How strong are wild boars?

   "Growing plants in spring, destroying seedlings in summer, and eating fruits in autumn." Wild boars have become the wild animal with the most widespread damage and the most serious losses in China. As the saying goes, "one pig, two bears and three tigers", the first one is the wild boar. So, how strong are wild boars?

  As the saying goes, "one pig, two bears and three tigers", the first one is the wild boar. Of course, this ranking is not based on the fighting power of the three animals, but on two factors: one is the frequency of encounters with people; the other is the probability that people can escape after these animals meet people. Because tigers are cautious by nature, they rarely attack people if they are not threatened. Bears have poor eyesight. As long as they run along the wind, they can escape relatively easily without smelling people. But wild boars don't care, they are extremely aggressive, even if three or five people stand together, they dare to rush up to fight with people. So, how strong are wild boars?

  Wild boars are flooding into disasters

   , "arching crops in spring, destroying seedlings in summer, and gnawing fruits in autumn." Wild boars have become the wild animal with the most extensive damage range and the most serious losses in China. A few days ago, the State Forestry and Grassland Administration launched a comprehensive pilot work on the prevention and control of wild boar hazards in 14 provinces including Jiangxi. Many pilot areas have delimited or extended the hunting period of wild boars, and sent hunting teams to hunt them. However, the hunting teams are faced with various practical difficulties. Wild boars, which are protected animals under the "Three Possessions" (referring to the beneficial or terrestrial wild animals with important economic and scientific value protected by the state), are protected by law. "Pigs can grab food, but humans can't hurt pigs." This fierce conflict between people and pigs caused by wild boars going down the mountain is becoming a national "war".

   However, since wild boars have been protected by legislation, their natural enemies (tigers, wolves) in the wild environment have become less and less, and their reproductive ability is very strong (two litters a year, about 12 per litter). Therefore, at present, wild boars are flooding in many parts of our country, which can be seen from the frequent incidents of wild boars hurting people in recent years.

  Habits of wild boars

   Pigs are one of the animals we are most familiar with. In the past, almost every household in rural areas raised pigs. Anyone who has seen "Killing the New Year Pig" should know that the most difficult thing to kill the New Year pig is to control the pig. To subdue a pig weighing about 200 kg, at least 4 adults are required. And that's just domestic pigs.

   Domestic pigs are domesticated from wild boars. After thousands of years of directional breeding, domestic pigs now have no tusks, their hair has changed from brown to black, and their tempers are much better. Wild boars are not as well-behaved as domestic pigs, on the contrary, they are strong and aggressive.

   Like domestic pigs, wild boars are omnivores. In the wild, in addition to eating plant food, wild boars eat insects, bird eggs, mice, and hares, and even carrion will not be spared.

   As a burrowing ungulate, wild boars are burrowing animals. Most of them like to lie in their burrows to rest during the day. Early morning or evening is their main activity time. Although wild boars also have the habit of living in groups, in the non-breeding period, apart from cubs, there are mostly only female wild boars in the wild boar group. Male wild boars prefer to live alone in groups.

   Usually, in addition to foraging, the most favorite thing for wild boars is "mud bath" and "rubbing bath". "Mud bath" is to roll in the mud, so that many parasites on the body will be rolled off. And "rubbing a bath" is actually rubbing trees. In areas where wild boars live, people can always find trees whose bark has been rubbed off. Of course, wild boar rubbing against trees is not just to relieve itching, but rubbing against trees can also make the skin a thick layer of calluses and increase its own defense.

  The fighting power of

   wild boars Although wild boars are not pure carnivores, their fighting power exceeds that of many carnivores. There are three reasons for this:

   The boar is a large wild animal with an average weight of about 150 kg. In some areas without natural enemies, wild boars usually weigh more than 200 kilograms, and even king wild boars weighing 400 kilograms appear in some areas, which even exceeds some big cats. It is precisely because of its huge size that in nature, the natural enemies of wild boars are huge tigers and gregarious gray wolves, and it is difficult for other animals to threaten them. And in the wild, they even actively hunt juvenile leopards.

  "Weapon" The most obvious and powerful "weapon" of the boar is its fangs. The tusks of wild boars are exclusive to males. Since the tusks continue to grow, too long will bring inconvenience to the life of wild boars, so wild boars often grind their teeth to control the length of their teeth. Under normal circumstances, the canine teeth of a male wild boar are about 5 to 7 cm, and about half of the parts that can be exposed outside the mouth are very sharp due to frequent grinding of teeth. When fighting with opponents, it will take a rampage and bite, and its destructive power is quite amazing.

   The lethality of defensive and wounded wild boars is very thick, which is a defense in itself. In addition, the wild boar will use friction to increase the hardness of its skin, and the skin and subcutaneous fat of the wild boar itself are relatively thick (you can refer to domestic pigs, but they are thicker than domestic pigs), that is to say Wild boars are really rough and fleshy, and it is difficult for ordinary weapons to kill them.

  In 2011, a member of the Xiangtan City Hunting Association in Hunan Province, Shen, shot a wild boar with a gun, but he did not expect that the wild boar escaped all the way after being seriously injured. A farmer was bitten. After identification, the two people who were bitten were injured in the ninth degree and tenth degree.

   Wild boar is indeed an extremely ferocious wild animal, and the number of its injuries far exceeds that of large beasts such as lions, tigers, and bears. Therefore, if you encounter a wild boar, do not confront it head-on.



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