Musk is on the hot search for "workaholic" again. Is remote working good or bad?

 As the new crown epidemic is gradually brought under control, more and more people are going out of their homes and returning to the office, ending the days of telecommuting from home. Migrant workers have different attitudes about whether to resume work or not, and the same is true of enterprises. While some tech giants have previously announced allowing employees to work from home permanently, this is clearly not Tesla CEO Elon Musk's idea. According to foreign media reports, Musk sent two emails to employees on the evening of May 31, requiring Tesla employees to work at least 40 hours a week in the office , otherwise they will be defaulted to resign. So does telecommuting really affect office productivity? Some analysts believe that Tesla has always been known for its high work intensity, and the injunction is another manifestation of Musk's contempt for the well-being of employees.

End telecommuting

On June 1, local time, Reuters reported that Musk sent an email to employees on the evening of May 31, demanding that "everyone at Tesla must be in the office for at least 40 hours a week" and "if you don't show up." , we will acquiesce that you have resigned."

Musk said in the email: "The higher your position, the more you should let everyone see you. That's why I live in the factory for so long, so people on the production line can see that I am and They worked together, and if I hadn't, Tesla would have gone bankrupt." 

The report also said that in the face of boycotts by some workers and a new wave of new crowns in California, major technology companies in Silicon Valley are not forcing workers to return to the office. For example, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal tweeted that, Twitter's offices are reopening, and we hope that employees will be back soon. But employees can still work from home if they want.

But Musk dismissed it. "Of course some companies don't need this, but when was the last time they released a great new product? It's been a while," he tweeted. " Tesla has and will create the world's most exciting and Valuable product , which cannot be achieved by making a phone call."

Is telecommuting beneficial?

So will telecommuting affect work efficiency? "Forbes" magazine believes that in order to resolve this debate, we must abandon those purely subjective views and refer to objective data.

“After evaluating more than 105 million data points from 30,000 remote workers, we found that working from home increased productivity by 5% during the pandemic,” said David Powell, president of Prodoscore, a provider of remote workforce management services. According to the company's survey data, if employees are highly productive in the office, they will also be productive at home; if employees are lazy in the office , They will do the same at home. 

A study in early 2022 validated David Powell's point. Remote and hybrid workers are 22 percent happier than in-office workers , according to research from videoconferencing hardware tools company Owl Labs , which not only benefits employees' physical and mental health, but also results in better focus, productivity, and hours of work. longer.

“Protecting the physical and mental health of employees is the key to increasing productivity,” said Chad Severson, CEO of Ergotron, a dynamic office technology. Over the past two years, employees have adapted to hybrid and remote work environments. Commitment to employee well-being is critical if employers want to attract and retain talent.

In addition to employee well-being and productivity, public health is also an important consideration. "Managers found that mandating the return of all employees to the office was a significant factor in the outbreak." Shortly after Musk's call to return to the office, a California-based union slammed the plan. 

The union pointed out that Tesla has a poor record of neglecting the health and safety of its employees. In May 2020, Musk reopened the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, in defiance of local government lockdowns to curb the spread of the coronavirus. From May 2020 to December 2020, the Tesla factory reported 440 Covid-19 cases, according to data obtained by legal information site Plainsite. In addition, the Los Angeles headquarters of Musk's rocket company SpaceX reported 132 cases of the new crown last year.

Tesla's Employee Benefits Issue

Reporter Sarah Todd believes that the plan pushed by Musk once again reflects the poor treatment of Tesla factory employees . Tesla has long been criticized for the strenuous work of its workers.

According to a 2017 investigation by The Guardian, the higher injury rate among Tesla workers was linked to Musk's overly high production goals. Tesla workers are reported to work six days a week in 12-hour shifts and then rest in makeshift dormitories.

Critics say Musk wants all Tesla employees to care about his company as much as he does. As a workaholic, Musk once said in an interview that he lived in the factory for up to 3 years . In 2018, there were media reports that the Model 3 faced the challenge of ramping up production capacity, and Musk lived in a tent in the factory in order to supervise the work.

"Extreme working hours and busy culture are becoming obsolete, and Starbucks baristas and Apple retail workers have successfully led the union movement." Sarah Todd said Musk's views were out of tune with the current environment.

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