Under the eaves of remarriage, I am afraid that there will be a silent husband

   Remarry difficult than expected

  remarried not long after, Wen Yin and again thought of divorce. Because she understood, Zou Huai only had his mother and his son in her heart. She was just an outsider from beginning to end. And all of this started from the day of the wedding.

  "You have to choose a good day. Both of you are remarrying. Don't bring the mildew from the past!"

  The words of the prospective mother-in-law made Yin's style incomplete, but irrefutable.

  On the day of the wedding, in front of Yin Wen, the prospective mother-in-law put a piece of red paper with the words on Zou Huai’s shoes, “I’ve asked someone to read it and said that you two are opposite each other, you must take yours. Putting the birthday horoscope in his shoes, you can get along well in the future."

  Yin Wen is not a superstitious person, but being "stepped under the feet" by her husband like this, she is still frightened, and she has an unspeakable sense of humiliation.

  Zou Huai was at a loss and was obviously surprised by his mother's operation, but he did it anyway, and then patted Yin Wen on the shoulder, leading her all the way, and patiently introducing relatives and friends.

  Yin Wen toasts, clinks and smiles listlessly, with mixed feelings in his heart: Where is the wedding, it is clearly to dismiss the horse, will the future be safe and sound?

  Sure enough, the awesomeness is yet to come.

  Zou Huai has a 6-year-old son named Zou Yang. Since entering the door, Zou Yang has never seen Yin Wen directly, and never talked to her.

  Regarding this point, Yin Wen had long been mentally prepared. Zou Huai mentioned to her before that her son did not agree with him to remarry.

  In fact, Yin Wen didn't expect to be as close to Zou Yang as a mother and son, but he wanted to fulfill the duties of a stepmother. Do three meals a day, take good care of headaches and brain fever, so that the two people are in peace.

  However, Yin Wen couldn't think that this child was actually a hard-hearted man, no matter how hard he tried, how he treated him well, he didn't get into it, and he was always maliciously sabotaging.

  Sue her in front of her dad and grandma; steal the change from her purse; deliberately smash her coffee cup; she just bought a coat, but he burned a hole with a cigarette butt; she liked her most She took the crystal necklace from her to her grandma, and said frankly: "My grandma said it was made of glass and it's worthless!"...

  What makes Yin Wen even more chilling is that in this undercurrent of war, Zou Huaicong Never stood with myself.

  Every time Zou Yang found out that Zou Yang had done something bad, Zou Huai would only let Yin Wen not be familiar with the children, and said that he was ashamed for not being able to give his son a complete home.

  Hearing Zou Huai's words, Yin Wen couldn't say anything, she could understand the love and helplessness of a father. But soon she discovered that things were not that simple.

  That morning, Yin Wen got up for the first time as usual and worked alone in the kitchen. After the family's breakfast was prepared, she grabbed a stick of fried dough sticks and hurried to work.

  Unexpectedly, as soon as she started the car, the tire pressure light on the dial came on: the two rear tires were seriously under-pressured. After getting out of the car for inspection, she found that both tires had been repeatedly cut by a knife.

  When he was wondering if he had provoke someone, Yin Wen suddenly saw the utility knife lying beside the tire. It turned out to be the one he bought to Zou Yang a week ago, with his favorite Ultraman posted on it.

  It was a prank again and again in exchange for what he really gave, and Yin Wen's heart was full of grievances. She took the "crime tool" and rushed home to find Zou Yang's theory. The more she talked, the more excited she got, and she accidentally scratched his coat.

  At this time, Zou Huai, who had been silent for a long time, pushed her quickly with eyes and hands, and shouted: "What are you going to do to my son?" Yin Wen fell to the ground in response, unable to stand up for a long time.

  At that moment, Yin Wen's heart was completely dead.

  For the first time, she felt so deeply that Zou Huai had always thought about himself and his son. He wants to be a good father. He wants to make his son happy, but he does not take her wife into consideration.

  After all, I am just an outsider.

  The mother-in-law deceives others, the step-son tricks others, who is the instigator?

  What makes Yin Wen so painful in his remarriage life?

  At first glance, it appears that the mother-in-law is deceiving too much, and the stepson is crazy. But if you observe carefully, you will find that Zou Huai, who is silent, stands in all the scenes of the incident.

  Because he could not accept Yin Wen's replacement for his biological mother, Zou Yang had a lot of dissatisfaction with her, so he had behaviors such as not looking at her righteously and not talking to her. These are human nature and understandable. However, how did he never act aggressively and gradually escalated into sabotage or even provocative behavior? Except that the dissatisfaction in the heart is difficult to heal, the father's silent indulgence is probably to blame.

  Because Yin Wen had a marriage, Zou Huai's mother had some prejudice against her from the beginning. Not only did she use contemptuous verbal attacks, she also used superstitious actions to suppress her. Zou Huai saw all this with his own eyes and clearly felt Yin Wen's discomfort, but he did not take any measures. Instead, he acquiesced in what his mother did and completed it very cooperatively. After marriage, Zou Huai's mother continued to increase her weight, and eventually developed into sabotage with her grandson. One dared to steal and the other to wear, and did not forget to devalue Yin Wen's taste. Zou Huai's silent approval contributed to the intensified mother's changes.

  With Zou Huai's silent indulgence and approval, Yin Wen kept slipping to the edge of this home. Her beautiful expectations for marriage and the love of her stepson were not seen by the family, and she had never given her a trace of positive feedback. Not only that, but the husband turned a blind eye to the grievances and injuries Yin Wen suffered.

  Silence served as the most important "weapon" in this family.

  But are they the only ones who are silent? No, there is one other person, her silence became the last straw that overwhelmed the camel. This person is Yin Wen himself.

  Facing all kinds of unfairness, disrespect, and being hurt, Yin Wen has never spoken for himself, but has tolerated it again and again. Perhaps it was because of the shame of remarrying, or the fear of worrying about the failure of the marriage again. Like her husband, Yin Wen lost the power to stand by himself and became a silent bearer. No one in this family considered Yin Wen, including herself.

  Of course, everyone has their own reasons behind their actions. Zou Huai feels guilty to his son because of the divorce, the child loses his mother and resents his stepmother, the mother-in-law is defensive against Yin Wen because he is worried about his son and grandson, and Yin Wen is worried about the failure of the marriage again...

  But these cannot be reasons for silence. It should not be an excuse to cause harm.

  To create a "new face of marriage," to break the unfortunate curse of

  silence will only encourage misunderstanding, only the brave, it is expected to break the barriers.

  Break the silence, stop suspicion, and correct your attitude towards life. The life attitude of every member of this family needs to be revised.

  Zou Huai is a very crucial figure. He needs to take on the role of husband and become an understander and supporter of his wife. For example, say good things to your wife in front of your son and mother, affirm your wife more, and express your support for your wife. Seeing his wife’s difficulties, stand with his wife and become a united body with the outside world. You know, in the family, the relationship between husband and wife is ranked first.

  Yin Wen shouldn't just forbear and wait passively for the awakening and acceptance of other family members. She needs to speak up for herself more actively and defend her rights and status. For example, you must speak up when you do a good thing, and you must have the courage to communicate and teach in response to the wrong behavior of the child, and establish your status as an educator on the basis of respect for the child.

  As for the attitude of the children and mother-in-law, when Zou Huai and Yin Wen make changes, they will also be affected and make corresponding adjustments. After all, in a family, the relationship between husband and wife is the core of all relationships.

  Dissolve barriers, correct relationships, and start emotional cooperation. Yin Wen is the one who feels the most painful in this family, so she can be more proactive.

  Talking and communicating more with the stepson will not only take care of his life, but also enter his spiritual world.

  Communicate with her mother-in-law with reason and evidence, neither domineering nor cowardly, and refuse to agree with the "misunderstanding" caused by her excessive worry. If there is an obvious directional behavior similar to that on the day of the wedding, Yin Wen can reject it on the basis of understanding her mother-in-law’s anxiety and guide her to re-recognize who she is.

  More importantly, communicate with Zou Huai. Only when the husband and wife understand and support each other and the family feel that they truly love each other, a lot of resentment and defense will gradually be relieved, and the estrangement can be truly dissolved and all relationships can be back on track.



Zeigarnik effect

  As a freelancer, you have to fight procrastination every day. "I've made up my mind many times, but I just can't change it. Is it because I'm slow or slow?". In fact, many procrastinations are irrational. Many obstructions are imagined by myself. So distract, postpone, avoid confrontation. It's cool to procrastinate, and it's cool to procrastinate all the time, so I can't do it. Concentration is also related to physical strength. When the physical strength is exhausted, it is even more difficult to concentrate. You’ll tell yourself: I’m too tired to do this—okay, another perfect procrastination.   In 1927, Bruma Zeigarnik's senior research found that people are more likely to care about unfinished and interrupted work than completed work. This is the Zeigarnik effect. For example, we often don't care much about what we have got, but we will especially cherish what we have worked hard but haven't got. Therefore, the TV series will tell you

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Moroccan football team: "The most familiar stranger"

   When I was still in college ten years ago, I led a sightseeing group of more than 30 Moroccan students. Before meeting them, my general impression of the Moroccans was that they are from North Africa but closer to the Arab world. They have religious beliefs, are used to worship, and are inextricably linked with France.   When I saw the real person, I realized that the North Africans in front of me were actually a group of children playing with each other and having fun in time. They were about the same age as me at the time. I have all kinds of nicknames and nicknames. During the process of taking them to Badaling, the Summer Palace and Houhai, two classmates and I, together with more than 30 Moroccan students, realized "cultural integration" and "world unity" in the small group to some extent.   During the World Cup in Qatar, I was surprised to find that the little-known Morocco team, which was eliminated in the group stage of the last World Cup, after miraculou