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When I was young and when I grew up

   Occasionally I saw a passage in the circle of friends, and I was shocked: When I was a child, I fell down and I would see if there were people around, cry if I had them, and get up silently if I didn’t; when I grew up, I would also see if there were people around when I fell. , Get up silently if you have one, cry if you don't.   Some people say that this is called growth.   If we compare our childhood and our grown-up (or old age), we will find that there are indeed many similar differences and contrasts.   When we were young, we lost a tooth, we would be very happy, because soon it will grow new and stronger teeth; when we grow up, we lose a tooth, we will be sad, because, we started It's getting old.   When I was young, I never sleep enough, I have to go to school, do homework, and I want to play with the children as much as I want. Where can I have time to sleep? When I grow up, I have a lot of free time, but I often toss and turn and have difficulty sleeping, let alone

Turn the situation around

 About twenty years ago, there was a young man who had just graduated from university, full of energy and great ambition. He rode a broken bicycle with a BB machine that was popular at the time. For the first time in his life, he went to Hangzhou City Hall to give a lecture to a group of company CEOs. That is the most prosperous Yan'an Road in Hangzhou. The building where the city hall is located stands tall, and the cars parked downstairs are all Cadillacs and Lincolns. He knew that it was a status symbol for those company bosses. But it doesn't matter, his bicycle will also occupy a place there. He is still full of confidence. Parked the bicycle, took vigorous steps, with a confident smile, took the elevator to the 14th floor where the lecture was located. As soon as he opened the door of the office, he coughed a few times without saying hello. After scanning his eyes, he found that the people in the office were all well-dressed, smoking expensive Chinese cigarettes, and the


The French film "Remembrance" brought out three generations of a family with a funeral: grandma, father and grandson. The grandson's name is Roman. His grandfather has passed away. During the funeral of his grandfather, there are shots of him running-it turns out that he ran to the wrong cemetery. When he arrived, the funeral was over. Dad is certainly not satisfied, but grandma said to him: "Your grandpa won't be angry, he loves you so much." This is a movie in which the protagonist cannot be determined. Is the protagonist Grandma Madeleine? This is an 85-year-old man. Her husband had just passed away and she suddenly fell. Her three sons were worried that she was living alone, so they sent her to a nursing home, and then sold her apartment without her consent. Grandma ran away from the nursing home without knowing where to end. Father Michelle can also be the protagonist. In his 60s, he has just attended the retirement farewell ceremony at the Post Bank. T

How did the marketing cases that Steve Jobs admired detonate sales?

   More than one entrepreneur has asked me this question: Why is our product so good that it can’t sell?   An entrepreneur who makes snacks told me that he puts his own snacks on one plate and his competitors' snacks on another plate. Remove the packaging and let the customer try it blindfolded. what's the result? 73% of people prefer their snacks!   He didn't feel the slightest joy, but collapsed a little bit-the annual sales of competitors had exceeded 1 billion yuan, and they only only had 50 million yuan.   "I like my products, but why do I go to buy competitors' products?"   To solve this problem, you must first understand the classic theory of psychology-the human brain has two independently operating systems: one is responsible for reason and judges the pros and cons; The other is responsible for emotions, judging preferences.   Good products please the "sane brain", but this is far from enough. When consumers place an order, they must also gi

Why the human head has more hair than other parts

   According to foreign media reports, humans are "freaks" among mammals. Except for hippos and naked mole rats, almost all other mammals have fur on their bodies. Except for head hair, humans are almost naked and hairless. Why? Except for the head, most parts of human beings are hairless?   Mark Pegel, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom, said that first of all, it is important to understand why mammals have fur. Fur can keep animals warm in cold nights and protect them from sun burns during the day. Human ancestors can Most of the hair is lost because they have a unique ability to light a fire, keep warm in sleep, and wear clothes.   This will explain why our human ancestors can survive without hair, but it cannot explain why the hair gradually disappears over time. In fact, the hairless feature gives humans a certain evolutionary advantage. According to Pegel, there are three main theories. Can explain this human evolutionary advant

Accessible fairness

    A kind of fairness among human beings comes out of each other.    How to understand? Even if others have it, I have to have it too. When others get it, I will get it too. It doesn't matter how much you get, or even earlier or later.    Like everyone, there is peace in the world.    Taking 10,000 steps back, even if it is unlucky, everyone will carry it together when the sky falls, and everyone is unhappy, and I feel that my heart is different and happy and relaxed.    Such fairness actually requires a balance. Because it is not true fairness, it does not have much value. The essence of this kind of balance is to be within a comparable range and not to be inferior to others.    Therefore, people are born to delineate a comparable circle for themselves. All the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys are, to a certain extent, the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys that are born in comparison with those in the circle. As for the distance, and the infinite distance, even if there are people w

Galaxy still

   I have seen the night sky in many places. Simply put, those different night sky can be roughly divided into two categories: the night sky in the city and the night sky in the countryside.   The night sky of the city is about the same: the twinkling neon lights, connected into a sea of ​​bright lights, the gorgeous light attracts the blurred eyes of people who are on the move for a livelihood, and even the stars in the sky have lost their brilliance. And what impressed me the most was the night sky of my hometown, where the night sky is worth remembering for a lifetime.   The night sky of my hometown is diverse. There is the darkness of invisible fingers, the splendid beauty of the galaxy, and the romance of the bright moon; there is the tranquility of the light rain, the quietness of the chirping insects, and the loneliness of the heavy snow... In the four seasons, I especially like the night sky in summer.   In the summer of my childhood, what I looked forward to most was the night

Two-dimensional strategy for brand rejuvenation

   Generation Z are aboriginals of the Internet, with a remarkable circle of temperament. They appreciate beauty and enjoy consumption; they respect individuality and have a unique way of socializing; they trust brands, but do not blindly follow big names; they love life sharing, and they prefer to stay at home... Generation Z has grown up with the rapid development of China’s economy. With superior material living conditions, it is the generation with the highest purchasing power and desire to consume. In the face of Gen Z, which is gradually becoming the backbone of the market, only a younger brand can capture the mainstream buying group.   Under the background that traditional advertising is constantly being disintegrated by new lifestyles and brand communication loses accuracy due to fragmentation of information, how can brands be younger to reach Generation Z? The young market in the second dimension   The term "two-dimensional" comes from Japan. It is used by MAG fans t

Dripping water

    Silence is the first choice for all virtues. It allows you to see the shortcomings of others while concealing your own shortcomings.    - Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw    streak is linked clues, sense of proportion is the severity of the ins and outs. With organization, things can be separated into different categories, without being messy; with proper measures, things can be positioned with respect and inferiority, and each is suitable for each.    - qian talk about value-conscious, coherent order is horizontal plane, vertical surface propriety arithmetic is    simple upbringing, it is properly to avoid embarrassing others.    - on the Internet know almost "what behaviors will make you feel each other very educated," the popular answer    people have been able to feel "happy", not because life is too comfortable, but because to live with hope.    - writer Juan    ability to think independently, not determined by our will. Thoughts are like guests: we can

From Silk Road Gubei to the American Civil War

 The first country in the world to grow cotton was India. After that, cotton traveled eastward from the north and the south to China: the southern route traveled to Yunnan via Southeast Asia, and the northern route came to Xinjiang via the Western Regions. To the west, it passed through the Arabian Peninsula to Europe, and after the discovery of the New World, it passed from Europe to the Americas. From the perspective of plant structure, cotton is not a flower, but a fruit; but cotton also blooms. The stamen of cotton is yellow, and the petals are milky white at first, and soon turn dark red. Then they wither and become a green cotton boll that matures. After cracking, a small group of soft white fibers will be exposed. This small group of white fibers cannot be underestimated, because it plays an extremely important role in everything from medicinal materials to nectar, from clothing materials to medical gauze, from edible oil to the defense industry. It is precisely because it is im

The blue halo of "attracting bees and butterflies"

 No blue flower can be found among the mountains and plains, and the blue flowers that I usually see are nothing more than artificial dyes. In fact, natural blue flowers are very rare. According to statistics, less than 10% of the 280,000 kinds of flowers in the world can naturally grow blue flowers. Why are blue flowers so rare in nature? In fact, the color of flowers depends on anthocyanins. Anthocyanin is a kind of plant pigment, which exists in the cell sap of plant cell vacuoles. With the change of pH, it will show different colors. The stronger the acidity, the redder the anthocyanin; the stronger the alkalinity, the bluer the anthocyanin; under neutral conditions, the anthocyanin will appear purple. Normally, the soil environment where plants grow is mostly neutral or weakly acidic, so it is difficult to find naturally growing blue flowers. However, British scientists have found that pollinators such as birds and insects prefer purple and blue flowers, because such flowers are o

Jane Austen in the crowd

 Jane Austen (1775-1817) is immortal. This English country woman who has only written 6 novels in her life and has no legendary experience has never been eliminated by readers in the cruel literary world and the revolutionary fun revolution. For more than two hundred years, everywhere and in any corner of the world, there have been people reading and discussing her in different languages ​​and different moods. Generations of readers have found comfort and empathy in her "small pattern" family story. , Even creative inspiration. But such a writer who can be called "starlight" in any case is almost invisible in his family, and his sense of existence is extremely weak. Jane's brother said that her life was "not vigorous, nothing to tell", and her niece even regarded it as a "poor relative with depravity." This contrast must make Jane Austen’s fans and researchers very painful, so British biographer Claire Tomalin started with the huge Austin fam