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Speaking is an art

    A person who can speak does not necessarily say the right thing, but it must follow the other person's mind. Only when the other party feels it is appropriate can they feel pleasant and like to hear it. Not too straight, not too roundabout. This is a measure of measure and the use of skills. Therefore, being able to speak has become an art.    I don't recommend telling the truth on any occasion. Because sometimes the truth can really hurt people, but it can't be a lie. Because, lies will eventually pit themselves. What suits the other person's heart is a good word.    There is a standard here. That is, when you talk to the other person, you have to be sincere in your heart. When people are dishonest in their hearts, it is easy to say worldly words and tactful words. Even if these words are not leaking, they will not stand up to scrutiny.    Whoever you meet on a certain day is due to your self-cultivation; and whoever you want to be with all your life is almost a fa

Hypoxia can also make people healthier

   German climbers Dujemovitz and Hansen are no strangers to hypoxia, having climbed eight of the world's tallest mountains together. But when they entered the hypoxic chamber at the German Aerospace Center in May 2018, they were actually climbing a career-high. During the 16-day test, the air they breathed had an oxygen concentration lower than that at the base camp of Mount Everest at an altitude of 5,200 meters, and in 4 days it was even as low as the oxygen content at an altitude of 7,112 meters. The "death zone" above 8,000 meters, above which a lack of oxygen impairs climbers' judgment and increases their risk of heart disease and stroke, is only a hundred steps away.   Time and time again, the experimenters who observed them worried about whether they would hold on, but they did. Dujemovitz and Hansen proved through this experiment that healthy people can tolerate prolonged hypoxia. This paves the way for a more ambitious experiment: testing whether hypoxia can

Heraklion Relics Out of Water

   Recently, a magnificent sculpture was discovered at the ruins of the ancient castle Heraklion, which was sunk in the Mediterranean Sea. It is 19 feet tall, weighs 6 tons and is made of granite, it is a portrayal of ancient Egyptian civilization. "This stone sculpture is the largest statue of a god ever found in Egypt," said archaeology captain Frank Gordio. "It has a particularly important archaeological value."   On a clear, breezy spring day, the crew of the archaeological exploration ship Princess Dura threw the anchor chain into the rippling waters of the Mediterranean Sea, just 4 miles off the coast of Egypt.   A year ago, the archaeological team of divers found the ruins of the ancient city of Heraklion in Abu Gil Bay. Archaeologists salvaged the stone sculpture statue and some inscription steles from the ruins at the bottom of the sea. These stone carvings that confirm the ancient Egyptian civilization have been immersed in sea water for more than a thousa

Spider: Eight-eyed netizens are also pitiful

   Meteor hammer spiders can attract male moths by imitating the smell of pheromones secreted by female moths when they are in heat. When the male moths arrive, they dance "meteor hammers"—actually, a small ball of slime hanging from spider silk—and throw them at their prey.   ——[United States] Matt Simon's "Crazy Evolution"   Most of the animals we know, including humans, have only one pair of eyes, but some animals have 8 eyes. There is a riddle about it: "Zhu Geliang of Nanyang, sitting alone in the middle of the army tent, setting up a gossip array, specializing in catching flying generals." This eight-eyed animal is a spider.   Spiders are a class of ancient creatures. In 2012, archaeologists discovered an amber in Myanmar that perfectly documents a Cretaceous accident: As a spider was about to pounce on a wasp trapped in its web, a drop of resin fell from the sky and hit it. Buried in the ground for more than 100 million years, the drop of resin


   In a golden autumn a few years ago, in order to investigate and understand the history of the United States on the spot, our whole family took a car to the historic city of Williamsburg in the eastern United States. The maple leaves are red, and the trees are dressed in brilliant red, yellow and green makeup, welcoming people from all over the world.   We first visited the famous Williamsburg Hotel. Important figures in the world have lived in this quaint three-story building. The pictures hanging on the walls retain their image. Among them are Queen Elizabeth of England, Emperor Hirohito of Japan, King Hussein of Jordan, Indian Prime Minister Mrs Gandhi, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and so on. The history of the castle attracts people. To understand the history of the founding of the United States, a visit here is essential.   Williamsburg is located in Virginia, 150 miles south of the capital Washington. The first English settlers arrived on the small island of Fort Ja

Major and Verne

   The quality of the model can not only arouse the creative enthusiasm of the artist engaged in fine arts, but also affect the success or failure of the work, and even determine his artistic life. Mayor and his model Dina Verney are a wonderful example of this.   Aristy Mayor (1861-1944) was an outstanding French sculptor in the 19th century and one of the pioneers of modern sculpture, known as "the outstanding singer of female body beauty". His works are simple and simple, plump and powerful, deep and powerful, and what he sings about is not the beauty of the female body, but the inner vitality. However, his family was poor, frail and sickly, and his middle-aged eyes were seriously ill, so he was unable to engage in painting and craftsmanship. Around 1900, he turned to specializing in sculpture. Due to genius and diligence, he soon created a handed down treasure such as "Mediterranean".   In 1934, when he was 70 years old, due to physical exhaustion, he decided to

The Story Behind the Myth of Samson and Hercules

   The Story of Heroes and Gods      In Hebrew biblical stories, Samson the Hercules was designated to be a Nazarite of God from his mother's womb (those who return to the Lord must strictly abide by certain rules and regulations). "The angel of the LORD appeared to the woman and said to her, 'You have been barren and barren, but now you will conceive and bear a son. Be careful, therefore, drink neither wine nor strong drink, nor anything unclean Eat. You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you shall not shave his head with a razor, for the child will be a Nazarite for God from the womb. 'He will be the first to deliver Israel from the hand of the Philistines." All of this is destined that Samson is not a common man, but a man who is to be converted to the Lord, shouldering a great historical mission: to rescue the Israelites from the hands of the Philistines. He had an extraordinary life because of God's choice. His greatness was doomed by God's ot

How to set your network boundaries?

   "Boundaries" are self-protection when you're overburdened, a way of expressing reasonable expectations to others, and the key to helping you experience safety and comfort in your relationships. Self-love is all about setting boundaries. Self-discipline is the act of setting boundaries for oneself.   When working with clients in psychotherapy, I often hear them list the downsides of social media, such as feeling left out, endless comparisons, and pretending to be too tired. Not only was I worried that I would get caught up in it, but I was also worried about whether I was, consciously or unintentionally, creating dissatisfaction and jealousy in others. But experience has taught me that you can never control how others react to what you share.   As a psychotherapist, every post I post has a purpose, and I think about how it will react to it. However, there are always people who will deliberately misinterpret what I mean when they read. Also, I found that their interpreta

Open a "container blind box"

   At Pentalver's open-air warehouse near Felixstowe, the UK's largest container port, a mobile crane lifts its enormous boom like a scorpion's tail before reaching it towards a pile of colourful containers. The crane grabbed the top container, backed away with a "beep beep", and then placed the box on the asphalt with a "bang". A worker in an orange safety vest then knelt down, sawing through the steel bolts that sealed the box door, with screeching noises and flying sparks. The door opened and Jack Sling, 22, stepped forward and looked inside. He was a tall, lanky young man with a short stature and a pair of wide-rimmed black-rimmed glasses.   Sling is a salvage buyer and his two-person company, JS Freight and Cargo Handling, helps shipping lines handle containers full of obsolete cargo. His industry is booming right now. Disruptions in global supply chains have left about 3 million containers stranded in ports around the world, said Nils Larsen, presi

Half a century ago, The Godfather came to us

  "The Godfather" stills, old Godfather Don Corleone   In March of this year, director Francis Ford Coppola received a tribute for his 83rd birthday - he left his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.   This year coincides with the 50th anniversary of the premiere of The Godfather. In 1972, the film "The Godfather" directed by Coppola turned out, set a box office record of 57,000 US dollars on the first day of its premiere, and finally raked in 250 million US dollars worldwide, becoming the first film in film history with an average single-day box office exceeding one million US dollars. movie of.   The contemporary Hollywood genius director Kubrick praised "The Godfather". After watching it repeatedly for 10 times, he fully confirmed that "The Godfather" is worthy of being a great film history classic.   With the passage of time, many young viewers who have not seen "The Godfather" may find it difficult to understand just based on the in

The magic of pets

   As the new crown pneumonia epidemic rages, people on social media continue to chant "give me a cat or a dog", or to put it another way, "help me, I'm not feeling well". Netizens will always reply to a lot of pictures of animals doing silly things - it looks silly, but it really seems to have a magical power that can calm people's moods. is this real?   The therapeutic role of pets is gaining increasing attention from researchers, especially dogs. Cats do the same thing, but dogs have been domesticated for a longer time, and even true cat lovers have to admit that dogs are easier to keep company with. And we all know that most cats are loved not for their company of humans. Marion Jenner has been calling attention to mental health. She loves animals and always says dogs can teach people a lot. "Dogs love us unconditionally. They are truly equal and don't care about your race, gender, zodiac sign, resume, size or whether you can dance. This simple