How to set your network boundaries?

   "Boundaries" are self-protection when you're overburdened, a way of expressing reasonable expectations to others, and the key to helping you experience safety and comfort in your relationships. Self-love is all about setting boundaries. Self-discipline is the act of setting boundaries for oneself.

  When working with clients in psychotherapy, I often hear them list the downsides of social media, such as feeling left out, endless comparisons, and pretending to be too tired. Not only was I worried that I would get caught up in it, but I was also worried about whether I was, consciously or unintentionally, creating dissatisfaction and jealousy in others. But experience has taught me that you can never control how others react to what you share.

  As a psychotherapist, every post I post has a purpose, and I think about how it will react to it. However, there are always people who will deliberately misinterpret what I mean when they read. Also, I found that their interpretations were often not related to my expressions, but rather related to their own lives.

  In a big way, our various consumption on the network is controllable. When we encounter something we don't like watching, we can choose whether to continue watching it or not. By giving up that option and continuing to focus on the things that bother us, we agree to continue to be bothered.

  As an active social media user, I set some boundaries for my account and keep them at the top of my social software homepage for a long time. I'm not suggesting that everyone should do the same. However, if your account is used for professional communication, or you are an internet celebrity, or you receive a lot of letters from netizens every day, consider setting some boundaries for yourself like me. By exposing your boundaries, you are teaching people how to effectively interact with you.

  Even with such clear boundaries, there are still people who want to test my bottom line. In the face of temptation, all I can do is stick to each of the boundaries I set out.

  I've been enjoying "Missed Joy" for years. There are actually many benefits to being an outsider in the internet world. Living in the information age, it is imperative to create your own healthy lifestyle by setting boundaries.

  If you wake up without your phone

  Don't put your phone next to your bed while you sleep. Before going to bed, remember to put your phone away from the bed, such as across the room.

  Or simply put it in another room. Think about what you can do when you wake up other than looking at your phone. Such as brushing your teeth and face, writing in a journal, hugging your partner or stretching your limbs. In short, you can do anything, just don't look at your phone.

  If you look at your phone a lot,

  keep your phone out of reach, or put it in another room to charge. Train yourself to shut down for a few hours a day. Create a timetable for social media use and set strict time periods when social media use is prohibited.

  If you use social media

  excessively , keep track of your usage time. You can set a time limit for using social media on your phone. Once that time limit is reached, all your social media software will be automatically logged out, or a prompt message will pop up asking you to confirm whether to ignore the time limit. Some software also comes with a reminder function to warn you how long it has been used. Now that you've made up your mind to set boundaries for yourself, you must stick to them.

  If you feel a blow to your self-esteem and self-worth, or even jealousy or resentment

  I conducted a social media poll in which 33% of the participants said that even if they didn’t like what others posted on social media, they were very happy It's hard to unfollow these people.

  Choose carefully which accounts to follow and why. If all the friends around you follow a well-known Internet celebrity, but the content of this account will make you jealous, or even feel self-pity, the correct choice at this time is not to follow the trend. Once you find out which accounts are disturbing your emotions, you should unfollow, block or close message notifications as soon as possible, and then repair yourself. After these adverse reactions are completely eliminated and psychological construction is done, you should re-follow those accounts.



Zeigarnik effect

  As a freelancer, you have to fight procrastination every day. "I've made up my mind many times, but I just can't change it. Is it because I'm slow or slow?". In fact, many procrastinations are irrational. Many obstructions are imagined by myself. So distract, postpone, avoid confrontation. It's cool to procrastinate, and it's cool to procrastinate all the time, so I can't do it. Concentration is also related to physical strength. When the physical strength is exhausted, it is even more difficult to concentrate. You’ll tell yourself: I’m too tired to do this—okay, another perfect procrastination.   In 1927, Bruma Zeigarnik's senior research found that people are more likely to care about unfinished and interrupted work than completed work. This is the Zeigarnik effect. For example, we often don't care much about what we have got, but we will especially cherish what we have worked hard but haven't got. Therefore, the TV series will tell you

Hebei Xingang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Hebei Xingang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is located in the industrial park of Zhao County, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, near the world-famous ZhaoZhou Bridge. Our facility neighbors the Qinyin Expressway and 308 National Highway on the east, and it neighbors the Jingzhu Expressway and 107 National Highway on the west. It is located 30 km from Shijiazhuang High-speed Train Station and 50 km from Shijiazhuang International Airport. Our company mainly focuses on the research, production and retail of rifamycin and its derivatives, and pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates. Our products mainly include, Rifamycin S Sodium, Rifamycin S, 3-Formyl Rifamycin SV, Rifamycin SV Sodium, Rifampicin, Rifandine, Rifaximin, Rifapentine, Rifabutin, Rilmenidine, and so on. We are currently the world’s main manufacturer of anti-tuberculosis drugs and rifamycin and its derivatives. Hebei Xingang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was established in 1996. Upon establishment, the company had a clear developmental goal o

Moroccan football team: "The most familiar stranger"

   When I was still in college ten years ago, I led a sightseeing group of more than 30 Moroccan students. Before meeting them, my general impression of the Moroccans was that they are from North Africa but closer to the Arab world. They have religious beliefs, are used to worship, and are inextricably linked with France.   When I saw the real person, I realized that the North Africans in front of me were actually a group of children playing with each other and having fun in time. They were about the same age as me at the time. I have all kinds of nicknames and nicknames. During the process of taking them to Badaling, the Summer Palace and Houhai, two classmates and I, together with more than 30 Moroccan students, realized "cultural integration" and "world unity" in the small group to some extent.   During the World Cup in Qatar, I was surprised to find that the little-known Morocco team, which was eliminated in the group stage of the last World Cup, after miraculou