From Kanye to Musk, celebrity love affairs "break away"

  In the face of the increasingly complicated material life, the popular "shed". There are perhaps two meanings: one is to review the objects you own in your life, and after arranging to wave off the useless things, no matter how much it cost to get it, you should have the courage to put it in a bunch of garbage; one is to "part with" the intention of "change the cage for birds "of the fact that, do not like, not suitable abandoned, and then buy, cherish the new "good".

  The face of material things, the face of human marriage, as well. While ordinary people's relationship stories are murky, celebrities' love affairs seem to be a big reality show, with the media cameras showing the splitting up and coming together anytime and anywhere. In recent years, foreign celebrities seem to be more interested in "breaking away" from their marriages and relationships. They seem to have taken out the strength to face the expired cosmetics, out-of-date fashion items, will no longer like the relationship forcefully away.

Kanye founded the trend brand Yeezy

When broken then broken

  On January 7, 2022, Kanye West and 22-year-old model Julia Fox "officially announced" their new relationship through a visiting magazine. In the photo, Julia, who has been separated from her prostitute and alcoholic husband for a while, is just like Kanye's old flame, Kim Kardashian, who is also in the "hot dress" line.

  The black rapper, born in Atlanta in 1977, attended elementary school in Nanjing (his mother was teaching at South University) and then returned to Chicago to develop. ). The brand's line of shoes, which began with Nike and later partnered with clothing retailers GAP and Adidas, has brought Kanye a fortune valued at more than $3 billion. He also has another $1.7 billion worth from his investment in Kim Kardashian's personal brand Skims.

  A perennial Grammy winner, Kanye was engaged to designer Pfeiffer at the start of his fame and began dating model April Rose in 2008; in 2012, at the peak of his musical creativity, Kanye met reality TV star Kim Kardashian and the two became engaged the following year to a daughter and were married in 2014. After having a daughter and a son, the two had a young daughter and a young son through a surrogate, which was once the envy of the world. But just over a year after the birth of their youngest son, their marriage hit the red light.

  In February 2021, the woman officially filed for the end of her 7-year marriage, the "equal sharing of common property" and the co-parenting of 4 children. In June of the same year, Kanye and Crow's ex-girlfriend, Russian supermodel Irina Shayk's romance came to light. At the end of the year, Kim Kardashian, who passed her legal exam, was dating comedian Pete Davidson, the ex-boyfriend of A-lister (Ariana Grande, who is married to Dalton, a Los Angeles real estate agent two years younger), enjoying the dual nourishment of fresh love and the affection of the huge Kardashian family.

  As a family of Armenian origin in the Caucasus, the Kardashians are known as the "Kennedys of entertainment" and their ability to "bring in the goods" is undeniable. The Kardashian reality show, which ran for 20 seasons and was originally announced to end in 2021, is now being continued on the online streaming portal Hulu. Outsiders have noticed that many of Kim Kardashian's looks are no longer the minimalist athleisure luxury style for which Kanye created a basic color palette with an emphasis on curves, but a return to the old California Spice Girls style.

  The woman has let go of the past, Kanye still seems to be swinging back and forth between the flamboyant world of his new life and the warmth of the old days.

The poster of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson on January 12, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California

  The woman has let go of the past, Kanye still seems to be swinging back and forth between the flamboyant world of his new life and the warmth of his old days, while constantly being photographed strutting out on the street with his new scandalous partner, while often calling out to Kim Kardashian to come back to him, looking affectionate. He even bought the house across the road from Kim Kardashian's residence - more than $400,000 higher than the market price - to show his determination not to break up with Kim completely.

  However, Kim Kardashian did not allow Kanye to have much contact with her daughter, and even refused to tell Kanye where her 4-year-old daughter's birthday party was. And after Kim Kardashian announced her new boyfriend, some of Kanye's behavior seemed radical. He expressed on different occasions that "people who are going their separate ways will deliberately do something mean to hurt you, in order to play some games", suggesting that Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend are acting in partnership in order to make him jealous to get her back.

  What's even more annoying is that Kanye also poured out this resentment against his "ex-wife who is happier than he is" on innocent people. In the early hours of January 13 this year, Kanye pushed a fan who asked for his autograph after recording a song, causing him minor injuries. As his own cousin came forward to stop him, Kanye also shouted, "I'm annoyed enough with my divorce, give me a break and leave me alone!"

  In contrast to Kim Kardashian, who said "thank you to Kanye for introducing me to the entire fashion industry" when she won the People's Choice Award for Fashion Icons at the end of 2021, Kanye was not able to "say goodbye properly The fact that Kanye has not been able to "say goodbye" is another symptom of his repeated mental health problems. In 2009, Kanye was a capricious singer who grabbed Taylor Swift's microphone at an awards event, and years later used profanity in his lyrics to call out Taylor, thanks to Kim Kardashian's defense of her husband at the time.

  In November 2016, Kanye was forced to be hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation due to election fallout (he made long, rhetorical statements involving Jay Z, Beyoncé, Hillary and others). Later, he met with Trump twice to discuss education, manufacturing, prison reform and gang violence, acting as the next generation of black leaders in America. And after running in the 2020 presidential election with just over 60,000 votes, Kanye is also banking on the 2024 election. It seems that the divorce may not stop his fortune, but his perfect persona has been destroyed and his future in politics is in doubt.

The old and seek new

  Unlike Kanye, the "richest black man" who haunted his ex-wife, Musk, who also suffered the divorce of his parents at an early age, seems to have identified the imperfection of marriage early on and no longer wants a lifetime and a couple, but is content with the game of giving up when it is shallow and not cherished.

  So far, Musk has had three marriages and six sons. The first wife, is his classmate Justin Wilson when he was at Queen's University in Canada. From school uniforms to wedding dresses, the couple at first seemed obviously well-matched to grow old: Musk is passionate about technology and business, Justin is a science fiction writer; Musk is proud and arrogant, Justin happens to love him for this ...... two people in the first child died unexpectedly, through in vitro successively gave birth to two and three sons. But after the triplets were born, Justin fell into postpartum depression, while Musk was extremely anxious because of the SpaceX launch failure and Tesla mass production failure, both of them could not understand each other and had to separate.

  Campus romance, years of longevity, plus five children ...... No matter on which point, the divorce was wrenching. But Musk took only a few weeks to quickly officially announce his new girlfriend - 22-year-old British actress Talulah Riley. Riley knows that Musk likes blonde hair, so she dyed her hair quickly; in order to be more "professional" with Musk, she actually applied to study for a PhD in quantum physics at Caltech.

Musk and his second wife, Darula Riley, in 2014

  Unfortunately, the marriage, which was 14 years apart, didn't last long either. After the marriage, Riley had to get along with her five stepchildren, but did not have children herself; Musk's career was at a critical stage, working almost day and night; Riley needed to make an appointment with her secretary to see her husband, and the poetry and faraway places they once talked about together faded away. The two divorced, remarried a year later, and divorced again a few years later.

  After that, Musk married Grimes, a Canadian "90s" sweet-cool singer, and had a son. The electric fairy and painter, who captured Musk with her blend of futuristic and technological style, may have lost his interest for the same reason. The two parted ways for good in September 2021.

  When they were in love, both Musk and Grimes claimed to have a dream of Mars, hoping that one day, after realizing their dream and washing their hands of it, they would both fly to Mars to retire and enjoy their old age.

  It's a pity that marriage is more fragile than the Martian environment. Today, Musk is already in his early 50s, but he has begun to sell his appearance on the red carpet "fashion show": wearing trendy brands, new hair, discussing the eternal Mars, as if forever young - but no matter what, he can not return to know Justin, waiting for her under the dormitory building with melted ice cream, eager to The first time I met her, I was waiting for her under the dormitory with melted ice cream and longed to be with her until old age.

  What does marriage mean, to embrace true love or to walk with it for a while?

True love is invincible?

  Some people, like Musk, see marriage as a straw man, while others, like Julian Assange, see it as the only truth.

  Assange had a son with his 16-year-old girlfriend in Australia when he was young, and then fought a 9-year lawsuit for custody; after becoming famous for "WikiLeaks", Assange was wanted for rape and sexual harassment, and was trapped in the Ecuadorian embassy in the United Kingdom for many years, but his then-girlfriend Harrison never left him; then later, Ecuador withdrew its political asylum for Assange, and the British government was not willing to let him go. Assange's political asylum, the British police then arrested Assange.

  In November 2021, while waiting for the British High Court to hear whether Assange would be extradited at the request of the United States, Assange obtained permission from the Crown Prosecution Service to marry his fiancée, Stella Morris. The two had previously sued the British justice secretary and the head of Belmarsh prison several times for obstructing their freedom to marry.

  For Assange, who has had a stroke and is likely to spend the rest of his life behind bars, there would have been so many things and people to mediate with that it seemed far beyond his turn to enter into a marriage contract and have a lover beyond his reach. But they put most of their efforts into "asking to get married. Now, the two can finally hold a wedding in prison.

  What does marriage mean, to embrace true love, or to accompany on a journey? The choice of divorce, is a brave man to break his wrist like a sinew, or a light-hearted casual wave goodbye? After the "separation", is it a better life, or a mess? Everyone has his or her own answer.

  In 2019, Takeshi Kitano, a 72-year-old Japanese director, abandoned his wife of 40 years, Ganzi Matsuda, and left his family in order to run for "true love". But this time the romance seemed to have a hole: "true love" also abandoned him, and he became an old, lonely and even lost his money, seemingly "deserving" person.

Musk's third wife, Grimes, in September 2021

Assange and his fiancée Stella Morris

  A closer look at Takeshi Kitano's life reveals that his tragedy stems from a lifelong rustiness and avoidance of managing relationships. In his autobiography, he writes, "In fact, people are also animal-like, and ultimately always want to make the other person their own; it is a desire to have the opposite sex. Therefore, after (I) very thankfully made her my own woman, I became restless again and started to pursue other women. The woman after having it is like a pre-existing wine in a bar, which feels good at first, but gradually gets tired of it." Such people, no matter what kind of true love they face, I'm afraid it's difficult to taste it.

  Perhaps, just as the "breakaway" decision to make their own decision, these celebrities in the marriage, than a reality show, more like a mirror, the real reflection, in addition to the crowd to watch the hilarious, but also their own outside the marriage, alone to face the world's appearance.



Zeigarnik effect

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Moroccan football team: "The most familiar stranger"

   When I was still in college ten years ago, I led a sightseeing group of more than 30 Moroccan students. Before meeting them, my general impression of the Moroccans was that they are from North Africa but closer to the Arab world. They have religious beliefs, are used to worship, and are inextricably linked with France.   When I saw the real person, I realized that the North Africans in front of me were actually a group of children playing with each other and having fun in time. They were about the same age as me at the time. I have all kinds of nicknames and nicknames. During the process of taking them to Badaling, the Summer Palace and Houhai, two classmates and I, together with more than 30 Moroccan students, realized "cultural integration" and "world unity" in the small group to some extent.   During the World Cup in Qatar, I was surprised to find that the little-known Morocco team, which was eliminated in the group stage of the last World Cup, after miraculou