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Inch by inch

   In summer, in a small fishing village by the Xingkai Lake, under the shade of a big willow tree that is said to be over a hundred years old, a gray-haired old woman sits on the wooden bench that has witnessed many winds and rains. Slowly mending a fishing net.   Not far away, a large clay pot filled with well water, with a few green cucumbers floating on it. On the low wooden yard wall, some morning glory lowered their heads shyly, two reed chickens patiently searched for the insects hidden in the soil, and a small cat chased the pair of dancing butterflies and ran into it. A small vegetable garden full of life.   A little further away, it is a dense cornfield like a green gauze tent, and those corn with red tassels around their waists are enjoying the hot caress of the scorching sun in full energy. In the Fangtang nearby, a few simple lotus flowers bloom unfettered, and a few silent cloud shadows look like an old photo from the Republic of China.   This was an ordinary encounter on

Elville Dezanic: "Unlimited Port" does not stop

   Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, related typical incidents such as the disruption of global logistics and freight, detention in ports, and price increases have been rampant, making international trade that was already in dire straits worse. Although railway transportation and air transportation have also played a significant role in the epidemic, sea transportation is still the mainstream mode of transportation and a key link in global trade in goods. The obstruction of sea transportation will undoubtedly affect the large-scale import and export of goods and disrupt the normal order of international trade. In a wave of countercurrents, Sweden's largest port, Gothenburg, is busy and orderly, and it has become a "sacred needle" for container transportation in Europe. The old port goes upstream   The Port of Gothenburg is located on the west coast of Sweden. It is not only the largest port in Sweden, but also the largest port in the Nordic region. Its important

Keeping To Be Lonely

 Recently, people often say: "We young people must be able to live this lonely day." I think this "lonely day" is not a plight, but a kind of happiness. I feel that all the light in the world is found out of loneliness. For example, there is a winter in the sky, which is a lonely day of the year. At this time, thousands of trees withered and yellow, the weather withered, and the silence and calmness are its characteristics. But wasn't it the most beautiful spring of that year that came out of this lonely winter? There is a dark night in a day, and it is also a lonely period of the day. At this time, all kinds of clamor and noisy, there are moments of rest. But isn't it the most glorious dawn of the day that comes from this lonely dark night? What is contained in the excitement is depression and disappearance; what is contained in darkness and loneliness is all happening, all creation, and all light.

Man being stalked

 Hide from the sky   Gongjie is 43 years old this year. He is a disgraced office worker, busy with his daily life.   On this day, the agency went to the suburbs to see a second-hand house. That house was actually very good, but the price was too high, 10 million yen more than the agency's budget, and he couldn't get it all at once. Right now, their family of four lives in a small rented house. Both their son and daughter are in their teens, but they have to sleep together in the same room. Recently, the landlord has rushed to drive them away. As the head of the family, the pressure of the agency can be imagined.   It was 6 o'clock in the evening after seeing the room, the sky was getting darker, and it started to rain. The agency walked on the ridge leading to the county road in a frustrated mood. At this moment, a car drove from not far away, but a figure suddenly appeared on the side of the road. At this moment, the figure flew up on the hood of the car and then fell down

Why British postmen like to wear shorts in winter

   In the UK, postmen wearing only shorts has become the default rule in the industry. Whether it's the summer when sweat is soaking in the crotch or the winter when the snow is knee-high, wearing shorts is their distinctive label as a postman. They practiced steel and iron bones during the daily trip of more than ten kilometers, and also used shorts to ensure that they would not be soaked in sweat and snow. Many British netizens received the express in shock. The shorts fluttering under the postman's crotch made them think they were still alive in the summer. They were more punctual than Santa Claus, but they were far less tightly bound than him.   Most people think this is just a silly and brave game popular among postmen: "Their calves are usually hot, you can imagine them running on the road." "I saw them dressed in the snow more than once. Postmen in shorts, their lower body is always more conspicuous than the red vest."   There is no doubt that being a

Every book is its own room

   I said that I am not a scholar. The first is to be honest, the second is to tell the irony, the third is to talk angry, and the fourth is to be a little frustrated. But I want to tell everyone that when I say that I am not a scholar, I want to reserve the last point of sincerity and respect for knowledge and books.   One cannot just say that he is a scholar. I have a relationship with books because I have written a few articles over the years and put them together into a book. People say: "You write books and you can't deny them." Someone suddenly said that I was an excellent essayist. This is really necessary. "Fate"-I am no more than a guest star in writing, but I cannot say "I am a scholar" to others.   Everyone knows that Shanghai and Beijing used to have used bookstores. The writer A Cheng is very familiar with Beijing Liulichang. He said that his reading experience was in the 1950s. After class, he went to Liulichang to read miscellaneous book

Examination and treatment of interstitial pneumonia

 Wheezing is painful, like drowning   Normally speaking, the normal lung tissue is like a big sponge, and the alveoli are like many small bubbles in the sponge. Each bubble is roughly uniform in size. The bubbles cannot be free due to the fixation of the surrounding connective tissue. Swing ensures the synchronization and efficiency of breathing. Normally, there are some fibrous filaments in the connective tissue around the bubble, such as the reinforcing steel in reinforced concrete, that is, collagen fibers. These "fiber filaments" are slender and thin, and will not prevent the oxygen in the inhaled air from dispersing into the blood vessels around the bubbles; at the same time, the lungs are maintained elasticity. The lungs can not only contract and exhale air freely, but also fully expand and accommodate more. More air ensures the oxygen supply to the whole body. These supporting tissues around the alveoli, including blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, are called "i

Prostate disease cases are increasing as early as possible to diagnose and treat prostate cancer

 Common diseases of the prostate   Prostatitis refers to inflammation that occurs in the prostate tissue. The most common cause is bacterial infection, which can be divided into transurethral, ​​blood, and lymphatic system infections. Transurethral infection is when bacteria enter the prostate through the urethra, causing acute or chronic prostatitis; transurethral infection is a bacterial infection from other parts of the body that is transported to the prostate through the blood, causing prostatitis. In addition, the rectum, bladder, urethra and other organs near the prostate are inflamed, and bacteria may also enter the prostate through the lymphatic vessels.   Prostatic hyperplasia refers to the abnormally enlarged prostate, which is a common disease in elderly men. Benign prostatic hyperplasia refers to the appearance of non-cancerous hyperplasia of glandular tissue, which is generally considered to be the physiological process of normal aging in men. However, hypertrophy of gland

Undisturbed luxury

    In my friend’s small study room, there is a small refrigerator, which contains perfume and some skin care products that are not frequently used, facial masks, and skin care samples. In summer, she also put some soda in handily, and took it out to drink while reading.    This small refrigerator has been there since she rented the house. Later, she bought a house by herself and moved in with it.    "Renting a house doesn't have much of its own furniture, and all use the landlord's. Such a small refrigerator, filled with my beautiful wishes, moving from one home to another, feels quite a sense of belonging." She said.    She is not a hoarder. There are five or six perfume bottles and seven or eight lipsticks—most urban girls have so many. But everyone who goes to her house curiously opens this small cosmetic refrigerator, and can't help but sigh: Wow, it's so extravagant.    She smiled modestly and explained that Shanghai is hot in summer and perfumes are eas

Altay: a romantic fairy tale kingdom

   In the northernmost part of Xinjiang, China, there is an amazing place, where there is a charming scenery all year round, that is, the mysterious and magnificent Altay. Altay is located under the famous Altai Mountains, just north of Urumqi. The northwest is connected to Kazakhstan and Russia, and the northeast is bordered by Mongolia. It is known as the "four countries".   Altay has azure blue lakes, dense birch forests, wild Gobi deserts, colorful river valleys, and ancient Mongolian Tuva people... In the hearts of many people, Altay is often connected with Kanas. Kanas is Mongolian, meaning "beautiful, rich and mysterious." Kanas Lake was formed 200,000 years ago. Moraine objects blocked the river course, forming a magical and spectacular mountain lake.   Kanas Lake and the surrounding snow-capped mountains, grasslands, and birch forests form beautiful scenery. Shenxian Bay, Wolong Bay, and Moon Bay are well-known and are photographers' paradise all year r

How does the smell of everyone come from

   After the duckling pecked open the eggshell and came into the world, it would closely follow the first moving object it saw. Whether or not the object was really its mother duck, it would attach to it as a mother. This phenomenon is called the imprinting phenomenon by the Austrian biologist Lorenz. In fact, humans also have this behavior, but what humans "recognize their mothers" does not rely on sight, but smell.   People appreciate the role of   the fetus in the womb of time also depending on the material and can not distinguish between them, the mother was able to smell the smell, and as the mother and others to distinguish. After ten months of pregnancy, the smell of food and the smell of the mother's body will constitute the mother's overall impression of the fetus's mind, so that the fetus will naturally get close to the mother who emits a familiar smell, just like the "branding phenomenon of birds". "Same.   Not only does the mother's

Who should listen to the doctor's disagreement

   When you get sick, people will suddenly have no masters, asking about how to treat them. There are often complaints from patients that when they go to many hospitals, the doctors say they are not the same. Even in a hospital, what the experts say is different. Faced with different diagnosis and treatment options, who should you listen to?   In fact, medicine has developed rapidly, and doctors are not very clear about many diseases, and there are still great limitations. In addition, even if doctors are well aware of some diseases, there are still individual differences. Each patient's treatment is different. It can be said that no two patients in the world are exactly the same. Therefore, there is no "gold standard" for the diagnosis of many diseases, only expert consensus.   After the patient got sick, he was eager to know what kind of disease he was, thinking that the disease was either black or white. The doctor must give me a clear statement. However, many times yo

The Ganges and the Indus: the AB side of India

   Speaking of India recently, it’s hard not to think of the raging new crown epidemic, the variant Delta virus, and many news screens, regardless of the plague, still intensively bathing, praying, holding funerals, and drifting corpses in the "Mother River" Ganges. people.   Many countries have their own representative rivers. They have bred ancient civilizations, flowed with the texture of the times, and are spiritual symbols of the nation and the country. But there is rarely a river like the Ganges, which carries so much hope and sorrow inside, and is covered with layers of misunderstanding and ridicule on the outside.   In addition to the famous Ganges River, India also has an "Indus River" with the same name as the country. The central plain of India lies between the Indus and Ganges and forms the main part of the Indian granary-but most of the Indus does not belong to India. Over the years, this river has been under the jurisdiction of India and Pakistan, and

Control your emotions to help you succeed

   From the "Powder Keg" to the Harvard PhD in Psychology, he only did one thing. I believe many people know him. He has recorded "Signs of Heart" with many celebrities and served as a psycho-emotional expert in it. In the second season of "I'm a Speaker", I won the national championship and conquered the teachers and the audience with heart-to-heart stories and eloquence. He is Liu Xuan, the son of the writer Liu Yong.   Behind the success, few people know that in the face of the storms of life, Liu Xuan, like most people, was nervous, anxious, and stressed, and was overwhelmed by emotions. When he was young, his father's success brought more pressure to Liu Xuan. For Liu Xuan, who was entering the rebellious period at that time, the intention to get rid of this heavy identity became the choice to relieve pressure. I don't like to study, fall in love early, cry, and have a bad temper... But the more so, the more sad the life and the more emoti

Good days are yet to come

   Tomorrow will be a good day.   Of course, I cannot control everything that is about to happen, and I certainly know that there will be some unsatisfactory moments, but I believe that tomorrow will be a good day.   I am determined to make it a beautiful day.   If I can connect the good days, they can become a good week.   Similarly, there may be some small setbacks in life, but in general, if you have a good few days, it must be a good week.   A few good weeks will soon become a good month.   This is the current momentum.   Optimism is contagious, and other people are also receiving infection.   They walked with me on this journey, and it was an interesting journey.   The bright spots are far greater than the difficulties. This is what you expect for a good day or week.   Suddenly, it looked like a very good year.   And all this is because I decided to have a good day.   Day after day.   Not because of the impact of the environment on me, but because of my impact on the environment.

Human-to-human transmission of cancer? The answer is this

   Cancer is an incurable disease. People who have cancer have a high mortality rate and a low cure rate. Even if it is cured, there is a possibility of recurrence. Therefore, when people talk about cancer discoloration, they are also very concerned about whether the cancer is contagious.   Since the last century, scientists have been searching for the answer to this question. A large number of facts have shown that cancer is generally not easily transmitted through daily life such as physical contact, sexual activity or sharing utensils. However, the world is full of surprises, and there are always exceptions to everything. In a very small number of rare cases, scientists have also discovered a terrible phenomenon-cancer cells can indeed be passed from one person to another, and grow and develop in the new body, causing cancer. The tragedy of organ transplantation   In 2007, a 53-year-old woman died of a stroke. She had signed a body donation agreement before her death. After her deat