"The Virgin Suicide" by Sofia Coppola

   In fact, it is Sofia Coppola's new "Queen Mary" that has been fired up recently. I haven't had a chance to see this legendary controversial epic movie that is in the style of Rocco luxury, but I have to admit, "Lost" The halo of "Tokyo" has made this Miss Coppola, who has the father of the "Godfather Maker", not what it used to be. She gave up the light and soothing small investment B-level films, and began to be involved in the ambitious production with a lot of money to burn. If you haven't seen it, you have no right to speak. Although "Queen Mary" has been unanimously sought after in Cannes, I have a faint feeling that maybe "Queen Mary" will become a watershed, and I like the kind of Sofia Coppola-style narrative. Style is about to drift away.

  My attention to the life of Miss Coppola on screen can be said to be completely chronological. The little baby baptized at the end of "The Godfather I" can already sit on the floor and cry in "The Godfather II". De Niro's soothing. When it came to "The Godfather III", which was gradually losing strength, the old Coppola gave Coppola, a girl who "has a girl in my family who was just growing up", a quite dramatic role. It's a pity that she doesn't have the qualities of a good actor. Her quality, the media gave merciless sarcasm to her poor acting skills. Since then, she has begun a dormant period in the film industry. Later, "Lost in Translation" in 2003 not only made her famous, but also made many fans around the world lost in the eyes of Scarlett Johansson and under the lonely starry sky in Tokyo.

  In fact, I watched "The Virgin Suicide" a few years ago. When the DVD played in my living room, when the only "passion scene" appeared on the screen for nearly 100 minutes, my parents saw it by accident. I was still a student, so I read the rest of it with some embarrassment.

  A few days ago I heard a song from lady&bird, Suicide is painless, and I thought of this movie like a conditioned reflex. So I tenaciously found it in the ocean of nearly 800 discs. Turning on the computer in the middle of the night, the surroundings are completely silent. In this soft and sad female voice, a story of relief, although heavy, is also about to come out along with the music. Somewhat beyond my expectations, despite the gloomy title of "Suicide", the film begins with a bright sun and shadows.

  Through early morning fog I see /The visions of the things to be /Their pains are all withheld from me /I realize, and I can see that/The game of life is hard to play/I'm gonna lose it anyway /The losing cards are ill some day lay /So this is all I have to say Easy/I'm going to lose it anyway/My bad hands are going to be rolled out one day/That's what I'm talking about...)

  "Suicide" may really be painless for those who want it wholeheartedly and choose it in the end. Many people can't understand it and think that it is the most passive and cowardly performance. A friend of mine told me that she had seriously considered suicide several times since she was in middle school, but she finally gave up because she did not have the courage. She said that the older you get, the more you understand a truth: we live in this world, in fact, Since the moment of birth, he has been endowed with serious social and family responsibilities. Even if he is unable to break free, he does not have the psychological quality required for suicide. But the five sisters in the film did not grow up to the age to understand the truth. When they committed suicide together, the eldest sister Teres was only 17 years old, and the youngest sister Cecilia was the first to leave. After the girl with a hint of fireworks was rescued by cutting her wrists, she chose extreme behavior again at the lively dance specially held for her.

  Cecilia is also the one that hurts my heart the most among the 5 girls. She will use the children's cute fonts and illustrations to doodle every bit of her mood and even the little secrets of her sisters in the diary. She kept describing the dying elm tree in front of her door. She was as emotional as a writer, but her despair was definitely not in line with her age. After her first suicide attempt but failed, her parents handed her over to a psychiatrist. In the consulting room, she pointed to a gloomy bat-shaped picture and said it was a banana. The doctor shook her head helplessly. From that moment, I knew her The heart has long been terminally ill, and there is no cure. Sofia Coppola did not directly explain the reasons for Cecilia's mentality. She wanted to bring the audience into a psychological world that needed to be stripped. Cecilia's four sisters became the younger sisters never. The carrier of the departed soul.

  On the surface, the four sisters didn't seem to be too affected by their sister's suicide. They went to school together as usual and chatted with boys; when they were approved by Yan's mother to attend the school dance, they would dress up happily like all the girls. The prom section is the culmination (and the end) of the happy and relaxed atmosphere in the whole film, as they dance lightly on the dance floor surrounded by boys, and when the most outgoing and cheerful Lux is named the queen of the prom, every girl smiles. They all contain their own joy and pride in their family. After this moment, the plot took a sharp turn for the worse. No amount of sunshine and shadows of trees could cover up the quiet coming of the haze.

  Lux is the focus and typical of the film's dramatic conflict. Her actor Kristen Dunst has a pair of feline eyes, in 1994's "Interview with the Vampire", these eyes fascinated the two most handsome men in the world; and in 1999 "The Virgin Suicide" even captured the then unknown Josh Harnett (the one who successfully broke through in "Pearl Harbor"); in 2002 he became the "Spider-Man" dream lover; last year and director Sofia Coe Paula collaborated for the second time and was crowned Queen in the new film "Queen Mary". She herself is not very delicate and beautiful, but there is no doubt that she is attractive to men.

  Under the training of her excessively strict mother, Lux is extraordinarily different. She writes the name of the boy she likes on her underwear; avoids the attention of her parents in front of her house, and boldly kisses her lover in the car. After the dance, Lux, who was still immersed in the halo of love, did not go home with her sisters. She was taken to the playground by her male companion for a walk. However, when the sun rose, she was woken up by the morning dew, only to find that her boyfriend had cowardly abandoned her and returned home in despair, but there was no comfort and concern for her waiting.

  Collected records were forcibly burned by the mother; not allowed to go to school; not allowed to go out except for church services on Saturdays. The four sisters were almost forcibly cut off from all contact with the outside world. Sofia Coppola dealt with the foreshadowing time before the tragedy very calmly. She did not describe the psychology of the four sisters subjectively. Instead, she used the eyes of the neighbor boys to see the voices of the girls' slow despair and their singing. 's final dirge. The four sisters chose to end their lives on the same night, with Lux being the last to be found, a hand hanging from the car window with an extinguished cigarette in his hand.

  After their daughters died, their mother showed a cold hysteria, facing reporters' camera, she said with a blank face: "I love my children so much, I don't know why they made such a choice. "In the end, she didn't realize it, the world is so crazy, of course she doesn't know why, if she knew, her daughters wouldn't die.

  Before the subtitles of "End of the Play" came out, the sun was still shining, the clouds drifted leisurely, and the blue sky was covered with all kinds of handwriting: The Virgin Suicides, The Virgin Suicides, The Virgin Suicides... just like Sissi Leah's Diary. The moment the music started, I knew that suicide might really be painless for these girls.

  Suicide is painless/It brings on many changes/And I can take it or leave it/If I please )

  "The Virgin Suicide" is a movie with a very simple plot, but Coppola's guiding method is very smooth and natural, no blood and tears, no cynicism, she just calmly sees through such a special social phenomenon, even calm To the point where I would think that May be suicide is painless (perhaps suicide is painless), and those youths who died suddenly and stuttered, in all the films in 1999, glowed with a cold and soft light, slowly piercing It hurt the audience's sight.



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