The Legend of "Running Emperor" in the Lion World

    In the Malamala Nature Reserve in Africa, there are many legendary lions. They are mighty and brave. They take it as their mission to obtain and defend the lions, and they interpret the mission of the lions with their blood. However, there is a lion named Solo who is an exception. It is tall and strong, but its psychological quality is extremely poor. It has never fought any male lion head-on. Once a battle starts, it will run away first, causing many allies to suffer. On August 2, 2022, the documentary "Solo" "Running King" was broadcast on the Discovery Channel, recreating Solo's legendary life.

  The death of his parents, the shadow of his heart

   In 2015, Solo was born in the Chalala lion group in the Maramala Nature Reserve in Africa. His father is the legendary lion "picture" (the protagonist in the documentary "The Lion and the Bison"), and his mother is The heroic lioness "Half Tail", under the protection of his parents, Solo spent a carefree childhood. However, the good times didn't last long. When Solo was three years old, the lion group he was in suffered a catastrophe. The lion king was challenged by the Mowas brothers and the Lao Luo brothers one after another, and finally lost to the enemy. Solo was able to escape under the protection of his mother, but his father "picture" was seriously injured and died in the fierce battle.

   Solo was still young and couldn't live alone at all. During his wandering years, he encountered many crises. Leopards, wild dogs and hyenas were all enemies. There were also large and small lion alliances and stray lions all over the grassland. threatening its life. In 2019, the mother "Half-tail" encountered a group of wild dogs during a predation, and was dying when she was found. Solo approached and sniffed and then hid behind other lionesses. Two days later, "Half-Tail" passed away from serious injuries. Solo became a child without parents. He drooped his head all day long, and even if it was game brought to his mouth by other lionesses, he couldn't get his appetite.

   Solo's situation became even more dangerous. After wandering with several lionesses for three months, he encountered a pride of Spartan lions. It is said that enemies are extremely jealous when they meet each other, but when they meet each other, Solo looks submissive and keeps licking Lao Luo's hair. Lao Luo enjoyed Solo's great hospitality, and he accepted Solo and those lionesses.

   In fact, the reason why Lao Luo accepted Solo was because the Spartan lions were in crisis at this time. The lions were guarded by only one male lion of Lao Luo, and they relied on three female lions who were all over 10 years old for hunting. According to the calculation of human age, it is already close to 70 years old. What's more important is to raise 9 cubs about one year old. They are in the period of rapid growth and eat a lot, but they can't participate in hunting. The Spartan pride was on the brink of starvation, and perhaps half the cubs would not survive. In this situation, Solo's arrival did not arouse the dislike of the lions. The 3-year-old Solo is already very tall and can assist in hunting. In the face of threats from other lions, Lao Luo can also have another ally.

   In this way, Lao Luo and So Luo each got what they needed. With Solo's help, the Spartan lions had enough food, and Lao Luo also had a helper. When it fought with other lions, even if Solo didn't participate, it could still play a very good role in cheering. Under the guidance of Lao Luo, Solo also learned a lot of survival skills, one of which is very important to avoid the enemy's edge. When Lao Luo is unable to resist the aggression alone, it will take the lead to escape with its cubs, leaving the lioness to deal with the enemy. Later, the lioness took the opportunity to escape and meet Lao Luo. Under such a strategy, Lao Luo saved many cubs.

   According to Lao Luo's plan, the next step is to train Solo to become his successor, taking over from him to take care of other lionesses in the lion group. But Solo doesn't seem to be interested in this. Apart from flirting with the lioness, he has no desire to compete for the throne of the lion king at all. Lao Luo was angry with him and either beat him up or pretended to drive him out of the lions. Even so, Solo remained unmoved. After a lot of tossing, Lao Luo completely lost confidence in Solo, except for letting him participate in hunting, he no longer had any hope for him.

   Three years passed in a flash, and Lao Luo was no longer the majestic lion king. The growing male lions in the lion group challenged him, and other stray male lions were also eyeing him. The decisive battle finally started at dusk, and it was the Movas brothers who challenged Lao Luo. In order to cheer himself up, Lao Luo called Solo, hoping that it would help him at a critical moment.

   However, Lao Luo was already old, so he was no match for the Movas brothers. After a few rounds, he retreated while fighting, and retreated all the way to the edge of a cliff, with no way out. Lao Luo growled at Solo, hoping that it would distract the Movas brothers, but Solo seemed to have nothing to do with him, and just couldn't stand it. At this moment, the eldest of the Movas brothers suddenly turned around and ran towards Solo. Seeing that something was wrong, Solo ran away quickly.

   Soon, Lao Luo was defeated without a helper. More than an hour later, Solo came back to check on Lao Luo's situation. At this time, Lao Luo was dying. He gave Solo a desperate look, and then closed his eyes.

   Lao Luo's departure left the Spartan lions without a leader. Solo didn't choose to leave, but showed courtesy to the Movas brothers, and even sent the captured prey to their mouths to show his submission. But the Movas Brothers are not Lao Luo. They ruthlessly drove away Solo and Lao Luo's two children, Lei Ke'ou and Senda. Solo tried to drive away these two "followers", but failed after several attempts, so Solo had to let them follow. In this grassland where tigers and wolves are rampant, it is good to be able to take care of each other.

  Betrayed his teammates and ran away again and again.

   However, the real problem is in front of Solo. It is impossible to solve the food problem of the three lions by only relying on it to charge forward. After a hunt, Solo drove Senda aside, and then feasted with Leko, leaving only the leftover bones to him. Due to starvation every day, Senda soon contracted a disease and died in less than half a month. After all, there is brotherhood. When Senda was dying, Reko stood by its side, but Solo remained indifferent. It often ate its prey in front of Senda, as if Senda was superfluous.

   In fact, getting rid of Senda is only the first step for Solo, and it will attack Leko next.

   At the beginning, Lekeo was often beaten by Solo, but he was lucky enough to grow up in the end, weighing 200 catties. Although he was not as strong as Solo, he was still a brave and strong lion. More importantly, it has all the psychological qualities that a lion should have, and has the desire and strength to become a lion king. The only thing it lacks is a strong ally to advance and retreat together. At this time, Solo's appearance is stronger, he looks like the leader of the team, and he is also a qualified ally.

   After half a year of wandering, Solo and Leko finally integrated into a new lion group. The lion king is a male lion named Dick. Under his leadership, the number of lions reached 30. Entering the lion group, Solo has no desire to become the new lion king. He flirts with the lionesses all day long, and soon has a child. Unlike Solo, who has no desires and desires, Leko has a strong interest in becoming the new lion king. He either practices biting with other male lions in the lion pride, or fights with stray male lions.

   The duel between Leko and Dick finally took place three weeks later. Before departure, Lei Ke'ou specially called Solo, and Solo followed Lei Ke'ou with a relaxed expression, as if he had the chance to win. In fact, Solo has his own wishful thinking. Even if Leko defeats Dick, his vitality will be seriously injured, so that he can be tender with more lionesses.

   The battle took place by the pond, and without Solo making a move, Leko solved Dick. As the new lion king, Leko treats Solo very preferentially. In the lion pride, he can enjoy the privileges that other male lions do not have, but Solo is most interested in flirting with the lionesses.
   Defeating Dick greatly increased Leko's self-confidence, and his next goal was the southern lions. At that time, there was a war between the Bad Boy Lions Alliance in the north and the southern lions, and the number of southern lions was greatly reduced. Leko is ready to go all out and take down the Southern Lions, so that he can fight against the Bad Boys Lions Alliance. In Lei Ke'ou's plan, Solo will play an important role, because compared with other lions in the lion group, Solo is much taller and has witnessed many fierce battles, so he is very experienced.
   The battle with the southern lions began in January 2020 and continued until December. After nearly a year of tug-of-war, Leko still failed to win the southern lions. Because every time Leko and Solo set up their positions for a battle, Solo would find an opportunity to sneak away. Two fists can't beat four hands, repeated failures made Leko furious, and he ordered all lionesses not to contact Solo. Solo, like a child who made a mistake, drooped his head, and sent the prey he had just caught to Leko, as if apologizing for running away during the battle. In the end, Leko forgave Solo. It knew that Solo's company was indispensable on its way to dominate.
   After resting for a few months, Lei Ke'ou decided to have a final battle with the southern lions. Solo, who was originally majestic, began to feel stage fright again when he saw the opponent's formation. It turned out that besides the old rival Jason, there were three young lions joining the battle. Jason was in command, and the three lions were eager to try. Jason gave an order, and the three lions ran over. Reko signaled Solo to outflank it, and it attacked from the front. However, Solo, who was already shaking his legs in fright, howled twice, and chose to run away. Lei Ke'ou was besieged by three lions, and the ending can be imagined.
   Half an hour later, Solo came back to check the battlefield. When he was wandering around Leko's body, a hyena suddenly jumped out. Solo took a step back, seeing the fierce look in the hyena's eyes, and stepped back knowingly. Seeing the hyena feasting, it didn't even have the courage to drive forward.
   Solo no longer has the blood of a lion. He dare not look at other lions head-on, even if he encounters a wolf, he will shy away. The cruel living environment forced Solo to find Jason and express his determination to surrender. In view of Solo's huge size, Jason is skeptical about it. On the one hand, he believes that it has the strength to become a lion king, and on the other hand, he doubts its courage.
   Later, in a fight with the Wilson brothers, because Solo ran too fast, Jason was so angry that he gave it a paw. But since Solo has excellent hunting skills and can hunt bison alone, Jason still maintains an alliance with him.    After
Jason used Solo as a hunting assistant, he didn't realize that what he really lacked was a combat assistant.
One night, the Wilson brothers attacked Jason's lion pride. In the dark, the Wilson brothers attacked the huge Solo first. Although Solo was timid, the rabbit would bite when he was in a hurry. After a few charges, the Wilson brothers couldn't find the north.
   Jason was stunned by the scene in front of him. He thought that Solo would take advantage of the victory and chase after the Wilson brothers, but Solo turned around and ran away at a very fast speed, looking back as he ran, as if urging Jason to do the same. run quickly. The Wilson brothers, who had recovered their breath, launched an attack on Jason. The poor Jason gradually lost to his opponent under the siege. Solo watched everything that happened from a distance. In the twilight.
   After wandering for half a month, Solo met Toulon, a male lion who was also alone. The same situation led the two lions to form an alliance. Just to gain temporary peace. Facts have proved that when the danger came, Solo once again used his specialty of escaping. Before Toulon had time to communicate with it, it had disappeared without a trace.
   Abandoning Jason and Toulon one after another, Solo's notoriety began to spread on the grassland. All the lions refused to join him, and some lonely male lions didn't bother to be with him. Unexpectedly, Solo didn't take it seriously, and often sneaked into various lion prides, playing and playing with the lionesses. It's just that this kind of frolicking is only a short-lived joy. After the Lion King noticed a fire in the backyard, he often quickly cleared Solo out.
   Solo's lonely wandering life lasted for a long time, until he met the young lion Hilda.
   Hilda is also a timid, cowardly, cunning lion who is good at adapting to the wind. She was adopted by a lioness named Amy when she was young. Before Amy died, she entrusted Hilda with her two cubs, the Dal brothers. However, Hilda only lived with the Dahl brothers for a few days. After meeting the tall Solo, she immediately abandoned them and fell into Solo's arms. In the end, poor Dahl brothers did not escape the harsh prairie competition.
   Solo was exhausted from the long wandering, and he planned to establish his own territory with Hilda. However, whenever a lion came to provoke him, Solo became timid again. There is no hope on his own, so Solo pins all his hopes on Hilda, and he teaches Hilda his survival and fighting skills, including escaping. However, Hilda doesn't seem to be trustworthy. When Solo roars with other male lions in order to protect it, or scares off intruders by relying on her size, Hilda often hides from a distance to observe the situation.
   Hilda's cowardice made Solo very angry. It seemed to see his former self, so he rushed towards Hilda fiercely. Hilda did not show weakness, and immediately fought against Solo. After all, Hilda was still too young and had no combat experience. Solo had several scars on her body, so she left in a fit of anger.
   As soon as Hilda left, Solo felt a little lost. He often stared at the road that Hilda left. Occasionally, if there was any trouble, he would stand up, his eyes filled with anticipation. A few days later, Solo finally saw Hilda, and she came forward to sniff, as if apologizing for her previous behavior.
   One day in the early spring of 2022, Solo and the three lions met on a narrow road. After a few rounds, Solo was a little bit powerless, and the injured one seized the opportunity to escape quickly. After a while, Solo found Hilda, and he licked Hilda's fur, as if begging it to take him in, even if it was just to share some food to satisfy his hunger. But Hilda just sniffed it and left resolutely.
   With no food and infected wounds, Solo could only hunt for carrion under the cover of twilight. No lion pride would take the kindness to take in such a wounded old male, who is not even worth as much as an old female lion, at least the female lion can take care of the cubs. After wandering for 12 days, Solo finally fell by a water source. Soon, a group of hyenas surrounded him, and Solo tragically ended his life.
   Solo has become a unique existence on the Malamala Grassland. People have mixed praises and criticisms for it. Some people like its uncontested character, while others call it the ultimate tramp. Solo has hardly participated in fierce fights in his life, but its strength is powerful. It can hunt adult bison, which is impossible for many male lions. However, this is also its weakness. Hunting caused its canine teeth to be severely worn, and later it could only survive by scavenging. Under such harsh conditions, it is already a miracle that Solo can live on his own to be more than 7 years old.



Zeigarnik effect

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Moroccan football team: "The most familiar stranger"

   When I was still in college ten years ago, I led a sightseeing group of more than 30 Moroccan students. Before meeting them, my general impression of the Moroccans was that they are from North Africa but closer to the Arab world. They have religious beliefs, are used to worship, and are inextricably linked with France.   When I saw the real person, I realized that the North Africans in front of me were actually a group of children playing with each other and having fun in time. They were about the same age as me at the time. I have all kinds of nicknames and nicknames. During the process of taking them to Badaling, the Summer Palace and Houhai, two classmates and I, together with more than 30 Moroccan students, realized "cultural integration" and "world unity" in the small group to some extent.   During the World Cup in Qatar, I was surprised to find that the little-known Morocco team, which was eliminated in the group stage of the last World Cup, after miraculou