The French film "Remembrance" brought out three generations of a family with a funeral: grandma, father and grandson. The grandson's name is Roman. His grandfather has passed away. During the funeral of his grandfather, there are shots of him running-it turns out that he ran to the wrong cemetery. When he arrived, the funeral was over. Dad is certainly not satisfied, but grandma said to him: "Your grandpa won't be angry, he loves you so much."

This is a movie in which the protagonist cannot be determined. Is the protagonist Grandma Madeleine? This is an 85-year-old man. Her husband had just passed away and she suddenly fell. Her three sons were worried that she was living alone, so they sent her to a nursing home, and then sold her apartment without her consent. Grandma ran away from the nursing home without knowing where to end. Father Michelle can also be the protagonist. In his 60s, he has just attended the retirement farewell ceremony at the Post Bank. This full-time estate consultant has never made a mistake in his career for more than 40 years. Now he seems to be in a retirement crisis. He is not interested in anything, and his marriage is also lit up. , And worry about his mother. Grandson Roman, in his 20s, graduated from high school, works night shift in a hotel, and is determined to find the girl whom he loves in his life. On the one hand, he cared for his grandmother, and on the other hand, he had to worry about the relationship between his parents. He became the link that connects all kinds of relationships, and he should also be the protagonist.

I don’t know if the director intends to show all the puzzles at all stages of life. The movie shows us such a scene: young people yearning and hesitating when facing love; middle-aged people (or young people) have a kind of anxiety about marriage and family Emotions; the elderly have their own different views on old-age care, loneliness, and death. Roman was attending a funeral with his grandmother and met a girl. They just glanced at each other, but the girl made Roman miss. Roman would even ask a stranger at the gas station supermarket: "How can I find the person I love in this life?" Dad complained to Roman: "Your mother won't talk to me." In Michelle's view, his wife Natalie Although he has not retired yet, there is already a retirement crisis. But Natalie thinks that retirement has driven Michelle crazy. He is lifeless and looks wrong. Grandma Madeleine was sent to a nursing home by her son. She just wanted to go home but was homeless. In fact, the nursing home was negligent, and Madeleine ran away. The hospital didn't even know it, and the police station could not do anything about finding someone.

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"Reminiscence" is about a heavy topic, but it uses prose French humor and warmth to dispel all sorrows and pains, and instead gives the film a kind of warmth. Although grandma Madeleine has lost her home, she is not a self-pity, she is strong, self-esteem, and free and easy. The only thing she wanted to do was to return to an elementary school in her hometown of Normandy—due to the war, she left with her parents only in the third grade, and there are her memories there. Roman found his ran away grandma by the sea and accompanies her to school. Grandma sits in the classroom and attends class with the children. At parting, each child drew a portrait of Madeleine. For Roman, he was able to fall in love with his female teacher Louis, thanks to the cashier in the gas station supermarket. When Roman asked him how to find his life love, he said: "Stop waiting." Louis is the result of his stopping waiting. And Dad Michel, always in love with his wife Natalie, also beat up the imaginary Natalie's lover, in fact, it was all a story made up by Natalie. Michelle said to Roman: "I am nothing without her. She is my passion." Natalie also told Roman about the process of her and Michelle falling in love: "My first year of teaching, I was 22 years old. One day, when I got off work, I heard someone shouting, "Miss, you are very beautiful. I wish I had never seen you. All the students looked at us. That person is your father." To solve the marital crisis of his parents, Roman Encouraging dad to go to the gas station supermarket, the cashier seems to be a life mentor, and he also gave Michelle a good saying: "When you can't move forward, you will look for the beauty of the past." Next, the beautiful scene in the movie is: Michelle repeated what she said when she first met Natalie decades ago in the crowd. People asked Natalie: "Who is he?" She said shyly and proudly: "Fiance." Then, she took Michelle's arm and left together.

Grandma suddenly collapsed at the hotel and passed away. At the funeral, the speaker said: “Love is a gift that we share with each other.” Roman’s new girlfriend Louise, just like Roman’s mistaken grandfather’s cemetery at the beginning of the film, did not catch up with the funeral. But in the final scene of the movie, Roman and Louis are kissing halfway up a stone staircase in the street.



Moroccan football team: "The most familiar stranger"

   When I was still in college ten years ago, I led a sightseeing group of more than 30 Moroccan students. Before meeting them, my general impression of the Moroccans was that they are from North Africa but closer to the Arab world. They have religious beliefs, are used to worship, and are inextricably linked with France.   When I saw the real person, I realized that the North Africans in front of me were actually a group of children playing with each other and having fun in time. They were about the same age as me at the time. I have all kinds of nicknames and nicknames. During the process of taking them to Badaling, the Summer Palace and Houhai, two classmates and I, together with more than 30 Moroccan students, realized "cultural integration" and "world unity" in the small group to some extent.   During the World Cup in Qatar, I was surprised to find that the little-known Morocco team, which was eliminated in the group stage of the last World Cup, after miraculou

Zeigarnik effect

  As a freelancer, you have to fight procrastination every day. "I've made up my mind many times, but I just can't change it. Is it because I'm slow or slow?". In fact, many procrastinations are irrational. Many obstructions are imagined by myself. So distract, postpone, avoid confrontation. It's cool to procrastinate, and it's cool to procrastinate all the time, so I can't do it. Concentration is also related to physical strength. When the physical strength is exhausted, it is even more difficult to concentrate. You’ll tell yourself: I’m too tired to do this—okay, another perfect procrastination.   In 1927, Bruma Zeigarnik's senior research found that people are more likely to care about unfinished and interrupted work than completed work. This is the Zeigarnik effect. For example, we often don't care much about what we have got, but we will especially cherish what we have worked hard but haven't got. Therefore, the TV series will tell you

Hebei Xingang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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