The best way to open 2022: zero in, reboot, renew

 The years do not live, and the seasons flow like clockwork.

A run, 2022 came abruptly in front of the eyes.

In the past year, perhaps you stepped on the top of the mountain, with a flowery landscape; perhaps you entered the valley, experienced a person's soldier.

But it does not matter, all turned the page.

May you clear your worries, set sail again, walk on the road to become better, to meet the surprises that 2022 will give you.

1. Empty yourself and let your heart return to zero

Life is never easy, this year you should have a lot of things on your mind.

Academic bottlenecks, wallowing in misery, several days and nights can not be dispelled.

Work is not good, the heart of a thousand sorrows, after a long time, but also difficult to let go.

These worries are packed into the heart, squeezing away the happiness.

In fact, ah, the day is good or bad between our thoughts, there is no major event that can not be cut off, only can not get out of their own.

The problems that keep you awake at night, pick up a thousand pounds, put down two light, after a while and then look back, but it is not worth mentioning.

Those who let you nagging some people, do not take them seriously, will naturally relieve their own hearts.

We need to understand that life is always this moment experienced in the present moment, no matter how many unhappy things, please put them in yesterday.

So, there is no need to cling to what has happened, no need to be sad about the people who have left.

I love the quote: "We think all the light has left us. Yet the light is still there, always there. As soon as we open the door a crack, the light will pour in."

Life has its ups and downs, and living is a state of mind.

Put down, in order to touch happiness; clear out, in order to meet tomorrow.

May you can dust off the dust of 2021, put down the bad emotions properly, and look down on the bad experiences.

In this time of transition between old and new, go forward, look forward, a year has a year of flavor, a stop has a stop of scenery.

2. Organize your mood and set sail again

In 2021, life has thrown many people to the bottom.

A back-and-forth epidemic disrupted our work rhythm, some people were worried about layoffs, others were worried about employment.

A sudden rainstorm made some people's whole year's blood and sweat come to naught; some of their factories were washed away and some of their houses were damaged.

That's life, it's hard to get what you want, and sometimes it goes against the trajectory you envisioned.

In one blow after another, you will be disheartened, you will break down and cry, feeling that trials and tribulations never seem to let go of themselves.

But life is a journey, always have to fall so many times.

You have to tell yourself to grit your teeth and hold on, know how to make yourself happy and applaud yourself.

When you are physically and mentally exhausted, you can press the pause button and cook a good meal to soothe your soul in the smoke and fire.

There is no hurdle that cannot be crossed, no dilemma that cannot be gotten rid of.

The new year will be a time of hope.

As Feng Zikai said, as long as the life on earth is not extinguished, even if it is struck again by natural or man-made disasters, temporarily suppressed, there will be a day to raise the head.

Each person's fortune is like the moon in the sky, this and that, the missing part, will come back round.

In 2021, all the good owed to you, 2022, will be doubled to you.

3. Improve yourself, the years of renewal

All the worries and pains, in fact, are from their own not good enough.

Many people complain that life is difficult for them, but the world has its own fairness: how good you are, you can harvest how much applause.

Yu Qiuyu wrote in "Lend Me My Life".

"The road of life depends on yourself step by step, what can really protect you is your own life choices."

Not satisfied with your situation, find ways to change; extravagant hope to get more things, to have the ability to match.

In 2022, you will have to spill more unnoticed sweat and survive a great deal of unasked for time.

Please force yourself to read more books, broaden your knowledge boundaries, those codes to become good are hidden in every page of the book.

Overcome your own inertia, take a step to exercise, full of energy so that you can deal with the world.

These seemingly insignificant little efforts will blossom later, and at some point, you will suddenly see the meaning of persistence.

As Fitz-Gerald said, everything you have learned and every hardship you have suffered will come in handy at some point in your life.

Accept yourself, improve yourself, and stay up, and you will see the scenery you want to see as you wish.

In 2022, may you live as a seed, quietly accumulate strength, break the ground, stunning years.

All the past is a prelude, and all the future is promising.

In 2022, please dance to your heart's content, live enthusiastically, and live each day as you wish.

May you not be afraid of the years, all that you get is what you want, and embrace the tenderness and romance of life.



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