A Family Book Worth Reading Several Times

   after reading the "Rockefeller of 38 letters to his son," this book , I think this precious book worth reading for every investor, parent, aspiring young person, and leader is not only a teaching book, but also a golden key to open the door to wealth and harvest a happy life.

  From the text, we can see that as a father, the old Rockefeller had great paternal love and ardent expectations for the only heir, the younger Rockefeller. In the process of reading this book, I felt that my soul was shocked many times. Old Rockefeller left his precious experience in business and the true meaning of life unreservedly to his children and grandchildren, and to the world.

  After reading this book, my first feeling was "I was blinded, I seemed to have forgotten all after reading it, my mind was blank". In the next few days, I flipped through the book again and found that I could write a little bit. This kind of strange feeling, I don't know if my brain wants to strike, or the philosophy in the book is too broad and profound, I think it should be the latter.

  Rockefeller has keen business acumen, steel-like will, honesty and integrity, never admit defeat, correct view of money and other distinctive characteristics, which made him a great business empire.

1. Regardless of the starting point, everyone has the qualifications to chase wealth

  There is a saying among the folks that "a dragon gives birth to a dragon, a phoenix gives birth to a phoenix, and the son of a mouse will make a hole." It means that what kind of person your parents are, and what kind of person your son will be. This has led many people to think, "My parents are poor, and I'm a poor person of course,". In the letter we saw a different explanation: Old Rockefeller was just a bookkeeper when he was young, and his salary was $5 per week, but Through his unremitting efforts, he has fully mobilized his keen business acumen and finally established an enviable oil kingdom.

  At the same time, the letter lists many examples of starting from scratch and finally struggling successfully in the political and business circles. There are also rich children who originally owned others. The coveted advantage eventually

  leads to failure. The simple and easy-to-understand case allows us to understand that for each of our ordinary children, "the starting point may affect the outcome, but it must not determine the outcome. "Talent, attitude, personality, ambition, method, experience, luck and other factors play an extremely important role in life and shopping malls.

  Following Mr. Wang's real estate investment, most of my friends do not approve of it. Most people say, "We How can I invest if I don’t have much money? People invest because they have money! "

  Old Rockefeller can be the richest man in the world by earning $5 a week. Compared with the poor Rockefeller at the beginning, the starting point is still higher? Why do we question our abilities? I think the most fundamental reason is that we have no ambition and fear of failure. , Indecision, leading to a life of mediocrity.

  Our unfulfilled ambitions are often pinned on our children. This is a common problem of most Chinese parents. While we hope that our children are good, have we reflected on whether we are good enough? Playing mobile phones and chasing TV dramas, but asking children to do their homework obediently.

  "The height of your parents determines your child's starting point. If you compare the world to a mountain, when your parents live on the top of a mountain, you are destined not to live in a mountain. At the foot; and when your parents live at the foot of the mountain, you are destined not to live on the top of the mountain. In most cases, the position of the parents determines the starting point of their children's lives. "This passage made me reflect on it for a long time.

  Of course, not only a good starting point can have a good ending. "In this world, there is no so-called poverty and wealth, success and failure inherited from generation to generation", there is only the truth of "I struggle, I succeed". Destiny depends on everyone's actions, not our origin.

  We still don't complain about our origin and whether we have money, but first change our minds, dare to chase wealth, and let ourselves stand higher first, so that we can give our children a better starting point.

2. I have no right to be poor

  I have no right to be a poor person. For many ordinary people, it may be counterintuitive: I am a poor person. Can I change the facts? The fact is that although we have a low starting point, if we have the ambition to improve the quality of life and change the inherent class, I think most people can get rid of poverty.

  Looking at it, many poor people are either old-fashioned and unwilling to try new things; or lazy, easy to work, and poor for their entire lives. As long as the thinking is active, in the changing and renewal of the times, most people who are constantly accepting new things and daring to put them into practice will not be too bad.

  Some people might say that money is the mother of all evils, and compare money to "bronish smell". This is probably the view of money we learned when we were in school. In the letter, Old Rockefeller described a conversation with a young man. The young man put on a look of noble character, and said, "Mr. Rockefeller, I feel it is my duty to discuss with you the issue of'money is the root of all evil'. This is what the Bible says."

  At that moment, Mr. Rockefeller knew why this young Christian had nothing to do with wealth, because he misunderstood the correct interpretation of money in the Bible. Mr. Rockefeller told him: "You forgot, there is a word "love" before that sentence. The Bible says that "love of money is the root of all evil." If a person only knows to be a miser, then money is Root of all evil.

  Although many things are not measurable by money, such as love, friendship between friends, etc., people with common sense will understand that none of these things can not be greatly improved by money. Money is not everything, but in our world, there are many things that cannot do without money.

  We can think about the things around ourselves. Without money, we can hardly move. The child cannot go to a good school; the family member is sick, which may drag the whole family down. How many companies can easily afford the high medical expenses? There are countless examples around me, especially in rural areas. If you get sick, you can delay it, and it will last until there is no cure.

  Many family tragedies are very painful. They are not only related to our existing system, but also related to the "money concept" we have received since childhood. We think that money is stinky, indifferent and indifferent. From now on, we must believe in the power of money, and everyone should work hard to make money. Of course, the premise is to use proper methods to obtain, rather than let money lead us by the nose.

  Always remind ourselves that "I should be rich and I have no right to be poor." We should give ourselves and our family better material conditions under the guidance of a correct outlook on wealth, change the destiny of the family, and at the same time inspire ourselves with the support of our beliefs The fighting spirit to chase wealth correctly.

  "Rockefeller's 38 Letters to the Family", each letter is a classic, it is worth reading several times. I think it is impossible to fully understand the true meaning of such a classic family letter after reading it again. A great life, a great book, we should read it many times with a grateful heart.



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