Never be a bridesmaid in New York

   Vanessa is a good friend of mine and asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding, and I was so excited when I got her invitation. I thought that what was waiting for me must be the intimate private rooms of the girls, let's go to customize a beautiful wedding dress, and then participate in a few passionate little dances. How beautiful is that! But the result was totally unexpected. Brides-to-be in New York City all want their wedding to be offbeat and unique. They watched live broadcasts of celebrity weddings on TV, read the New York Times reports of high-class weddings, and then carefully planned and managed their own life-long events. Anyway, in a word, one's own wedding must not be careless and perfunctory.

  Currently, Vanessa has spent nearly $60,000 for the wedding. Needless to say, her total wedding expenses will certainly far exceed this figure. I've also heard about "100% brides", which is how they pay attention to pomp and detail in order to make the wedding perfect. Now finally seeing is believing. In the few months before the marriage, Vanessa had changed a lot. She was not the smart, gentle, considerate, pure and lovely girl she used to be. Now she is indulging in trivial matters, to the point of being critical. All day long thinking about what flowers to put on the wedding table, how to walk on the grass in high heels, etc. She seems to only live for the wedding, she has nothing else to do, there is only one thing in her mind, besides the wedding, it is the wedding! She even confessed to me: I don't know what else to talk about with my fiancé Brian after the wedding, because these days, the only topic between them is the wedding!

  And I have to spend at least a full $800 to complete my mission as a bridesmaid. I started off with an expensive wedding dress for $200 that I definitely won't wear after her wedding. Then bought a nearly $200 gift, ready to attend the bride's little dance, which is the bride's "farewell to the single" dance. Because the bride's female friends are getting together about a week before the wedding, everyone has to give her something. Plus, there's a teenage dance party before the wedding for $200. According to American wedding customs, a formal wedding also requires a gift, which is also $200.

  The wedding is scheduled to take place at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This is a very beautiful place for a wedding of this type of luxurious ceremony. In such a fashionable venue, the price is naturally high. The wedding reception is set at a Chinese restaurant, and more than 300 guests will come to enjoy a 13- to 15-course meal per table.

  In fact, I have no idea how much it will cost to hold a wedding. I just feel a little outrageous. It doesn't feel normal to organize a wedding with such fanfare. Vanessa, on the other hand, told me that weddings in New York City are expensive, and her expenses are only moderate. In her words, spending $5,000 for a wedding dress and $25,000 for a wedding reception is normal. Later, I also figured out that it was normal to be a bridesmaid once and to do what the bride-to-be asked for unconditionally. If even a little bit upsets those precious brides, then you have violated the laws of heaven and the gods.

  For me, it's perfectly possible to meet all Vanessa's demands, reasonable or unreasonable, and be happy to put myself in her shoes and not let her down. However, I can't afford to be a bridesmaid for $800. I'm only 24 years old and still in college, and to me that $800 is an astronomical sum. If I were a little older, or had a decent job, that would be another matter. After this experience, I have made up my mind that I will never be a bridesmaid again. Bridesmaids can't afford it! I've told all my friends: I love them a lot, but I'm never going to be a bridesmaid until my time runs out. However, my sister's wedding was an exception. After all, blood is thicker than water. Besides, I will politely decline anyone who asks me to be a bridesmaid.



Zeigarnik effect

  As a freelancer, you have to fight procrastination every day. "I've made up my mind many times, but I just can't change it. Is it because I'm slow or slow?". In fact, many procrastinations are irrational. Many obstructions are imagined by myself. So distract, postpone, avoid confrontation. It's cool to procrastinate, and it's cool to procrastinate all the time, so I can't do it. Concentration is also related to physical strength. When the physical strength is exhausted, it is even more difficult to concentrate. You’ll tell yourself: I’m too tired to do this—okay, another perfect procrastination.   In 1927, Bruma Zeigarnik's senior research found that people are more likely to care about unfinished and interrupted work than completed work. This is the Zeigarnik effect. For example, we often don't care much about what we have got, but we will especially cherish what we have worked hard but haven't got. Therefore, the TV series will tell you

Hebei Xingang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Hebei Xingang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is located in the industrial park of Zhao County, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, near the world-famous ZhaoZhou Bridge. Our facility neighbors the Qinyin Expressway and 308 National Highway on the east, and it neighbors the Jingzhu Expressway and 107 National Highway on the west. It is located 30 km from Shijiazhuang High-speed Train Station and 50 km from Shijiazhuang International Airport. Our company mainly focuses on the research, production and retail of rifamycin and its derivatives, and pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates. Our products mainly include, Rifamycin S Sodium, Rifamycin S, 3-Formyl Rifamycin SV, Rifamycin SV Sodium, Rifampicin, Rifandine, Rifaximin, Rifapentine, Rifabutin, Rilmenidine, and so on. We are currently the world’s main manufacturer of anti-tuberculosis drugs and rifamycin and its derivatives. Hebei Xingang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was established in 1996. Upon establishment, the company had a clear developmental goal o

Moroccan football team: "The most familiar stranger"

   When I was still in college ten years ago, I led a sightseeing group of more than 30 Moroccan students. Before meeting them, my general impression of the Moroccans was that they are from North Africa but closer to the Arab world. They have religious beliefs, are used to worship, and are inextricably linked with France.   When I saw the real person, I realized that the North Africans in front of me were actually a group of children playing with each other and having fun in time. They were about the same age as me at the time. I have all kinds of nicknames and nicknames. During the process of taking them to Badaling, the Summer Palace and Houhai, two classmates and I, together with more than 30 Moroccan students, realized "cultural integration" and "world unity" in the small group to some extent.   During the World Cup in Qatar, I was surprised to find that the little-known Morocco team, which was eliminated in the group stage of the last World Cup, after miraculou