Missing Malaysia Airlines 370 found?

   Malaysia Airlines 370 has been missing for 8 years. Where did this 60-meter-long plane go? Just when people were about to lose their confidence, there was suddenly a big news that detonated the world: Malaysia Airlines 370 has been found, and the wreckage of the plane is located on the seabed 1933 kilometers west of Perth, Australia, where the water depth is about 4 kilometers.

  As soon as the news came out, the whole world was in an uproar. You must know that since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on March 8, 2014, more than 20 countries have participated in the search and rescue operation, including the United States and China, costing more than 200 million US dollars, and the search and rescue work has continued. For several years, the search area has exceeded 120,000 square kilometers, but it has never been found.

  It is said that the artificial satellite technology is very powerful, it can be positioned and tracked, and the highest resolution on the ground can reach 0.41 meters. Even people can see clearly, why can't a behemoth be found?

  Malaysia Airlines 370 seems to have disappeared out of thin air. In this era of advanced technology, it has become the biggest aviation mystery in the world.

Are you sure the crash site of Malaysia Airlines 370?

  Now there is finally a breakthrough. On November 30, 2021, British aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey published a report saying: After using the latest aviation tracking technology, the crash site of Malaysia Airlines 370 was determined.

It is located below the fault ridge of the Ocean Plateau in the southeastern Indian Ocean. The terrain is complex and rugged, with cliffs and canyons, as well as underground volcanoes.

  Godfrey pointed out in the report that the wreckage of the plane is located on the seabed 1,933 kilometers west of Perth, Australia, with precise coordinates of 33.177° south latitude and 95.300° east longitude, where the water depth is about 4 kilometers. It is located below the fault ridge of the Ocean Plateau in the southeastern Indian Ocean. The terrain is complex and rugged, with cliffs and canyons, as well as underground volcanoes.

  Chad Godfrey said he is very confident in the new aerial tracking technology, which draws on a wealth of satellite data, as well as Boeing aircraft performance data, oceanographic and drift analysis data, all pointing to the same Location: 1,933 km west of Perth, Australia. Aviation expert Jeffrey Thomas also said: Very credible.

  In fact, in 2018, the search and rescue ship of Infinity Ocean Corporation of the United States also came to this location. It is a pity that in the end, it "passed" the location with a distance of 28 kilometers. Perhaps it was completely blocked by cliffs and canyons. The plane's black box signal was detected so that the ship passed by without seeing it.

  From 2014 to the present, there have been a lot of news about the Malaysia Airlines 370, such as finding a number of parts and fragments of the Malaysia Airlines 370, but they all ended in failure. So is this news that detonated the world true? Is it really possible to find the missing Malaysia Airlines 370 at this location? Still a big question mark.

Multiple large-scale aerial and undersea search operations have also failed to find the wreckage of the plane, nor to confirm the cause of the crash, making Malaysia Airlines MH370 one of the biggest mysteries in aviation history.

  If you want to know whether the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines 370 is really in this location, the most effective way is to directly send a submersible to search on the spot, hoping not to be disappointed again. Today, human's deep diving technology is very advanced. Submersibles have already been to the seabed of 11,000 meters, so there is almost no difficulty in the seabed of 4000 meters.

Two Doubts about Malaysia Airlines 370

  Doubt 1, the plane turned around several times, which was like drawing a map in the sky. After taking off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, it initially flew to the northeast, which was the previously scheduled flight route.

  However, after entering the junction between Malaysia and Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh control area, the plane suddenly reversed direction and flew southwest. It seemed that it intended to return to Kuala Lumpur, but it quickly reversed direction and flew northwest. Soon after, it reversed direction again and flew southwest again. How long, suddenly flying to the southeast, the flight path is really strange.

  Doubt 2: There were 89 kilograms of mysterious cargo and more than 4 tons of mangosteen on the plane. The 89 kilograms of mysterious cargo was discovered after the plane took off, when the crew carefully counted the cargo. Inexplicably, a box was added to the cargo list, because the box was sealed. status, the crew did not turn it on.

  89 kilograms is about the weight of a person, so some people speculate that the sealed box may contain a thug who kidnapped the plane, and some people speculate that it may contain a time bomb.

  The 4 tons of mangosteen has also aroused suspicion, because the ripening season of mangosteen is in August, September and October. Where can so many mangosteen come from in March? Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur International Airport is regarded by the outside world as a global illegal wildlife trade hub, so some people believe that the mangosteen may hide rhino horn, ivory and other items used for illegal trade.

Four speculations about Malaysia Airlines 370

  1. Hijacked by thugs, the thugs may be hiding in the mysterious cargo of 89 kilograms. After the plane took off, the thugs hijacked the plane. The thugs may have a better understanding of the aircraft's performance, turned off radar tracking, and deliberately left false clues to confuse their sight.

  2. Shot down by American laser weapons. British investigative reporter Florence Florence said: Before the crash of Malaysia Airlines 370, two American planes approached Malaysia Airlines 370, probably because there were illegal cargo on Malaysia Airlines 370, but Malaysia Airlines 370 ignored these and was shot down by a laser weapon.

  3. Destroyed by bombs. Some people speculate that the 89 kilograms of mysterious cargo may be a time bomb, and a time bomb can also be hidden in the mangosteen fruit of more than 4 tons. The bomb exploded shortly after take-off, and the plane lost the radar signal, but it could barely support the flight. .

  4. Aircraft failure. It was also speculated that a major malfunction occurred shortly after takeoff. The radar signal was first lost, and the plane attempted to return to Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia; however, the crew soon discovered that the plane was completely out of control and finally disintegrated in mid-air.

  Time cannot be turned back, and we cannot go back to 2014 to prevent this tragedy from happening. Therefore, the most important thing now is to search for Malaysia Airlines 370 according to the breakthrough progress, and hope that the wreckage can be found for the missing Malaysia Airlines 370 for 8 years. A full stop and don't let anyone down again.



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