The massacre in France reveals the mystery of Saddam’s vault

   During Saddam’s rule, he made countless wealth. Although the dictator has been dead for many years, his huge wealth has always been the focus of attention and tracking by relevant agencies around the world. According to a report by the British "Daily Mail" on October 27, the family of an Iraqi British engineer was brutally wiped out in the French Alps. As the investigation of the case deepened, a series of details revealed Saddam Hussein’s tragedy. secret vault tip of the iceberg ......

   Alps Daughter of Darkness

   , 2012 September 5, 50-year-old Saad Healy bring his 47-year-old wife Iqbal Bell, 74-year-old mother Susila Aila Fu, 7-year-old The eldest daughter Zanab and the 4-year-old daughter Zena are on vacation in the Alps.

   Hilli drove a BMW, and his family drove on the mountain roads around the village of Annecy Savalan in the Alps. The youngest daughter Zena sat in the middle of the back seat, her mother and grandmother guarded her, and the eldest daughter Zanab sat in the seat of the co-pilot.

   The beauty of the Alps attracted Xili, who was tired from driving. He parked the car on the side of the road and got off with Zanab, talking and laughing. At this time, a Frenchman, Morrill, was riding a bicycle just past them.

   Suddenly, a gunshot broke the tranquility of the Alps. The tragedy happened in an instant, and Hiri, Zanab, and Morrill passing by were all hit by a gunman. At that moment, thinking of the wife and daughter in the car, Xili, despite the pain, climbed back into the car with difficulty, locked the door, and tried to start the car. Unfortunately, the car fell into a mud pit when it turned around. In the panic, the car sank deeper and deeper. The bullet came again and hit Xili's head. Xili died unfortunately.

   The murderer did not intend to give up, but continued to shoot into the car, and Iqbal and Elaf were also killed one after another.

   Fortunately, within the first few seconds of the gunshots, the mother Iqbal quickly unfastened the seat belt of her little daughter Zena, and told her: "Hide and don't make any noise!" It was here. In just a few seconds, Zena left her seat and lay nervously at her mother's feet, and her mother covered her with her big skirt. Zina, who was only 4 years old, closed her eyes. She was smart and did not cry because of extreme fear.

   At this time, Zena heard the murderer's voice. ——He is a man, and after answering the phone, he only said one sentence: "All dead." Zena lay quietly at her mother's feet, holding her breath, bewildered. Surrounded by the tranquility of the disaster and the bloody smell of her parents, she was trembling in horror.

   When the police arrived at the scene of the crime, everything returned to peace. They found Zena shivering at Iqbal's feet. Although unscathed, Zena was obviously frightened, and she was frightened stupidly.

   Zanab was still breathing when he was found by the police. However, her head was severely injured. The police speculated that Zanab survived because the murderer ran out of bullets. According to statistics, the murderer shot a total of 25 bullets.

   After the killing of the door, it immediately attracted the attention of the French and British governments. At that time, French President Hollande, who was visiting in London, publicly promised at a press conference that he must catch the murderer of the shooting. To this end, France set up a special investigation team, and the first prosecutor of Annecy, Eric Melrad, is responsible for investigating this case.

   Eric first started with the victim Hiri. Hilly is an ordinary British of Iraqi origin who lives with his family in a neighborhood in Surrey in southeastern England. Hilly has degrees in engineering and computer science, has been an engineer for the past 20 years, and officially became a British citizen in 2002.

   Surprisingly, Hilly once worked for Surrey Satellite Technology in the UK. This has to make Eric speculate that he is most likely the target of Iranian spies, because Iran has always wanted to obtain high-resolution satellite technology. However, after investigation, the police denied this claim. According to the police investigation of the crime scene and bullets, the murderer used a Ruger PO8 pistol with a lifespan of 60 years.

   Later, Eric investigated Hilly’s mother-in-law, Elaf, who was also one of the victims. Since the death of her husband in 2011, she has lived in Sweden with her 46-year-old son Hyde, who is mentally ill. Elaf’s neighbors said they hadn’t seen Hyde for a month. Court documents show that Hyde, who suffers from schizophrenia, has been arrested by the police many times for threatening his mother with violence.

   After excluding the possibility of the mentally ill committing crimes, Eric's investigation has reached a deadlock. Just as he was in a state of exhaustion, the deceased father in Hilly's family photo caught his attention-Eric had seen the old man in the news. Hiri's father, Katim, was an old servant of Saddam, and the family originally lived in Baghdad. Due to disagreements with Saddam Hussein, there was a lot of quarrel, and finally Katim fled to the UK with his family.

   Mantis stalks the cicada oriole in the post

   that Ashley's father was a post-Saddam Kadi Mu old men, Eric will report the case to the French intelligence agency.

   Through investigations, it was learned that Hilly’s father, Katim, used to help him run the company as a cron of Saddam during Saddam’s frantic money-making period, and used these companies to help him launder money. However, at the end of the 1970s, Katim suddenly had a complete stalemate with Saddam, and led his family to move out of Baghdad and settle in the UK. A few years later, Al Mahathir and his two partners who also helped Saddam launder money were summoned to Baghdad and executed by Saddam. This made people suspect that they had completed the money laundering task for Saddam. According to legend, In total, they "bleached" Saddam US$2 billion.

   Could it be that the Xili family was also killed for completing the money laundering mission? Eric began to visit Xili's neighbors from house to house, hoping to get more clues. Hiri’s neighbor, Brown, said that the relationship between the Hiri’s family and their neighbors is very good, and the two families are close to each other like relatives. However, for some unknown reason, Hilli changed the locks before taking the family to France for a holiday, and the police later found an illegal taser from his home. Why is Hilly so vigilant? If it’s just a vacation, why change the lock? How can an ordinary family have a taser?

   Neighbor Philip Murphy recalled that when the Iraq War broke out in 2003, intelligence personnel from the "special branch" of the London Police Service came to the door and asked for permission to use the driveway in front of his house. Since then, these people will follow him whenever Xili goes out.

   Another neighbor, Saltman, told Eric: "That night, Hilly came to see me and asked me to pay attention to their residence. I thought it was strange at the time. I don't know why he suddenly came to let me pay attention to his residence. , But seeing that he seems to have something unspeakable, I don’t have to ask too much."

   The various information provided by the neighbors above all show that the Xili family has long been a turtle in the urn and has been monitored for a long time. And Hilli has also predicted his own death. Just, why are so many people watching them closely?

   As the investigation deepened, at this time, Hilly's brother Zaid broke into Eric's sight. During the investigation, the police found that Zaid had tried to withdraw money from an account in a Geneva bank with an expired credit card, which happened just before the shooting. But Zaid concealed this important fact from the police. During the second interrogation, he emphasized that he had just forgotten this matter.

   When the case was deadlocked, Thompson, a professional killer, was arrested in France. He confessed that he had accepted an English order not long ago to kill a family in a BMW in the Alps for $200,000.

   The police quickly targeted the target and took Thompson to the police station. In the witness room, after hearing Thompson speak again, the 4-year-old Zena instantly screamed, crying and crying: "It's him!" She heard it out. This was the voice of the man talking outside the car at the time. Through surprise interrogation, Thompson confessed to the crime, and identified the murderer as Ciri’s brother Zaid!

   It turned out that after the death of Katim in 2011, he left his two sons with millions of pounds of property. Hillary's brother Zaid has been trying to monopolize the inheritance. Xili has always thought that the intelligence agencies of various countries are monitoring him, and he has no intention of guarding against his younger brother. The holiday location chosen by Hilli this time is only an hour's drive from Geneva in southwestern Switzerland. It is completely possible to drop by to Geneva to clear the account. Unexpectedly, he died from a professional killer hired by his brother!

   At this time, the case fell into another puzzle. A million-pound legacy, with Katim’s position, it is impossible to get so much money. So, where does this money come from?

   While Eric was looking for answers to the money, the secret accounts of the Xili family in France and Switzerland were found by the police. An intelligence agent in Munich once revealed that the money deposited in these accounts was left by Saddam. The source of this Saddam's secret money was discovered by the German Federal Intelligence Agency.

   The German Federal Intelligence Agency knows the flow of funds and also knows how to track the whereabouts of the money. In fact, they spend decades monitoring cash transactions between Western countries and Iraq.

   The mystery of Saddam treasury of

   truth finally with the deepening of the national intelligence agencies in the investigation and revealed to the world. It turns out that in the late 1970s, Katim and Saddam had a stalemate just to confuse others.

   Saddam was born in 1937 in a poor family near a river in Tikrit, Iraq, and was an orphan from his birth. At that time, his house was made of adobe. Saddam, who was used to speaking coldly, was determined to earn a lot of money since he was a child and completely get rid of the poverty-stricken life.

   In 1979, after Saddam took office as President of Iraq, he began to use his power to make money. Before the 1991 Gulf War, a senior Iraqi official defected and revealed to the world’s major media that Saddam’s wealth was estimated at 10 billion U.S. dollars.

   Between 1997 and 2001, Saddam and his son Uday used kickbacks and smuggling to obtain a huge amount of US$6 billion in the United Nations "oil-for-food" program. Most of the money is obtained by illegally exporting oil to Turkey and Jordan, while others are earned by controlling tobacco imports.

   In the 1970s, Saddam’s subordinate Katim established a huge network of companies in Lugano, Switzerland, whose business scope involves financial tourism, real estate, oil and tobacco. He registered companies in Italy and the tax haven of Liechtenstein, and then used these companies to carry out complex circular transactions in financial, tourism, real estate, petroleum, tobacco and other fields, and finally achieved the purpose of money laundering. In Liechtenstein, the local company registration office can easily register a company for foreigners without telling the authorities who is the true owner of the company.

   Soon Katim was suspected of laundering money for Saddam, so Saddam and him staged a double reed, pretending to fall out, causing a stir in the political arena, and then executed two subordinates related to the matter, Ka Tim took the opportunity to move out of Baghdad, settled in the UK with his family, and started operations in the UK to help Saddam transfer funds. The multi-million dollar legacy left in the Bank of Geneva was because there was too much money laundering and too many accounts, which were missed in the money laundering cycle.

   To be sure, Saddam has built an unimaginable huge network of companies. The United States calls them "Saddam". His investments are all over the world, including Panama, Switzerland, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and Italy. Most of these businesses have strong concealment, but there are also public projects.

   In March 2006, in the US "Forbes" magazine published the world's heads of state wealth rankings, Saddam was ranked in the top 10 with a net worth of 2 billion US dollars. "Business Week" quoted official and private assessments of the United States that Saddam and his family may have $7 billion to $10 billion in assets overseas. U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Armitage also stated that Saddam’s wealth is about 7 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, there are even bolder speculations. CBS reports that Saddam’s assets hidden around the world are about US$10 billion to US$20 billion, and they continue to increase in value. Just as Iraq has biological and chemical weapons that seem to be absent, it is always a mystery how much Saddam Hussein possessed.

   When the U.S. government offered a reward of 25 million U.S. dollars to step up its search for Saddam, it was also secretly searching for Saddam's huge wealth. When the US military occupied Baghdad, investigators discovered that large sums of money were being transferred from bank accounts under the control of the Iraqi government to private accounts in the Middle East.

   On December 30, 2006, Saddam was executed by hanging. Saddam’s death brought the mystery of his property to the grave. However, countries around the world did not relax their vigilance because of this. They are still paying attention to the latest developments in Saddam’s vault, and each secretly searched the vault, eager to get a share of it.



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