Middle-aged "25-year-old breakup curse"

   No one can be a teenager forever, but someone will always be a teenager.

  In the same way, no one can be 25 forever, but there are always people who are 25 years old—for example, Leonardo "Little Plum" DiCaprio's ex-girlfriends.

  It is often ridiculed that men like young girls: No matter how the world and aesthetics change, men’s hobbies remain the same, that is, they will always like 18-year-old girls. Although this kind of ridicule is based on facts, it is forced by reality or personal charm. However, most men have no intention of doing so, and it is impossible to talk about practice. But the 47-year-old Xiao Lizi is obviously different from those ordinary people who are quick to talk - there are about 12 ex-girlfriends with traces, all of whom happened to be 25 years old when they broke up.

  In July, according to foreign media reports, Xiao Lizi and his Argentine girlfriend Camila Moroni, whom he had been dating for five years, broke up peacefully. On June 16, Camilla just celebrated her 25th birthday.

  September has just begun, and the British "Daily Mail" broke out again that Xiao Li, who just broke up, has a new date—22-year-old model Maria Beregova.

  The time left for this new girlfriend is less than 3 years?

  As if there was a countdown, Xiao Lizi chose to break up around the girl's 25 years old.

25 year old curse

  Vladimir Nabokov once said in the novel "Lolita": "There are three things in the world that cannot be hidden: cough, poverty and love.

  " 's: death, taxation and Xiao Lizi will definitely break up with his 25-year-old girlfriend", became famous for a while.

  It’s no wonder that the netizens ridiculed the poisonous tongue. The breakup time between Xiao Lizi and your ex-girlfriends was too coincidental and without warning. While the stalk of “25 years old” was repeated, it was more like metaphysics. s answer.

  Let's take a look at Xiao Lizi's past love affairs: In 1994, he was in love with 20-year-old Bridget Hall and 18-year-old Brittany Daniel; in 1995, he was in love with 25-year-old supermodel "Old Mi"; in 1996 In 2000, she fell in love with 22-year-old Christine; in 2000, she fell in love with Gisele Bundchen. age.

  Although the above-mentioned love affairs, the girlfriends were all under 25 years old, but Xiao Lizi was only a young man in his 20s at that time, and it was reasonable to associate with young girls. The choice to break up after 6 years of long-distance running may be the result of many problems. Qualitative change, it is not necessary to deliberately choose the time node of 25 years old.

  But the timing of the breakups of the next few girlfriends: a relationship with Bar Rafaeli broke up a few weeks before the girl's 26th birthday; a brief relationship with 23-year-old Russian supermodel Anna Vialitsina; Girl" heroine, 24-year-old Blake Lively dated for 5 months; she fell in love with 4 model girlfriends and broke up successively. The age of the girl was 23, 22, 25, 25 at the time of the breakup... no matter who she was in love with How the story started, no matter how many loving details that are not afraid of the camera, such as cycling together, dating at the beach, and going on vacation in various places, appear during the love process, the ending has become the same: as if there is a countdown, Xiao Li They all chose to break up around the age of 25. Since then, the metaphysical "25-year-old breakup" has been rampant.

  This time, when Camilla Moroni celebrated her birthday in June, netizens left messages on her social platform in groups, teasing her that "it's about to expire" and "the relationship is dangerous" and so on. June passed, just when everyone thought that everything was actually just a coincidence, the news of the breakup in August came, and the new relationship in September was exposed, Xiao Lizi was still the same Xiao Lizi.

"Never Loved a Girl Like This"

  The breakup this time can be regarded as pushing the "25-year-old" stalk to an embarrassing climax-although everyone started teasing early, but no matter from which dimension you compare it, Xiao Lizi's love with Camilla Moroni this time, They are both reliable and serious.

  The two have been dating for 4 years, which is not a short period in Xiao Lizi's love history without a window of time. In the past revelations, the two used the media to often express expressions such as "very in love", "talked about getting engaged", "want to have a child" and other similar expressions that last forever. In 2018, Xiao Lizi also said that "I have never loved a girl like this"-although he also expressed some vows in previous relationships, but after all, the "never" of a boy in his 20s and the "never" of a man in his 40s No" is not a degree, and such statements are still taken as evidence of some kind of genuine love.

22-year-old model Maria Beregova

On February 27, 2005, Xiao Lizi and Gisele Bundchen attended the 77th Academy Awards Ceremony

  In the past 4 years, sweetness has been the main theme of feelings. Like the previous relationship, Xiao Lizi and Camilla were photographed watching football together, chasing music festivals together, attending film festival awards together, shopping together, celebrating birthdays on a yacht...the appearance of falling in love is probably the same, those who are Even if the photos taken are blurry, the smiles of the two will still "penetrate the back of the paper", and their love is vigorous.

  "Maria Beregova wasn't even born when Titanic hit!"

  And different from many previous loves that burned like firewood and were short-lived and exhausted, this time, the two tried their best to convey to the outside world the importance they attach to this relationship. First, in the early stage of the relationship exposure, some "insiders" told the media: "The relationship between the two is very good, it is the kind of comfortable love, and they will spend a lot of time with each other... Xiao Lizi loves Camilla very much, and all his friends also love her. They all like Camilla.”

  Lizi and Camilla’s parents are also very close: when they go to France to play together, they will bring Camilla’s mother with them, and Lizi often goes to Los Angeles to accompany Camilla and her mother; Li Zi and Camilla's father have a close relationship, and they will be photographed many times when they go out to chat together, which shows the frequency of companionship...

  This year, the relationship between the two has heated up again, and it seems to have entered a more real, warm and sweet atmosphere. Xiao Lizi took Camilla's dog for a walk, took Camilla to meet her parents, and asked her friends to bring a message to the media: She didn't show her affection on social platforms because she didn't love her, but because she didn't think this was a casual affair that needed a po photo to show off. "The two love each other deeply and are also integrating into each other's family".

  Although she won't show her love in po, Camilla has uploaded a photo on her homepage before, which is a group photo of Hollywood model couple Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, with the caption: "Like This kind of love" - ​​the couple has a 25-year age difference, and Camilla and Xiao Lizi have a 23-year age difference.
  The relationship is intimate, the attitude is serious, and role models have been found. I thought the next step was to get married and have children, but I didn't expect to "fall" before the threshold of 25 years old.
A man is a teenager until he dies?

  After the breakup, Camilla was photographed moving away from her original home and living in a new apartment in Malibu—she didn’t say anything about the breakup, but moving away from the old home that carried some romantic memories may be a silent speech , showing the determination to face a new life.
  The past is indeed sweet, but it may not be all true sincerity—according to reports, after Xiao Lizi and Camilla broke up, they started to attend parties almost seamlessly every day. Those family moments of walking the dog, meeting parents, and being with each other seem to be suddenly obscured by words like "tender model" and the bright colors of memories that should be preserved.
  Although emotional matters are a matter of two people, and the folds of intimacy will not be a texture that can be easily recognized by viewers across the screen, but we all know that "breaking up at 25 years old" will not be some unexplainable metaphysics. If a person maintains the same "coincidence" in multiple or even all stages of intimate relationships, it can only be an "artificial".

On March 25, 2022, Los Angeles, USA, Xiao Lizi smoking on the street

On May 16, 2022, Malibu, California, USA, Xiao Lizi and his girlfriend Camilla Moroni were vacationing at the beach

  Peeling off those fragments of love, the sweet coat, and looking at the thoughts of Xiao Lizi's ex-girlfriends after the relationship ended, you may find some clues:
  Gisele Bundchen is not a "young model", but a prosperous career, The person who keeps pace with Xiao Lizi's limelight is talking about a love called "golden boy and jade girl". But she feels that the love with Xiao Lizi is not happy, and she needs to use smoking, drinking, and hard work to numb herself. Facing the discord in her relationship, Gisele Bundchen felt that she was the only one who was trying to find a way to repair the relationship and find ways to make the two of them better, but Xiao Lizi was still at ease as if she was single, which made her very tired.
  After Gisele Bundchen, several ex-girlfriends including Camilla also complained that Xiao Lizi was naive. He was already an "uncle" age, but he still forced his girlfriend to watch "Star Wars" with him ", with him fighting with a lightsaber...
  Childish, unwilling to take responsibility... These have been confirmed by Xiao Lizi's friends. According to the whistleblower, the reason why Xiao Lizi broke up with the girl when she turned 25 was because "women want a stable relationship when they turn 25, hope to talk about marriage, want 'more things', He will feel pressured and have to break up."
  Perhaps, this passage can also be described in another way: For Xiao Lizi’s girlfriends, at the age of 25, a person’s “interesting” or “handsome” is no longer the main condition for attracting them, they will be more interested in the girls in front of them. Your partner has more rational thinking: Is it reliable? Is it possible to complete the next life goals together? If not, they can also leave the partner in front of them and find someone more suitable.
  Xiao Lizi obviously does not have the ability to "complete the next life goal together".
  After the exposure of the new girlfriend, some netizens lamented: "When "Titanic" became popular , Maria Beregova was not even born!" Works, Xiao Lizi has not had any masterpieces for a long time, and he has not shown any acting skills, and even lost his body management. With the accumulation of years, he even lost his appearance.
  When an actor's representative work is "breaking up with a 25-year-old girlfriend", I don't know if he will defend himself by saying "a man is a teenager until he dies"?



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