life is a musical

 Stepping on the rhythm of time, it is clear and shallow, and with the mood of Miaoman, I wish the clock of the years would be slower and slower, so that I would have time to savor the sweetness of life.

Wandering with friends in the sea of ​​words, wonderful mood, full of life, let the boring words inject freshness into the soul, show, indulge, vivid and intoxicating. The ordinary stories, the nodes of the soul, and the unfulfilled wishes are all willing to spread and share. Not hypocritical, but trust and joy. You said that you like this kind of text chase, just busy with life and work. I understand and have a deep understanding. The days are always busy, the life is gentle, and the work is smooth, the writing will be fuller and more flexible, otherwise it will be illusory and not that kind of shocking beauty. If you write, you need to be dripping, smart, and happy to write.

She loves a pure and beautiful appearance in white clothes. The woman's cleanliness and restraint are not deliberate, but she is naturally natural in her bones, faint, neither charming nor charming, but her youth is peerless. Red wine is a noble gesture, coffee is full of petty bourgeoisie, and the charm of tea is long and fragrant. I have seen a woman with a bold and stubborn personality. At first glance, she is a strong woman who is hard on the outside and hard at the same time. I am surprised that every time I see her nodding in the tea room, it is not a kind of scenery, a charm, a kind of softness. With her still high bun and loose white shirt, her brows were a little warmer, softer and more lazy due to the fragrance of tea. It was this gesture that made her more charming and even more dazzling as a little girl.

During the rare holiday, women take out their trump card, parent-child outfits for traveling, food for picnics, and the most important thing is to feel comfortable, let happiness start, let happiness accompany, and the scenery will be more charming during the journey. The mountains are beautiful, the water is clear, the flowers are beautiful, the grass is fresh, everything is because a woman's heart is clear. Accompanying such a woman and such a scenery, would you still think that you quarreled with your colleague yesterday? Met a nerve on the street the day before yesterday? Everything passes by, only the scenery in front of you should be enjoyed to the fullest, and only the woman in front of you is worthy of your life.

Turn ordinary life into poetry, and a woman who understands life is well versed in the connotation and philosophy of this sentence. Three meals a day may not be luxurious, but they must be refined and nutritious. When getting up in the morning, the light music, the snoring of the lover and the child, the woman in the home clothes in the kitchen carefully creates a loving breakfast, a piece of steamed bread, a little mixed vegetable, a ham, and the elegant orchid porcelain plate is decorated with emerald green. Lettuce is very tempting. The ground soy milk in the clean glass, the thick love is deposited in it, which is mouth-watering. Do all of this, turn to the bedroom to wake up loved ones, and enjoy the start of a great day. Who said that there are yellow-faced women under oil, salt, sauce and vinegar? Who says there is war under pots and pans? The ordinary life of a smart woman is also a prose poem, beautiful and elegant.

At this time, typing these words quietly, showing beauty and comfort, life is like poetry, and it is also like a musical. Self-written, directed and self-acted, it ended perfectly, leaving no regrets in life.



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Zeigarnik effect

  As a freelancer, you have to fight procrastination every day. "I've made up my mind many times, but I just can't change it. Is it because I'm slow or slow?". In fact, many procrastinations are irrational. Many obstructions are imagined by myself. So distract, postpone, avoid confrontation. It's cool to procrastinate, and it's cool to procrastinate all the time, so I can't do it. Concentration is also related to physical strength. When the physical strength is exhausted, it is even more difficult to concentrate. You’ll tell yourself: I’m too tired to do this—okay, another perfect procrastination.   In 1927, Bruma Zeigarnik's senior research found that people are more likely to care about unfinished and interrupted work than completed work. This is the Zeigarnik effect. For example, we often don't care much about what we have got, but we will especially cherish what we have worked hard but haven't got. Therefore, the TV series will tell you

Moroccan football team: "The most familiar stranger"

   When I was still in college ten years ago, I led a sightseeing group of more than 30 Moroccan students. Before meeting them, my general impression of the Moroccans was that they are from North Africa but closer to the Arab world. They have religious beliefs, are used to worship, and are inextricably linked with France.   When I saw the real person, I realized that the North Africans in front of me were actually a group of children playing with each other and having fun in time. They were about the same age as me at the time. I have all kinds of nicknames and nicknames. During the process of taking them to Badaling, the Summer Palace and Houhai, two classmates and I, together with more than 30 Moroccan students, realized "cultural integration" and "world unity" in the small group to some extent.   During the World Cup in Qatar, I was surprised to find that the little-known Morocco team, which was eliminated in the group stage of the last World Cup, after miraculou