I didn't know the moon

   The moon is the same as before, and the mountain is still the same mountain, but they have all changed. There is no later.


  In early summer, it rained several times in a row, and the streets of the old city were not drained smoothly, almost extending into a river.

  Before the bus stopped, Shen Weien recognized the young man standing on the side of the road holding a blue umbrella through the window glass.

  The car door opened, and with a long voice, Shen Weien just got up, and the girl in the yellow skirt briskly got out of the car. The young man immediately greeted her, stepped into the low-lying stagnant water, and propped the umbrella over her head.

  Shen Weien withdrew her gaze and opened the umbrella in her hand with a "bang". Her umbrella was held low, the ribs almost poking her scalp, like a suspicious spy rushing to get to the joint. She stepped forward and walked forward, the sound of the rain slamming on the umbrella surface cut the conversation of the couple behind her into pieces.

  The three walked into the same alley. Urged by the wind and rain, their footsteps were not slow. She heard a male voice calling her uncertainly: "Shen Weien?"

  She didn't look back. Between the sound of wind and rain, she just thought it was an illusion.

  However, he raised his voice and shouted again: "Shen Weien!"

  Shen Weien took a deep breath and managed his expressions - they are all adults, so you can't be more affectionate, right?

  She slowed down, turned around, and said with a smile, "It's you, Chen Che, what a coincidence!" At the age of


  , Shen Wei'en met Chen for the first time on the bus for the spring outing of retired employees of a certain unit. Che. They are all children whose parents have no time to manage, so they have to make small pendants that grandparents do not worry about.

  The eyes of the two children were facing each other, their clear eyes rippling like a lake, reflecting each other's shadows.

  At that time, the young Chen Che was very sweet, and he said, "You are so beautiful."

  Shen Weien rummaged through the backpack in the shape of a little yellow duck and asked him, "Do you eat candy? I have orange flavor, strawberry flavor, and lychee flavor..." In

  those years, because they became good friends, Chen Che and Shen Weien are keen to accompany their grandparents on outings for the elderly. They traveled around the city and saw wild flowers and grasses in spring, lakes and woodlands in summer, and orchards and colorful mountains in autumn.

  They were often surrounded by loud adults, and someone asked her, "Wayne, do you like grandpa or grandma?"

  She restrained her emotions and replied, "both."

  Then someone asked, "Then do you like father or mother? ?"

  Shen Weien didn't want to restrain her emotions, she said, "I like them all, but I don't like adults who ask such questions!"

  Grandma blamed her: "How can you talk? It's rude! Apologize to grandma." The

  thirteen-year-old Shen Weien was rebellious And shook his head firmly. She didn't apologize, and she didn't say anything wrong.

  Chen Che next to him suddenly shouted, "Shen Weien, your head is turning around, and your hair is hanging on my zipper!"

  So the grandmothers' focus changed, and they turned to focus on girls' ponytails and boys' coats zipper.

  In the autumn, Chen Che finally understood why adults asked Shen Weien such a question.

  On the back hill of Beicheng Park, the red Pyracantha fruit was glowing in the sun. Shen Weien reached out to pick it and was stabbed by the thorn, so she quickly retracted her hand and said, "My mother has gone abroad, and she may never come back. .” The

  autumn colors flourished and declined, and the autumn wind swept away many red and yellow leaves, and there was a rustling sound when they landed. Chen Che stared blankly at Shen Weien, he thought she would cry, but she put her finger on her lips and blew, and soon raised her head and smiled, she said, "I want to drink milk tea, I want to add a lot of pearls and Coconut fruit!"

  Chen Che responded immediately: "Okay! Add a lot of small ingredients, so that there is no place to add milk tea, okay?"

  His bold words finally made her laugh.


  At the age of sixteen, Shen Weien and Chen Che broke up. The reason was that Chen Che wanted to get a new hairstyle, but it was cut off. In his own words, it was like grass gnawed by a dog. But cut it and cut it. When he saw other classmates, he was still laughing and laughing at himself. When he saw Shen Weien, he grabbed the collar of his coat and covered his head, running faster than a rabbit.

  After school, she stood at the school gate waiting for him to go home as usual, but she didn't see him come out until the crowd became more and more sparse, and then she realized that he had already left with others.

  He ignored her and she ignored him. There are so many people in this world, and everyone has so many things to do every day. It’s not surprising who gets away from whom and who gets closer, right?

  When Chen Che came to see her again, she already had another partner from school. They passed him hand in hand, and she was so angry that she didn't even look at him.

  That year, Chen Che's stature jumped fast, and his smile was bright and flamboyant. Because of his playfulness, his grades always jumped up and down.

  Grandma Chen instructed softly: "Look at how stable Wei En's grades are. You should study hard with others... I heard that her mother wanted to take her abroad, but her father refused, making a lot of noise..."

  That night, Chen Che had a dream. It seemed to be a day when he grew up. He never saw Shen Weien again. There was such a wide sea and such a vast sky in front of him, but they never met again.

  After waking up, he thought: How miserable. Unlike now, her classroom is on his left. Even if he doesn't say a word for a whole year, he knows that she is there, not near or far.

  At noon the next day, Shen Weien, who came back from lunch, saw a can of fruit candies in the desk, orange, strawberry, and lychee. She peeled off the candy wrapper and quietly put it into her mouth.

  A few days later, Chen Che came back from basketball and saw Shen Weien lining up to buy ice cream. He stood behind her and asked in a low voice, "Are you... going abroad?"

  Shen Weien didn't turn her head back, but her ponytail shook.

  Chen Che laughed, the basketball happily spinning in circles in his hands. He is like a tree in spring, hiding all kinds of emotions, but has not yet bloomed a decent flower - although he can't say a suitable word, he knows his heart.


  When she was in the third year of high school, no matter how hard she tried, Shen Wei'en's physics score was still weak, and she couldn't improve it. When the pressure was greatest, she also worked as a rebellious child and missed a morning of class.

  In the afternoon, Chen Che found her in the mountain behind the park and brought her milk tea and potato chips, just like a spring outing. The trees were just sprouting, and the Viola was covered with purple smoke-like flowers on the ground. He sat on the steps and watched her "Gululu" finish sucking the last pearl from the milk tea cup.

  He comforted her: "Who doesn't have a shortcoming? Let me tell you, every time I write an essay, every word feels like a brick. I move and move..."

  The way down the mountain was very brisk, The spring breeze blows through my ears, as soft as cotton and yarn. The setting sun smeared a large area of ​​red and orange on the horizon, while the other end in the distance showed a faint blue and white, and large flocks of birds swept across the sky.

  They are like two children in a fairy tale, walking side by side through the mysterious forest, with beautiful scenery and beasts, witches and hunters along the way. It's just that when I grow up, my companions often go away when they walk.

  When he heard the news that Shen Weien was going abroad, Chen Che blushed and asked, "Didn't you say you won't leave?"

  Shen Weien explained a lot, but his loneliness and anger did not disappear at all: "You are a traitor!"

  Eighteen years old is an adult, but who said that an adult can be his own master? What's more, everyone has their own way to go. You have to be hard on yourself when you strike iron. How can anyone love you unconditionally and tolerate you forever?

  For four full years, childhood sweethearts have become netizens, a process of gradually drifting away and becoming bookless.

  During the last video chat, he asked: "Don't have a boyfriend yet? Don't make the conditions too high, or you may not experience the beauty of love."

  She was annoyed: "Do you care if I'm tall? Does it have anything to do with you? ?"

  His expression was stunned, and then, maybe it was a network problem, maybe he hung up in anger, and the video suddenly disconnected.

  He didn't call again, and neither did she.


  After graduation, Shen Weien returned to work in China. She came back this time to deal with her grandparents' old house.

  In the rainy alley, her smile was gentle and distant, and the girl beside Chen Che clung to his arm.

  After saying hello, she turned around and continued walking. Although the raindrops are dense, it is no different from the usual rainy days. There are always clouds and rain, right?

  In the evening, the rain stopped. The summer wind tore the cumulus clouds thinner and thinner, turning from dark gray to pure white.

  On the back hill of Beicheng Park, Shen Weien saw Chen Che again. Four years later, he sat on the stone steps beside her without saying a word. Later, they started chatting about their studies, work and family, and gradually they talked a lot, and they couldn't help but stray from the topic. When it came to the emotional line, she laughed and he laughed, and then they were silent together.

  Sorry? Maybe there is, a handful, not enough to make a fuss.

  As the sky darkened, they descended the mountain. The street lights in the old city light up, and the scenery seems to have lost its borders between bright and dark.

  They walked back one after the other. He looked at the ignorant scenery in the distance and said, "The moon has come out."

  She smiled and said, "That's the light of a street lamp."

  On the top of the mountain in the distance, The moon is like a layer of frosted glass covered with fog, leaving only a faint outline.

  The moon is the same as before, and the mountain is still the same mountain, but they have all changed.

  There is no later.



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