connection with the most energetic, powerful, and promising group of people in this society. So as not t

Rich man's eyes

   A rich man suffered from an eye disease and went to the hospital for an operation and put on a fake eye. The operation was so successful that even the rich man's wife could not see which of his eyes was fake.   On this day, the rich man came to his farm and said to a group of working farmers: "I'll make a bet with you, who can guess which eye is false to me, I will double his wages this year; if so If I can’t guess, his wages won’t be paid.”   A young farmer walked out from the farm: “I’ll try it. If I guess right, as long as you pay 50 yuan to buy some wine for everyone; If you guess wrong, all my wages will be yours." The rich man laughed excitedly when he heard it. At this time, the farmer said calmly: "The one next to your real eye is just a fake eye, and the one next to your fake eye is just a real eye." The rich man jumped into a rage when he heard it, "You kid, this is shameless!" The farmer smiled apologetically and said, "It was a

Wear earphones for a long time and be wary of "headphone disease"

   What is headphone disease? What problems might occur when using headphones? How to minimize the earphone damage to hearing?   As the name suggests, earphone disease should be a collection of a series of uncomfortable symptoms caused by wearing earphones. Since the birth of the Walkman, earphones have entered thousands of households. The superiority of earphones is self-evident. Users can enjoy the sound alone without disturbing other people, and can listen to the sound any place they want. Very much in line with the characteristics of modern people-advocating personal space and not disturbing others. However, with the expansion of the time and scope of earphone use, more and more problems have attracted people's attention, and these problems have also formed the concept of "headphone disease".   What problems might occur when using headphones? What are the reasons for these problems? How can we avoid these problems while enjoying the sound?   At present, earphones are

A hundred years old

   We were too young, I do not know their loved ones will be gone   after the New Year, I am 15 years old, and great-grandfather was 100 years old. At the age of 100, I just sighed and sighed. I can't imagine what kind of age it was.   But in the past ten years, the Taigong's back has enveloped me like a spring breeze, warming my heart.   "Xiao Cong, do you know the grandfather outside the door? He has been staring at you for a long time." The classmate said to me. I glanced over, and an old man in plain clothes was standing in front of the door, looking around. He saw me with a smile on his wrinkled face.   It's grandpa, why did he come? How does he know that I am going to school here? I just stared at him stupidly, without saying a word, perhaps because of the embarrassment in my heart. He just looked at me blankly, but his eyes were so eager, his hands swayed slightly, as if he wanted to say something to me. In the end, I was called back by the voices of my fri

The life history of a handsome guy

   0 years old: Oh! I dignified a handsome boy, but his hair and eyebrows were all shaved! I heard from my aunt that this is conducive to the thick growth of hair-it is a fallacy! The little MM on the opposite bed ignored me. In protest, began to spit up milk!   1 year old: Oh! The hair has finally grown out-but it is sparse, and Grandpa Li next door always said that I just returned to the vulgarity, depressed!   2 years old: There is no reason! Isn't it because you are handsome? My mother braided my hair into small braids and started raising me as a girl, in order to protest that I can't go to kindergarten today!   3 years old: The aunt in the kindergarten today said that my hair is longer than many small MMs, and I want to cry without tears. However, the grandma of the principal said that I am more beautiful than many little MMs-alas, grandma really saw the essence of things all at once!   4 years old: red today to turn away, my first love ah - ohh ohh - red mom to see me cry

All time comes and goes, it’s a jump after accumulating power

   I have a friend who used to work as a surgeon in a primary hospital. By chance, he was seconded to a hospital in the city to help.   Secondments are common in our industry. Generally, they help out when there is a shortage of manpower, and they will not assign particularly important tasks. After the situation has eased a little, they will be transferred back. For friends, this is a bit of an overkill.   Unexpectedly, my friends would be busier than before when they went there. After performing the operation in his group, he still has to observe the operations of other groups; when other doctors cannot find an assistant, he will take the initiative to help; encounter those uncommon cases, even if he does not have to go to the operating table, he still Will go to the operating room to observe and learn.   What's rare is that, under such a high-intensity work, we have never heard him say a word of complaint.   Someone once persuaded him to do his job well, and he had to come back a

Milk tea on the grassland

   A wanderer away from his hometown is prone to homesickness. Dreaming of even a wisp of cooking smoke in your hometown will make you feel moved and your eyes will be full of tears. The longer the parting time, the stronger the homesickness. It's like a mellow brew, you get drunk when you drink it.   My hometown is in the Inner Mongolia Plateau where Ma Ming Jingyue. The vast grassland on the Inner Mongolia Plateau has its unique character and scenery. The wind is refreshing and contains the qualities of snow. The clouds are white, with the epitome of sheep in between. The grass is emerald green and tender, exuding the scent of milk. The bark spreads high and far away. It feels like it is coming from the stars in the middle of the night. The sky is like a dome, covering all fields, which means that it is vast and vast. As far as the eye can see, the world is connected, and only the far-reaching shadow of water vapor can bring out its vast outline.   In childhood, people generally

The least worth maintaining

   When I was in the fourth grade, one evening, when I came home from school, I saw a brand new mountain bike at the door. My father smiled and said to me: "This is for you!"   The life of riding a stroller is finally over! I was very happy and immediately put down my schoolbag and rode it out of the yard. Both my father and mother told me to ride slower. Although I told them aloud that I would, as soon as I rode on the road, I immediately put my parents' words behind my head-the feeling of riding a mountain bike is really wonderful.   There are few people on the roads in the community, and nothing prevents me from riding fast. At an intersection, I planned to turn right and ride towards the court, but when I turned the corner, I was taken aback. My neighbor, Mrs. Galila, was coming from the opposite side. The rose tree on the side of the road grew too high and too lush, and I didn't see her at all before turning. I didn’t have time to brake, and ran into Mrs. Garila

Real world

   What you see is not the world.   The happiness of a wise man is partly safe, without asking others to know; but the joy of ordinary people is thrilling and moving, and they can’t wait to be told. The wrath of the cunning man is a dark tide, covered with a sweet smile; the wrath of the upright man is an open flame, which is unobstructed.   An expression, summing up an emotion, turns out to be unreliable. The same is the joy, anger, sorrow, and joy, but also people are different.   Pain, or the eve of blooming. Joy, too much like a fleeting gust of wind. Anger is a misfired passion. Worry is mostly just a redundant and unhelpful thing. Missing is a moonlight full of water, full when the moon rises, and receding when the sun rises. Panicked, the duckweed in the waves suddenly arrived, and suddenly it was far away. Happiness is not a destination, but daily homework. It is not a rush to happiness, but a step into happiness...   Emotions are not all truth. Where does happiness come from,

Your hug is better than all truth

   1 When   he was 3 years old, he was playing in the square in front of his house, always wanting to climb high steps.   You remind him: "Baby, it hurts to fall off the steps."   But after you talked to the neighbor for a while, he still climbed the steps and fell from the top, so he was lying on the ground with pain. Wow crying.   You could criticize him like your mother criticized you when you were a child: "How did I remind you that it hurts to fall down? You don't listen! Cry, cry, why cry?"   But you thought about it, ran over and hugged him. Staying with him, holding him in his arms, and constantly stroking his back: "Baby, it must be very painful, mom knows it hurts, next time you climb higher, can you invite mom to participate together?"   2   He When I was 5 years old, I was sitting at the table for dinner, spilling the food everywhere, and accidentally smashed the soup bowl.   You hurriedly cleaned up the mess, wanting to accuse him in a fra

Frequent diarrhea in summer to stop diarrhea and prevent dehydration

    In the summer and autumn seasons, many young parents become nervous, because these two seasons are times when gastroenteritis is raging. Especially in summer, due to the hot weather, many children like to eat cold food, and they are prone to diarrhea. Find the culprit in children with diarrhea    Pediatric diarrhea is a group of diseases mainly caused by diarrhea caused by multiple causes. It is characterized by an increase in the frequency of bowel movements. At the same time, some children will also have symptoms such as fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, and even varying degrees of water and electrolyte disorders and acid. Disturbance of alkali balance and other conditions. The pathogens of diarrhea are mostly viruses, bacteria, toxic Escherichia coli, hemorrhagic Escherichia coli, and invasive Escherichia coli. In addition, extra-intestinal infections, abuse of antibiotics, improper feeding, and climate influences can all induce this disease.   Rotavirus is the "culprit"

How animals perceive death

   How do animals view death? The elephant seems to know what death is all about. When a companion falls down, they will arch it with their noses to help it stand up. If it still doesn't work, they know that the elephant is dead. After that, they will stay with their dead companions, as if in tribute, reluctant to leave for a long time. After the chimpanzee’s child died, even if the child’s body had shrivelled like a mummy, the mother still held it. Most animals know how to die.   "I'm going to die soon?" They might feel the breath of death. Animal hearing and smell are much sharper than humans, and sometimes we can feel strange things that we can't notice.   A friend of mine is a veterinarian and also an animal photographer. He told me something like this: A zebra infected with an infectious disease seems to send out messages like "Kill me" and "eat me". Upon receiving this message, the lion chooses its hunting target. . If it spreads infectio

You need to be extra vigilant about "Mr. Obsequious"

   Which love partner did you meet? What is thinking in the lover's heart? How to deal with him... These puzzles are like the Da Vinci code, which must always haunt you in love. Starting in 2021, your new girlfriend "Bright Eyes to Know People" column will accompany you to teach you how to recognize people. A lecture every month will help you become a master of love and marriage.   Some time ago, the news that a certain wealthy son "kneeled and licked" the internet celebrity was unwilling to tear up the news, which shocked many netizens: How could the noble son, who is in this way, also be so humble to please others?   But with the development of the situation, we have discovered another layer of truth: sometimes, those so-called "likes" and "please" seem to be just to control the other party or achieve a certain purpose of oneself.   A netizen opened a post about her own experience. She has a target and she usually pleases her in various way