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A journey through heaven and earth

 Super subway passing through the center of the earth   In the movie "Total Memories", a 13,000-kilometer-long "fall road" passes through the center of the earth. Passengers can get on the train and reach the other end of the earth in 17 minutes. This is really a shocking idea. You know, it takes 22 hours for a plane to fly to the other end of the earth, because it flies an arc along the sphere, and "falling into the road" is a model of shortcuts. In fact, falling into the road does not violate any existing laws of physics. Of course, there are countless engineering problems waiting for scientists to solve in order to be truly realized.   Suppose the "fall road" is really built, and you jump in from an entrance, what will happen? It depends on which two places on the earth's surface are connected by the "fall road". If it is the north and south poles, gravity will accelerate you continuously, and in just 13 minutes, you will enter t

Searching for primitive black holes and dark matter from the "small universe"

   The 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three scientists who have made important contributions to the study of black holes. Soon after this, new research findings on black holes appeared in the journal of Science. Scientists discovered that the "small universe" formed during the expansion of the universe was likely to give birth to the most primitive black holes.   This series of research was completed by several members of the Kavli Institute of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Tokyo (Kavli IPMU).   Dark matter is regarded as the main component of the universe. The gravitational wave signals that people observe and the super-large black holes found in the Milky Way or other galaxies may all originate from dark matter. Before the birth of primordial stars and galaxies, black holes formed in the early universe, and these primordial black holes are likely to be important components of dark matter.   In order to study primordial black holes, particle physic

Is artificial meat safe?

   As the world's population continues to increase, so does the demand for meat. However, the growth rate of pigs, cattle, sheep and other animals is far behind the needs of humans, and some diseases also make meat production unstable. Is it really difficult to eat meat in the future? With the development of science and technology, the emergence of artificial meat may solve this problem. There are two types of artificial meat: one is plant artificial meat, which is mainly made from soy protein; the other is animal artificial meat made from animal stem cells. What is plant artificial meat made of   Strictly speaking, plant-based artificial meat is not real meat, but a food made of plant protein. Under normal circumstances, the main components of plant artificial meat are plant protein, pigments, stabilizers, preservatives, water, oils, and flavoring agents. Among them, the first three raw materials have the most obvious influence on the appearance, taste and nutrition of plant artif

It is a good product to be in touch with the customer

 Company value is delivered through products   How to display the value of a company has always been a problem that companies must solve. Valueless companies cannot survive. In what way is a valuable company to deliver value is a very difficult problem to choose. It happens that products can play a role in it.   To study the success of a company, many people start from the corporate strategy, but I prefer to start from the product. When determining the price of a product, many companies fail to understand that the product itself does not reflect the price, but instead reflects the company's value pursuit. If we only understand the market from the product price, it can only lead to the dilemma of competition in the market. This is also a common problem for Chinese companies.   Only by starting from the company's pursuit of value and delivering the company's value through products can customers and the company establish a value choice relationship. Once such a relationship of

Strange call

   A harsh cell phone ringing rang, and Phil felt inexplicably uneasy. He subconsciously took out his mobile phone from his pocket and glanced at the caller ID, it was an unfamiliar number.   "Hello." He answered the phone.   A sullen and distorted growl came from the other end of the phone, "Your wife is in our hands."   "Sorry, what did you say?"   "You listened to me. Her life or death is up to you."   Phil Gang I wanted to speak, but the other party continued.   "Raise $1 million in cash by midnight tomorrow night. Don't mark it. I'll call again and tell you what to do next."   "Who are you?" Phil asked.   "It's not important. We have your wife in our hands. You just need to know this."   Phil sighed. "Are you kidding? Who the hell are you?"   "No kidding. One million dollars." "The other party paused, then said, "Don't call the police. If I see a police car within a

Left cat, right dad

 I found myself missing my mom and dad quickly, as well as our cat, and our sloping field full of small rocks. But I dare not say what I miss in my heart. I cried at night, but when I thought of the words "man", my tears stopped immediately. My master didn't have much words, only a pair of sharp eyes, which looked at me instead of a thousand words. I often use these eyes to guess what he is going to say. Once, I felt that there was such a plea in his eyes: "Call me godfather." I yelled softly. He got a little closer to me and touched the back of my head with his hand, exactly the same as Dad's actions.   The time it takes to get acquainted with the master and get close is the same as the time it takes to get close to the cat. It treats me exactly the same as the master. After the master stroked my head, it jumped into my arms and rubbed my chin. When I was alone with it, I asked in a low voice: "Goddad led you to catch fish, right?" My nose is alwa

"Vulvar leukoplakia" that is easy to diagnose and difficult to treat, you need to master this information

 When it comes to genital itching, everyone first thinks of vulvovaginitis. But in fact, in addition to vaginitis, vulvar pruritus involves many types of vulvar diseases, such as folliculitis and eczema. What I want to introduce to you today is a common gynecological disease that can cause genital itching-lichen sclerosus of the vulva. Because it is often accompanied by changes and degeneration of the skin and mucous membranes of the vulva, it was also called vulvar leukoplakia, sclerosing atrophy of the vulva, and vulvar dystrophy. Histopathology is the gold standard for diagnosis It is generally believed that the age of onset of vulvar lichen sclerosus has two peaks, the most common in postmenopausal women (mean age 52.6 years), followed by prepubertal girls (mean age 7.6 years). At present, the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease are still unclear, and may be related to immunity, heredity, endocrine and metabolism. In addition, oxidation, local irritation, infection, abnormal c

Many young people in India pretend to be vegetarian

 We asked young Indians why they lied to be vegetarians? Last year, when the Indian Burger King’s new menu quickly became popular because it offered burgers with a unit price of about 50 to 70 rupees, Shiluti found that she was also eager to enjoy a chicken burger that met her budget and taste. "When I was in graduate school a year ago, I didn't have any hesitation before ordering burgers or fried chicken nuggets," she said. She asked not to reveal her last name because she did not want her peers to discover the moral dilemma she faced with food. Before people are vegetarian, eat meat secretly Recently, this 22-year-old from the outskirts of Mathura, a city in northern India, came to the metropolis of Mumbai to work in fashion design. "But nowadays, whenever I interact with my peers, I worry that I will be rejected (because of eating meat), because they all seem to lead a very ecologically conscious life," Shiluti said: "But by socializing By showing my veg

Unexpected fashion items

 Bomber jacket   Many fashion items appeared during the war, and they are still the “darlings” of designers. Such as a bomber jacket.   It originated from the heavy-duty flying leather jacket used by the US Air Force to protect against wind and warmth during World War I. It was designed specifically for the cold, non-enclosed cockpits of US fighter jets at that time.   The color of bomber jackets tends to be black, military green or leather original colors. The lining is usually made of eye-catching orange satin, so that in the event of a dangerous emergency landing, the pilot can turn the jacket over and ask for help.   Although this design no longer has practical functions, it has been retained due to its bright color contrast.   In the movie "This Killer Is Not So Cold", the little girl Matilda wears a classic bomber jacket. Windbreaker   The windbreaker also appeared during the "World War I".   The trenches are wet and muddy all year round, and water often accum

The power of listening

   D is an American friend of mine who can speak 4 foreign languages ​​and travels the world throughout his life. He is 86 years old this year. He used to be the coach of an Olympic sport and also brought out a world champion. He worked until he was 84 years old before he retired completely. He has a long and brilliant career. Although, he himself does not think so.   In terms of age, D is considered a healthy old man, he can walk without hindrance and can still drive. He has a generous pension. Before the epidemic, he can visit relatives and friends, listen to operas, watch movies, and go out of restaurants. Moreover, D's spiritual life is rich and profound. He loves reading, thinking, and has profound knowledge in literature, history and philosophy. But he thinks he has no contribution to mankind.   Now, he lives in a nursing home with fairly good conditions. He lives in a one-bedroom and two-living house, accompanied by a cat, and takes care of his daily diet and all kinds of ch

When Shakespeare met high technology

 On a midsummer night, let yourself travel through time and space, return to the forest of ancient Greece, transform into a light firefly, use the flickering light to guide the elves, and start a fantasy journey. This is not an illusory dream that is divorced from reality, but a visual feast of the "Midsummer Night's Dream" that the world-renowned Royal Shakespeare Company will bring to audiences around the world from March 12th. This new play called "Dream", inspired by Shakespeare's classic play "A Midsummer Night's Dream", moved the story from the theater stage closed due to the new crown epidemic to a virtual platform supported by the Internet, and brought virtual reality to the same level. Technology is used in the background narration of Shakespeare's classic plays. The audience can not only wander in the virtual Midsummer Night Forest, but also interact with the actors in real time and influence the development of the plot. Even the

Monaco, a legend on the cliff

 The Royal Palace of Monaco on the edge of a cliff The Principality of Monaco (Principauté de Monaco), referred to as Monaco (Monaco). Speaking of this country, perhaps the first person to come to mind is the majestic Princess Grace Kelly (Grace Kelly). Some people often confuse it with Morocco, a North African country. The Palaisprincier de Monaco (Palaisprincier de Monaco), built in the 13th century, is located on the edge of a cliff and is the seat of the Monaco government. Princess Grace, who brought glory and legend to Monaco, once lived here. Today's Royal Palace of Monaco is half of the royal family's private residences and offices, and the other half is a museum. I have seen the magnificent palace buildings of other European countries. The pale yellow palace of Monaco does not feel luxurious and magnificent, because the palace with its unique location was originally a military fortress and served for military purposes until the 17th century. The forts cast in the Louis

Resurrected cell phone

   Does anyone around you use branded phones such as Duowei and Tianyu?   At the beginning of May, a familiar "bargaining" was underway in a live broadcast room with 25 million fans.   "Go!" In the voice of the staff requesting the link, the "manufacturer representative" from Duowei X7 was anxious, and firmly said that he couldn't do it, constantly emphasizing the manufacturer's leading pricing power.   "Did I make 500 yuan for you (the manufacturer)?" The anchor countered the "manufacturer representative" in a higher tone, refusing to increase the subsidy to 1,000 yuan.   The helpless "manufacturer representative" finally "gave up" and agreed to provide a subsidy of 500 yuan, and the price dropped "in place".   In this live broadcast room watched by 200,000 people, after some bargaining of "you come and go", the atmosphere was set off to the climax, and the appetite of the audience was da