How online divination harvests anxious young people

   A candle sells for 688 yuan, a "magic ritual" is priced at 2,000 yuan, and a hand-made scepter with a large palm has a discounted price of 7,200 yuan... Why can a product with a seemingly "unbelievable" price be sold for 30 yuan? Young people who are too expensive" generously donate?

  After hitchhiking on the Internet, "metaphysics" such as constellation and divination became popular. Recently, constellation blogger Tao Baibai Sensei has gained 8 million followers in 30 days on Douyin. “Will you search Tao Baibai for me?” became a hot topic on the Internet. As of 4:50 pm on November 3, Tao Baibai Sensei has 23.52 million fans on Douyin.

  The high popularity of "metaphysics" has also attracted capital investment. According to data from Tianyancha APP, according to incomplete statistics, there are currently about 177 companies in my country engaged in related businesses such as "constellation divination, I Ching feng shui, numerology analysis" and so on. Among them, 32 have received financing, with a total financing amount of at least 500 million yuan.

  According to data from the mobile promotion data analysis platform "Qimai Data", as of the end of 2020, there are as many as 227 "numerology" applications in the Apple application market. Take the “Test Constellation” that ranks second in downloads in the constellation category as an example. The user group is between 16 and 28 years old, with the most concentrated being 23 years old.

  This young man yells, "My fate is my fate," while doing online fortune-telling?

Why do young people use divination?

  Since March this year, Wang Simin, who works in the media in Shanghai, has used WeChat to find a fortuneteller every month to remotely perform a "magic ritual" to get rid of negative energy for 380 yuan. Wang Simin provided her birth date and recent photos, and the fortuneteller completed the ceremony remotely and took pictures of her. "She just lighted a candle for me, and under the candle was my birthday horoscope. After finishing the candle, I took a picture of the candle." Wang Simin said, "The ritual can maintain'magic power'."

  Incredibly, this comes from The mouth of a highly educated returnee. Wang Simin is 27 years old this year. He studied in a 985 university in Shanghai for his undergraduate degree and spent his master's degree in the UK. The reason for her seeking divination came from the troubles of work.

  Last June, Wang Simin had a new job opportunity. The new job is a big platform for the media industry, but the salary is not as good as that of the company she worked for at the time. She doesn't know whether it is worth giving up the job at hand and hopping over. After repeated hesitation, she began to turn to "metaphysics".

  Through a friend's introduction, Wang Simin met a fortune-teller. This fortune-teller is about the same age as her. The avatar is a male anime character with a scepter in a wizard robe. The circle of friends is also full of fortune-telling information. In the end, Wang Simin spent 788 yuan and started his first online online. Divination.

  After explaining the troubles, the fortune-teller placed the tarot cards, asked Wang Simin to recite the question, and began to draw cards for divination. After waiting for more than ten minutes, the fortune-teller sent the prediction answer, analyzed Wang Simin’s personality characteristics, including the characteristics of being serious and practical, and explained that although Wang Simin’s current job is good, there is no big breakthrough. The new job will Aroused Wang Simin's enthusiasm, but in the end he did not give specific suggestions.

  "According to her, changing and not changing are the same. There is nothing wrong with changing to a new unit. Basically, if you say it, you don't say it." After the fortune-telling, Wang Simin changed his job.

  However, the new job was not all smooth sailing, and Wang Simin still encountered problems. Three months after joining the company, she had a quarrel with the supervisor, and the relationship between the two has been deadlocked ever since. "The supervisor always finds me after work. If he doesn't reply in time, he will be bombarded

  by phone calls." As the conflict with the supervisor grew deeper and deeper, Wang Simin's mood became lower and lower, and he even found depression. "Every time the leader speaks, I want to jump off the 17th floor of the company." She said.

  Wang Simin went back to the fortune-teller to do the so-called "magic ritual" to get rid of "negative energy". But obviously, this is of no use. The conflict between her and her supervisor has not been eased, and her depressed mood has not improved. For the job at hand, Wang Simin didn't know whether he would stick to it. At the same time, he gradually developed the idea of ​​leaving Shanghai and returning to his hometown.

  “I’m actually really struggling. On the one hand, I feel that working in Shanghai is getting more and more uncomfortable. On the other hand, I’m not reconciled. I am particularly afraid of making the wrong choice.” Wang Simin asked her parents, friends, and teachers for suggestions, and encouraged her to continue to struggle in Shanghai , And some persuaded her to go back to her hometown, but they couldn't convince her. After countless nights of insomnia due to entanglement, Wang Simin finally turned to the fortuneteller.

  The fortune-teller placed the tarot cards and asked Wang Simin to recite the questions, and then told her that life in Shanghai would take three years to get better, and she was more suitable to live in her hometown.

  How much reference value does the fortuneteller's words have? "To be honest, I'm still very confused after listening." Wang Simin said, she was only half-believing the future predicted by the so-called fortuneteller, but she wanted an answer about the future too much.

  This represents the mentality of some young people who are as keen on divination as Wang Simin. These young people don't just believe in the "results of divination", they also know the absurdity of superstitious divination, but why do they still turn to "metaphysics" when faced with choices?

  Pan Xianghui, a professor at the School of Journalism of Nanjing University, analyzed in an interview with China Economic Weekly that some of the current social problems have caused confusion for some young people and made them use "fortune telling" to relieve anxiety. "From a sociological point of view, in a rapidly changing society, on the one hand, young people are indeed in a state of individual'de-embedding' brought about by social mobility, and it is difficult for a while to gain a sense of belonging and value; on the other hand, time efficiency And the high degree of uncertainty easily makes them feel anxious, and they cannot find their own meaning and the value of struggle. Obviously,'fortune-telling' cannot solve their inner confusion and confusion, but it can have a psychological comfort effect to a certain extent. Temporarily relieve tension and anxiety."

How valuable is the advice of a fortuneteller in the 90s preparatory exam?

  As a result, the anxiety of these young people became the business of the so-called "fortune-tellers".

  So, who is giving the answer to the future of young people?

  Wang Yifeng is 26 years old and has been engaged in divination for 4 years as an amateur. Four years ago, he quit his job to help others earn living expenses while preparing for postgraduate entrance examinations. Relying on divination, his extra monthly income is about 5,000 to 8,000 yuan, which can basically support the living expenses during the postgraduate entrance examination.

  "Everyone's common anxiety gave birth to my sideline." Wang Yifeng said, "The people who came to me were young people, and it was generally about feelings and job development."

  According to him, most of the people who came to him for divination were of the same age, which was impressive. Unexpectedly, there are many students from top universities at home and abroad, and even university professors. "The majority are college students, and young people who have recently entered the workplace. Before the epidemic, most of the counseling on emotional marriage and love were asked. In the past, five or six of the ten divinations asked about emotional problems. After the epidemic, the problem of counseling work has increased sharply. Graduates ask more questions about whether to take the civil service or postgraduate entrance examination."

  Wang Yifeng described the so-called divination as "recommended consultation." In his opinion, communicating with guests mainly depends on his own knowledge, experience and experience. "For example, some college students will divination to choose which school to choose for the postgraduate entrance examination. I need to supplement the school choice knowledge. I will look at the school's admission scores in previous years, and then give suggestions based on the specific situation of the client."

  Regardless of knowledge, experience or experience In his twenties, he was frustrated at his first job. How valuable is the life advice given by Wang Yifeng, who has been preparing for exams since then? When he is facing life choices and difficulties, does Wang Yifeng “make a fortune” for himself?

  "I basically don't fortune telling for myself." Wang Yifeng said, whether it was resignation at the beginning or subsequent postgraduate entrance examinations, he never asked for help from the "power of metaphysics", but based on the considerations after weighing the pros and cons. "I resigned because my job was not well paid at the time and I felt that I had no future. Of course, I wanted to improve my academic qualifications and make myself more competitive in the future." He said.

  Wang Yifeng admits that the so-called divination is only to obtain a psychological comfort, any result is caused by one's own behavior, and a good result can only be achieved through hard work. "In fact, you will find that the more successful and capable people are, the less likely you are to count them." He said.

  After three years of review, Wang Yifeng successfully passed the postgraduate entrance examination and "landed ashore", and returned to campus in September this year to study for a master's degree in public management. "After all, learning is the last word." He told reporters.

The most superstitious first-tier cities? Nearly 20% of the total financing amount of fortune-telling companies exceeds 500 million yuan

  There will be a market if there is demand. Some media estimates that my country's online fortune telling has spawned a market of 100 billion yuan, and "metaphysics" has also been favored by capital in recent years.

  According to data from Tianyancha APP, according to incomplete statistics, there are currently about 177 companies in my country engaged in related businesses such as "constellation divination, I Ching feng shui, numerology analysis" and so on. In terms of geographical distribution, Beijing and Guangdong have the largest number of related companies engaged in this type of business, with more than 40 companies. Next is Shanghai, with more than 10 related companies.

  From the perspective of registered capital, more than 50% of related companies have registered capital less than 1 million yuan. It is worth noting that 32 of the related companies have received financing, with a total financing amount of at least 500 million yuan. With the help of capital, the “fortune teller” who used to be alone in the past has rapidly evolved into a “team-oriented, corporate-oriented” operation model, from divination to the sale of “teachers”, to video rewards, and paid user customization, etc. , The ability to attract gold has also doubled.

  Some fortune-telling companies also show feng shui to enterprises. A website called "Shanghai Huiyue Information Fengshui Naming Network" introduced that the company mainly provides services such as Fengshui site selection, layout adjustment, naming, and weekly forecasts. The website also claims that its service customers include Mazda, Deutsche Bank, Shanghai Volkswagen, Dumex, etc. Many institutions and enterprises.

  Some lawbreakers are also using "metaphysics" to make "anxious wealth."

  According to the "Rules of Law Daily" report, in April this year, a shop in Shenzhen that carried out superstitious fraud in the name of tarot card divination was investigated and dealt with by the police. In the name of Tarot divination, the shop provides various services such as "divination and fortune telling" and "communication between Yin and Yang". The "divine master" combines Eastern and Western myths to form his own set of theories to help "repay Yin debts", etc. The reason is to induce customers to buy "Crystal" and "Cinnabar" to ward off evil spirits and charge tens of thousands of yuan. The prices of various services on the price list vary, such as "Know Your Aura" at 699 yuan, "Power Pyramid" at 739 yuan, and "Energy Healing" at 1,389 yuan. Until they were investigated and dealt with by the police, there were still some victims who believed that they were voluntary transfer payments and not fraud.

  According to data from the Tianyan Check APP, among the companies engaged in fortune-telling-related businesses, 29% of the related companies have experienced business abnormalities, and 7.2% of the related companies have received administrative penalties. In addition, 19% of related companies have had legal proceedings.

  Li Xuehua, President of the Juvenile and Family Tribunal of the Haizhou District People’s Court of Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, said in an interview with the media that the relevant fields are currently a regulatory gap in law, and related judicial cases are relatively rare, and judicial advice cannot be issued in conjunction with trial cases. Introduce relevant regulations, strengthen supervision and strengthen legal sanctions.



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