Expensive and unpalatable light food, but the more you eat, the fatter you get!

   In this era of national fitness, more and more people are keen to lose weight. Have everyone started to pay attention to various fat-reducing meals when ordering takeout? Among them is a highly deceptive, but possibly useless, takeaway, let's call out its name together - light food.

What is a light meal

  "Light food" currently does not have any industry standard regulations, which can basically be understood as a concept created by merchants. In fact, as long as it is less oil and less salt, nutritionally balanced, and low in calories, it can be called a light meal. But now when you open the take-out software, you can find any kind of light food: those with more meat, more vegetables, and more oil...

  In fact, everyone still has a certain understanding of the foods that "can lose weight" in their minds: less oil and less salt , More vegetables and less rice, most of the people who call themselves "light food" seem to be like this. So what's the problem with them? Why do many people eat not only not to lose weight, but also to get fatter?

Not all light meals are "light"

  Although there are no clear rules for light food, most of the light food on the takeaway platform is salad by default. A search of light food, 8 out of 10 are salads.

  Although most Chinese food gives the "unhealthy" appearance of heavy oil, heavy salt and high calories, in fact, these so-called "light salads" also have many pits, so that they are not "light" at all. To help you summarize, the pits that generally exist are as follows:

1. Fill up the leaves

  It is impossible to lose weight by eating only vegetable leaves and not eating protein and staple food. The calories of a few vegetable leaves are likely to not meet your basal metabolism. This kind of diet will gradually reduce your body's ability to metabolize fat, and gradually increase the ability to convert fat into synthesis.

  When you eat a little anything else and start a normal diet, you will rebound and become fatter than before (people can't eat vegetable leaves all their lives, they will definitely return to a normal diet).

2. The matching ratio is unreasonable

  This situation is very common, because lettuce leaves occupy a lot of space, and many take-out light meals will use a lot of lettuce leaves to fill the number. proportion. If you want to lose weight/fitness, nutritionists usually recommend that you eat carbohydrates: protein: fat calorie ratio of about 2:1:1, and most of the "healthy meals" these days are more carbohydrates, less protein, less fat ( Some don't even have fat).

  If the protein is fish, there are some nuts, the staple food is about 150-200 grams, and there are 3 kinds of vegetables of different colors, then it is at least a qualified "light food". If there are only a few pieces of chicken breast and a lot of vegetable leaves, it is an unreasonable ratio.

3. Fish-eye ingredients

  Everyone knows that coarse grains are better, and many light-food rice contains only a few grains of purple rice/brown rice, and most of them are white rice, which makes people visually feel as if they are coarse grains, but they are actually refined carbohydrates. Moreover, purple rice is also easy to dye white rice, which is more prone to overuse. This is the "Li Gui" in the light food, so don't be fooled.

  There are also many light meals in which the protein and fat parts are not sincere: either bland chicken breasts, or a few slices of beef; some are called "steak", and they are full of mouths. "Technology" taste. I've even encountered fried chicken chops in light meals, this heat...

4. The taste is not enough, let's make up the salad dressing

  Deep down, most of us still prefer the taste of heavy oil, heavy salt and heavy sugar. Many light foods are not only tasteless, but also have lettuce leaves that are hard to swallow. What should I do? Merchants will use salad dressing to solve this problem.

  Most salad dressings are high-fat, high-sugar, and high-calorie for their delicious taste. Many take-out light meals are paired with mayonnaise/Thousand Island sauce/roasted sesame sauce. If such a bag of salad dressing is completely poured out, then your healthy meal is basically a waste of money. You have suffered from chewing vegetable leaves. Did not taste the sweetness of losing weight.

  So if you have a choice, it's best to choose vinaigrette. Now there are still some ingredients that have already been seasoned, so you can choose not to use the sauce.

5. The price is too expensive

  The same combination of vegetables + meat + staple food, light food will be more expensive than Chinese food with the same configuration. Some of them will use trendy ingredients to drive up prices further, such as: quinoa, avocado, chickpeas, etc., but in terms of nutrition, they are not particularly superior to common ingredients.

  Many merchants put four or five chickpeas in their "light food" and use a beautiful takeaway box to sell them for dozens of yuan. And these ingredients don't cost a few dollars to buy at the vegetable market.

6. Porridge is really not a "light food"

  Porridge is an out-and-out refined carbohydrate, even if five or six slices of oatmeal are added to it, it is a refined carbohydrate. It will only make your blood sugar soar, and the more you eat, the fatter you get.

This kind of light meal is more reliable

  So, what can be considered the real light food eaten in daily life? First of all, it is definitely not necessary to be too expensive. Anyone who has cooked knows that the cost of these ingredients is not high; secondly, choose low-fat salad dressings, or no sauces.

  There is rice, meat, and vegetables. Rice is between 150 and 200 grams, 4 to 5 pieces of meat, vegetables of more than 3 colors, and the most important thing is to have high-quality fat. You can add a handful of nuts (unflavored) by yourself. ).

  In fact, if conditions permit, you can also make it yourself, you can choose the ingredients and control the proportion. Of course, I know that most people don't have time to cook by themselves, so they can only order takeout, so I personally recommend the traditional Chinese light food - Mala Tang.

  There was a saying on the Internet that "the vegetable intake of contemporary young people depends entirely on Mala Tang", and there is nothing wrong with it. Malatang is not a boiled dish in essence, and it has a lot of advantages: you can choose vegetables, meat, main food, and small ingredients by yourself, and you can customize it properly; cooked green vegetables can make people eat more than raw leaves. ; Malatang is cheaper in price; in terms of taste, it is more suitable for Chinese people.

  Of course, Malatang also has minefields. For example, small ingredients are high-calorie traps, especially sesame sauce; if your Malatang has no vegetables and only instant noodles, the nutritional ratio is unreasonable; don’t choose messy meat; don’t choose soup base If it is too oily and heavy, you can choose clear soup/bone soup Malatang, with meat and vegetables. Perfect!



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