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Warming oceans are hotbed for sixth mass extinction

   Every mass extinction, behind it, there seems to be a programmer adjusting the parameters of the earth, adjusting the left and right control of the earth's ecosystem, and carving the temperature and temper of the planet on a long geological scale. In the first five mass extinctions, various species emerged one after another and then gradually disappeared. Trilobites, strange shrimps, dinosaurs, and the mammals of the current year, you sing and I appear.   However, emissions from fossil fuels change some of the most critical parameters, and the planet's rapid warming threatens a large number of species, including marine life, and their ecosystems. "Science" magazine recently published the research results of Justin Penn and Curtis Deutsch of Princeton University and University of Washington. The team used a physiological-ecological model that took into account the physiological tolerance limits of different marine species and validated using fossil record data to pr

Mozart's "Don Giovanni"

   In Spain, there has always been a legend of a dissolute prodigal who spends his days seducing women and fighting their protectors for fun. Later, in a cemetery, he came across a statue of the deceased, the father of a girl whom he had seduced. The prodigal son invited him to lunch. The statue happily accepts. Then the ghost of the deceased came to his home to dine with him and invited him back to his cemetery for lunch. The libertine also accepts. At the grave of the deceased, when the statue saw him, he asked to shake his hand, and when the prodigal son stretched out his hand, the statue held him tightly and dragged him into a hell. The legendary prodigal named Don Juan.   The legend of Don Juan was first written by the Spanish dramatist and Roman Catholic monk Tilso de Molina in his "The Mocker and Stoner of Seville" around 1630. As a result, Don Juan became a worldwide literary image comparable to Don Quixote, Hamlet, and Faust. He then became a villain in comedies, nov

The image of the conquered "God of War" in Western painting

   There are two gods of war in ancient Greek mythology, Ares is the god of war who brings bloody slaughter, and Athena is the god of war who brings peace. Interestingly, Ares was welcomed by the Romans and was renamed "Mars". The Romans advocate force and like to conquer and expand. They consider themselves to be the descendants of Mars and regard Mars as the god of war, land, agriculture and spring.   Ares, the god of war in ancient Greek mythology, has a prominent origin - his father is the "king of the gods" Zeus, and his mother is the "Queen of the Gods" Hera. But Ares was not popular, and Zeus even claimed that "if he hadn't thought of his family, he would have cast Ares into the hell where the Titan gods were imprisoned". Ares was brutal by nature, and he often ran rampant in shining armor, as if only the clanging of weapons on the battlefield, the slaughter of warriors, and the cries of innocents could give him any pleasure. Although

Crime and Punishment for Novelists

   Ian McEwan (1948- ) is a famous contemporary British writer. He is good at sketching the inner anxiety and fear of modern people with delicate, sharp and cold writing, and discusses the issues of violence, death, love and evil. In 2002, he released "Atonement", which received a lot of praise from critics, thinking that it had both the moving plot and dramatic elements that readers liked, and the cool tone of sin and forgiveness.   The story takes place in a manor in England in 1935. Thirteen-year-old Briony Tallis has a very rich imagination and a gift for a writer. On that day, the cousin who came to live with Tallis was raped. Briony, who had always misunderstood Robbie, the housekeeper's son, believed that Robbie was the criminal, and testified against him, so he was imprisoned. But Briony's sister, Cecilia, who is convinced of his innocence, cuts ties with her family and loves him stubbornly. Three and a half years later, Robbie was released from prison, he par

Never be a bridesmaid in New York

   Vanessa is a good friend of mine and asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding, and I was so excited when I got her invitation. I thought that what was waiting for me must be the intimate private rooms of the girls, let's go to customize a beautiful wedding dress, and then participate in a few passionate little dances. How beautiful is that! But the result was totally unexpected. Brides-to-be in New York City all want their wedding to be offbeat and unique. They watched live broadcasts of celebrity weddings on TV, read the New York Times reports of high-class weddings, and then carefully planned and managed their own life-long events. Anyway, in a word, one's own wedding must not be careless and perfunctory.   Currently, Vanessa has spent nearly $60,000 for the wedding. Needless to say, her total wedding expenses will certainly far exceed this figure. I've also heard about "100% brides", which is how they pay attention to pomp and detail in order to make the w

Dickens' First Love and Related Novels

   The famous British writer Thackeray once commented on the characters in the sixth chapter of the third part of his novel "Henry Esmond": "Such a past is always shown in front of a man, once The passion he experienced formed a part of his whole life and could never be separated." However, this sentence aptly described the sweet, melancholy, painful and unforgettable emotional journey of his rival Dickens. .   "The King of British Fiction" Charles Dickens (1812-1870) is the only great writer comparable to Shakespeare in the history of modern British literature. , the glory of the British Victorian era. Compared with his brilliant creative career, his emotional life has repeatedly encountered thorns and twists and turns. For a long time, what impressed readers the most was the writer's ill-fated marriage with his wife, Catherine, and his Platonic longing for his two sisters-in-law, Mary and Georgina. In fact, in the depths of the writer's heart, th

Hire birds to check the weather for us

   In Chinese folk proverbs, there are many examples of animals being able to carry out weather forecasts, such as "frog croaks, heavy rain arrives", "fish jumps out of water, wind and rain arrives", "bees return late, good weather comes", all of which reflect The care and wisdom of the working people. However, it used to be just a matter of luck, after all, people couldn't watch what the animals were doing all the time. In modern times, people can really "hire" animals as weather forecasters, and the first animals to be hired are birds. Across the ocean, a piece of cake   We know that many birds have the habit of migrating, sometimes over long distances. If it's on land, it's fine, and the birds can stop for food and rest at any time. What if they want to fly across the ocean? So for a long time, it was believed that only seabirds and small birds could fly across the ocean, and large land birds could only travel short distances of le

European energy melee

   No one thought that in 2022, an energy war from energy exporting countries and energy importing countries will cause many people's lives and even the whole world to fall into chaos.   On September 6, local time, on the basis of already banning or restricting Russian energy, U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Adewale Adeyemo said that a simple mechanism will be used to set a "guidance" cap on the price of Russian oil exports. The “guide price” will be set at $44 a barrel, Adeyemo said. This is Russia's own estimate of the cost of oil. Adeyemo emphasized that the price will not be set below the cost of production in Russia, because the level of 44 dollars can still encourage Russian oil production, avoid excessive rise in oil prices in the market, and limit Russia's recovery from this energy crisis. profit.   The energy sanctions proposed by the United States against Russia may seem effective at first glance, but in fact, it is a very absurd thing, and it is difficul

The Mystery of Bad Raising

   Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor of the movie "Titanic", has brought "alternative" gospel to fans in his radiant acting career - he has done the classic thriller "Titanic". Producer of Orphans. The film tells the story of a family of four whose mother wants to heal her miscarriage and free herself from alcoholism, so she adopts a 9-year-old Estonian girl. Unexpectedly, this act of kindness led to the destruction of the whole family. The adopted girl, Esther, looks extremely well-behaved and behaves extremely dignified, but her real face is an adult mentally ill dwarf who is over 30 years old. A terrifying trap, intending to occupy the magpie's nest from now on.   This horror film breaks the core elements of horror that used "bad seeds" as a fuss in previous similar films, and creates an alternative nightmare for adoptive families through age fraud. The fresh "thriller point", coupled with the shocking acting skills of the 10-year-old

The "Massacre" Caused by Snails

   The giant African snail is one of the most threatening invasive creatures, and its feeding ability is astounding. Once plants cannot meet their needs, they will feed on sand, gravel and cement, and sometimes even destroy human buildings, causing huge economic losses.   I don’t know if you have heard such a story. I heard that eating raw snails is very nourishing, so my husband carefully fed several large snails with vegetables in his garden, ready for the whole family to enjoy. However, the price of the delicious delicacy is unbearable. Soon, the family developed fever, severe headache, vomiting and other symptoms. In the end, the husband and wife, the eldest son and the husband's mother died, and the second son died after more than ten years in bed.   Such an accident, which can be called a "family massacre", may have made many people know the cute and honest-looking African giant snails - they are the "well-fed big snails" in this story. They always carry t