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Thyme from myth to the table

   With the advent of the alternate season of summer and autumn, in some arid and semi-arid desert grasslands, river banks and hilly areas in Northwest, North China and Northeast China, a low creeping herbaceous shrub with large tracts of growth is ushering in a beautiful blooming period. The small purple flowers are like little stars, densely blooming on the top of the leaves, as if spreading a beautiful purple blanket on the earth, which is refreshing and refreshing; the breeze blows, and there is a refreshing rich floral fragrance in the air. Suddenly, it is full of sweet and delicious road that makes people feel very bright. This kind of charming flowers and plants blooming all over the mountains and plains has a simple and nice name-"Thyme". Thyme is not only beautiful and moving, it is an ideal thing to beautify the environment, but also fragrant and delicious. It is a spice plant with a very long history. Ancient spice   Thyme is also called ground pepper, ground peppe

Under the smart wave, where are the opportunities for home furnishing companies

   When you celebrate your birthday, use your mobile phone or smart speaker to control the lights in the house to enter the "party mode", and the colorful lights will quickly turn on; at 10 o'clock in the evening, the lights at home will automatically become warmer and dim, creating a good bedtime for your family Atmosphere: When you are on a business trip, the pet feeder automatically releases cat food and dog food according to the set time, so there is no need to worry about pets starving at home... These are smart home scenarios that can be achieved in real life.   With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life, more and more consumers choose smart home products. Household appliances, lamps, pet supplies...all traditional household items are undergoing a redefinition in this era of Internet of Everything.   Since 2012, with the development of Wi-Fi and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, the smart home market has entered a perio

The wave of digitization is coming

   Digitalization is profoundly changing people's lives, factory production, and brand building. "Industry" and "digital" are riding on the east wind of the digital economy and are flying together. The integration of new technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and 5G with various industries has changed the traditional business operation model and has become a new engine of economic growth.   Number, as the name implies, means data. "Digitalization" is to connect the real world we live in with the virtual digital world, so as to convert existing information into analyzable data. Industrial digitization refers to the process of digital upgrading, transformation and reconstruction of all elements in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, with data as the key element, value release as the core, and data empowerment as the main line, under the support and guidance of a new generation of digital technology.  

Interpretation of the idol economy

   Idols, as carriers of personal "ideals", provide powerful role models and spiritual power in various forms. Idols of different eras use their works, words and deeds to impress young people belonging to their era, and leave a unique cultural mark in the development of social history.   What really belongs to the Z era is the "idol economy". The idols of the Z era are not only the creators of "spiritual power" in social culture, they are also deeply involved in the economic and industrial ecological chain and the value creation process, and they have produced "economic power" that cannot be underestimated. It is estimated that in 2020, the total scale of China's idol industry has reached 130 billion yuan, while the market size of the film and television variety industry, which is inseparable from the idol industry, will exceed 330 billion yuan.   In addition to the most direct fan and entertainment economy, the idol economy is also reflected

Walking, washing dishes, peeling oranges

   I like to walk, walking brisk walking. When walking fast, there are clouds and flowing water under your feet, and the city's buildings and moving people and vehicles are like the floating light and glimpse of the fast rewinding in the time tunnel. The wind blows hair into the eyes, the traffic is rumbling, the ground shakes, and sometimes the city iron just whizzes past the head, like Hayao Miyazaki's cat bus rushing in the sky. Often in this turbulent, chaotic rhythm, I often think about the nature of life.   What does "essence" mean? If you stare at a big tree, is it its immovable trunk or its flowers? If you listen to a river, is it essentially the empty space of the river bed that is waiting forever, or the river water that fills the river bed but chooses to leave forever? If you have a ruler in your hand, is it essentially to measure the emptiness in time or the fullness of time?   We couldn't solve this abstract problem, and we couldn't see or grasp t

With cash in hand, German talents have a sense of security

   If anyone suddenly switches from the domestic non-cash payment environment to the German payment environment, there will be a particularly uncomfortable transition period. In China, you basically don’t need to bring a wallet when you go out, you just need to bring your own smart phone. You can scan the QR code everywhere, or use the payment software to transfer money to the payee. The situation in Germany is different.   Before the outbreak, the non-cash payment rate in Germany was very low. The concept of non-cash payment by most Germans even stays at the stage of credit card payment. Using payment software to make payments is something everyone can avoid. Both customers and merchants prefer to use cash.   Once, a friend from China asked me to have coffee, and we met at an independent cafe near her hotel. When I ordered the coffee to check out, the clerk said that only cash can be used to check out, and the door said cash only (cash only). But her friend habitually only brought her

The wealth of the top 1% of the rich in the United States exceeds the sum of the middle class

   Bloomberg recently reported that the wealth of the "super rich" in the top 1% of income in the United States has exceeded all the property owned by households with income in the middle 60%. This is the first time in the history of the United States since statistics.   Although the US government invested trillions of dollars during the new crown epidemic, the gap between the rich and the poor is still widening. According to data from the Federal Reserve, the total assets of the middle class in the United States together account for 26.6% of the total wealth of Americans, which is less than the top 1% of the rich—their wealth accounted for 27%, which is the top 1% of the rich. For the first time in history, wealth surpassed the middle class. 1.3 million households with annual incomes of more than US$500,000 belong to the top 1% of the wealthy population. 77.5 million households with annual incomes between US$27,000 and US$141,000 belong to the middle class. The proportion of

Don’t abuse the "criticism" with your children

   Based on experience, I came to the conclusion that "reason with my son before he is three years old". When he was still a ball of glutinous rice, he did not run and jump, had low mobility, did not learn to speak, and could not say a few rebuttals. During the golden age, hurry up to "preach." When Little Head gets enlightened after going to school, it will be difficult to teach him the truth.   After my son went to elementary school, I changed my strategy and switched to the "criticism method"—not criticizing him, but criticizing people and things around him, in order to inspire him. Criticism oozes useful suggestions for him to digest.   The first time I tasted the sweetness, it was a classmate of his kindergarten who came to our house to play, and the maid did not say "thank you" to him for snacks and did not say "bye bye" when he left. When I took a bath with my son in the evening, I talked about the classmate, "He looks cute,

Descartes' explanation

   Once, the world-renowned mathematician Descartes gave a lecture at a university, which was unprecedented. Many students wanted to see him alone, thinking that Descartes would accept him enthusiastically, but he refused all the students who came to see him.   At noon that day, as soon as Descartes got up during his lunch break, the waiter told him: “A student came here under heavy rain. After waiting for noon, we led him to the living room. He hopes to see you and ask for advice. A few questions." After   Descartes heard this, he said to the waiter: "You tell him that I won't see."   "But, I think he is very sincere, just want to see you. Are you so disappointed? These days, you have rejected all the students’ requests to see, so why not meet?” Obviously, the waiter was a little dissatisfied with Descartes’ attitude.   Descartes stopped talking and leaned on the desk to work. Seeing that Descartes did not respond, the waiter retired boringly.   The next day, D

Victory by rejecting rude traffic, data interpretation of new consumer brands

   Relying heavily on traffic and channel dividends is a major problem faced by many new consumer brands.   Looking back in recent years, the upgrading of consumer demand and the transformation of channels have indeed brought many new opportunities. During the "June 18" promotion this year, according to Tmall’s "June 18" sales statistics, a total of 459 new brands won the sub-category TOP1. However, if many new consumer brands have completed 0~1 at this stage, then the dividend will recede, and the next stage 1~100 will face more challenges. Can the product power, marketing power, and user relationship of new consumer brands support one? Long-term development of the brand, not just a flash in the pan?   This article will list three new consumer brands in typical industries from the data dimension, including beauty, personal care, alcohol, and home appliances, and discuss the "possible" business opportunities for new consumer brands from a marketing perspec